Chapter 474 Grand Gathering

Adie, are you going? "Nestled in Emperor han's arms, Lu Wa glanced at Tang Ling, who was still caught by the big hand on the screen, and asked Emperor han." Yes, Adie is going." Emperor han gently placed Lu Wa on a special chair, touched Lu Wa's hair, and spoke softly." Is it because of the two lines on his body?" Lu Wa pressed a key on the chair, and the chair floated on its own. As Lu Wa turned the rocker on the chair, the direction of the chair was freely controlled. When he asked the question, Lu Wa had already turned the chair to the window. This special garden is full of flowers all year round, but it is more beautiful in summer and will have more fruits. For example, now there are grapes in the garden. According to Adie, this was a rare grape from a pre-civilization, with almost no genetic variation. At this moment, the grape looked like a purple gemstone in the sun, and it was rather lovable. But Lu Wa curled his lips in disdain. Was it good that there was no mutation? There were many varieties of grapes from the Zi Yue era, and they also mutated in a good direction, much better than the grapes from the previous civilization. Is this what we call scarcity more valuable? Lu Wa never cared about this in his heart. Rare, which means inappropriate. Only those who have great vitality and are strong enough to stand at the top and survive to the end are worth admiring, aren't they? Thinking of this, Lu Wa thought of Tang Ling's battle, and all the things he had seen before appeared in his mind... Tang Ling's body was really full of vitality, and that kind of penetrating strength, just like the sun!" Well, it's really because of the veins on his body." Emperor han replied directly to his beloved daughter, and as he spoke, Emperor han had already taken off his casual coat and took out a dragon robe and put it on him. Lu Wa turned around and smiled at Emperor han. Then he flew over in his wheelchair and began to buckle the emperor's improved dragon robe. This dress was troublesome to wear. I don't understand why Adie liked it. There was no real emperor in the Zi Yue era." Does Adie know what the lines on Tang Ling's body are?" Lu Wa was very curious about this. During the battle, she already knew that it was similar to the ultra-technology pattern, not the real ultra-technology pattern." I don't know."" Then why do you have to go? It's appropriate for uncle to go and for the marshals and uncles in the city to go." Lu Wa buttoned the last button for Emperor han." On the surface, it's because Tang Ling's performance this time was too earth-shattering. In order to balance things out, this matter needs to be dealt with." Emperor han straightened his collar." Of course, this is also to protect Tang Ling." As he spoke, han huang glanced at the big hand on the screen and said disdainfully," after all, some forces are already shameless. But their shamelessness does not mean that it is a good thing. It can't be said that it is because there is something to rely on."" But the reason inside... Is because this pattern is related to a secret, no, it should be related to a secret. This time, not only am I going to show up. The ghosts of all the powers in the world... Well, they will show up." Emperor han had already finished dressing, then took out his crown and put it on his head in a serious way. He touched his daughter's hair again lovingly." Adie, is that a secret I can find out?" Lu Wa tilted his head." No." Emperor han didn't look like he was joking. This secret involved Tang Feng's death and the reality of the world. Lu Wa must not know about it. Although her daughter was extremely precocious and intelligent due to physical reasons... She was only ten years old." Okay, I'm leaving." Han huang hugged Lu Wa and personally opened the protective cover on her wheelchair. Facing Emperor han's action, Lu Wa rolled his eyes helplessly. Adie was too careful. Who could hurt himself here? Why bother opening a protective shield? Of course, Emperor han knew what his daughter was thinking when she rolled her eyes. He just smiled and turned to walk towards the door." Adie, I don't like the other side." Lu Wa looked at Emperor han's back and suddenly said this. When Emperor han heard this, he couldn't help but laugh and feel a little sour in his heart. This was his instinct as a father. He wouldn't think there was anything wrong with Lu Wa falling for Tang Ling when he was only ten years old. After all, Lu Wa was much more precocious than most children. Besides, the oriental romance in Emperor han's bones made him believe that childhood sweethearts were such a wonderful feeling. However, that day's casual words were actually remembered by his daughter, and began to care about other men besides himself, as a father..." In this era, it's normal for strong people, both men and women, to be moved by more than one person." Even though she was sad, Emperor han comforted her daughter. It sounds ridiculous, but this is the reality of this era. There are too many pros and cons to weigh in this era. Even if he was the first person in Capital city, even if he loved his daughter dearly, he had to... In the battle just now, Emperor han felt that the queen of distress and Tang Ling had a deep relationship. It was unwise to offend Tang Ling for such a thing as love. If tang ling was the future emperor, who could stop him from having a few women? His influence was nothing more than to strengthen Lu Wa's position. If not, Lu Wa and Tang Ling wouldn't have crossed paths. Lu Wa sighed at Emperor han's words. Suddenly, he felt that the pre-civilization was really good, that a man could only be with a woman, and that there were many things protecting their holiness... Even if it wasn't a perfect system, it was better than this era. Adie was unreliable in this regard, and he did not understand. But it doesn't matter. I'm still young and the days ahead are long. Lu Wa was not in a hurry." Lu Wa, in the future, you will find a lover. You must find a boy who is like a hero. He must be strong and can protect you. The most important thing is to have a broad mind like the sea, you know?"" Auntie, what is a lover?" At this moment, Emperor han had already pushed open the door and walked out." Auntie..." Lu Wa looked at the glaring sunlight outside the door and silently called out to his mother, but his face was still a calm and calm smile. It was best not to let Adie know what would make him sad. This time, Adie will protect Tang Ling. Secrets don't really matter. Don't you know when you grow up? I will grow up. The wind on the sea was still strong, and some of the wild waves did not stop for a moment. In silence, the small boat had already appeared below the ring. At this moment, people could already see clearly who was on board. It was just two people. An old man, who was a boatman, looked a little old. He was bent and had short, snow-white hair. He was wearing a pair of clothes and trousers made from the common bast grass of the Zi Yue era. His face was covered with horrible, messy scars and his face was completely disfigured. Who is this? With so many big shots present, no one could recognize the old man. What about the other person on the boat? It was an old woman. Why the old lady? Because the long hair that had emerged from her veil had turned white. She was wearing a black veil, but a white dress with the typical 17th century characteristics of Guangming island, making her look like a lady. Apart from that, the old woman had no other special characteristics. So, who is this number one? People were still at a loss. The ship came to a halt under the broken arena. Thanks to the huge waves, the boat did not break down and remained stable in the waves. At this time, no one spoke. The old man who was pushing the boat seemed tired. He sat at the bow of the boat and looked at the sky in a daze. The old lady was wearing a veil, but she could not see where her eyes were. What is this about? No one knows. People could only keep quiet in this strange atmosphere. At this time, Port of darkness's secret forces, which had always been hidden deep, appeared because everyone standing on the top of the mountain found that they were surrounded. Even the beach area was completely sealed off. But the blockade was symbolic, just to inform the people on the beach that they could not leave now. Because of the appearance of the secret forces in Port of darkness, the atmosphere began to become strange. The ordinary people standing at the top of the mountain were uneasy... The army appeared? Will something bad happen? It was already afternoon. The originally hot weather and the clear sky darkened at some point. In summer, it is often cloudy and sunny, and it is normal to have a heavy rain. However, people did not wait for the heavy rain, but saw cracks in the sky, black cracks! What big hands? Big feet? Some people were already numb to what had happened in this arena of life and death. The only thing left in many people's eyes was a pile of icy blue flames, which were the most eye-catching because of the entire depressing scene. If I remember correctly, it was the last pile of fire that Tang Ling left behind. He threw Long Shier into the fire. Who knew that dragon 12 was so resistant to fire?! The fire hasn't gone out yet? But is this important? Obviously not! Because the first crack in the sky had already moved, it split open directly. A figure wearing a yellow dragon robe and a crown appeared in the crack." Hehe, didn't you expect me to be the first one to arrive?" The newcomer stepped out of the crack and remained in the air, his voice resounding throughout the room. In this era, who else can call themselves me? In this era, who could be the one who dressed like this? Of course it was Emperor han from Capital city! He actually came. The Zhengjing Qizi on the top of the mountain got excited! They did not expect Emperor han to come in person." See Emperor han." Zhengjing Qizi knelt down neatly, keeping the oldest rule in the east in Capital city." No gift." Emperor han gently waved his sleeve, looking like he was the king of the world. He just stood in the air and glanced at the whole audience. Suddenly, he pretended to be surprised and looked at the boat floating under the stage. Then, he said in an exaggerated tone," oh, oh, my eyes are weak. I didn't expect you to come with your arms tied together and ascend first. It's rude and rude." The two men he spoke of were, of course, old men and old women on board that the people on the ship could not recognize. It did not mean that Emperor han could not recognize them. Faced with Emperor han's exaggerated tone, the old man did not react and still stared blankly at the sky. Instead, the old woman snorted scornfully and looked at the large hands that were still in the sky." Tsk, tsk, tsk, the first person to arrive is probably the owner of these hands. Who is it from the Star council? How do you hide it? Otherwise, put down Tang Ling first?" Just as the old woman looked at the big hand, another crack opened. A woman with a fiery figure, dressed in a clothes woven with special leaves, a flaxen wavy hair draped over her shoulders, a slightly childish face and a pair of eyeglasses came out of the crack. Seeing this figure, Hanxing immediately wanted to shrink." Eh? Little Hanxing?! You're here, but you're scared by this scene? Come on, come over to your aunt ye's arms. Aunt ye comforts you." As she spoke, the woman who claimed to be aunt ye reached out her hands to Hanxing in the air, and there was a wave on her huge chest. Hanxing's face turned pale from fright. He said to the two Holy tree city envoys beside him," uncle, uncle, no, my dear uncle. Take me away from here, will you?"" Young master han, do you think we can take you away under the watchful eyes of the city lord?" One of the emissaries had a strange expression on his face, but he was telling the truth." Young master han, don't make things difficult for us." The other emissary's face did not look good either, but this woman who was talking nonsense was the lord of Holy tree city. What could he do?" What's wrong? Little Hanxing, are you shy? When you were a child, you cried and cried, with a runny nose, and chased me saying that you were hungry and wanted to eat grandma." Aunt ye blinked at Hanxing. Damn, that's what happened! What kind of scene is this? Don't you think the lord of Holy tree city is shameless? Why do you always talk about things when you were a child? Why?! Besides, you stole my bottle... What would others think if you said that? Hanxing felt the urge to knock himself out when he saw the red faces of many people around him and the way they tried to hold back their laughter. He looked in Luo Xin's direction in fear. Fortunately, fortunately, Luo Xin was still unconscious." Lord of the holy tree city, lord of the ten great safe cities, don't you pay attention to your words?" Just as Hanxing was so shy that she almost fainted, another crack opened and another woman emerged from it. Compared to the fiery childlike face of the lord of holy tree city, this woman had a holy and cold aura all over her body. She was wearing a sky-blue dress wrapped around her neck, and the gift was embroidered with clouds. Her blonde hair was curled up and combed meticulously. Her face was beautiful but light." Lord of cold mountain city." At this moment, Emperor han nodded to the visitor and greeted him." Hello, your majesty Emperor han." Out of courtesy, this woman, known as the lord of lengshan city, also curtsied to the emperor. After all, Capital city is the safest city in the world, and Emperor han's strength is self-evident." Heh heh, have we all started? It looks like my old man is late." At this moment, a few more cracks appeared in the sky, and the last one that appeared before finally opened. An old man emerged from the crack. The old man was dressed as plainly as the disfigured old man who was propping the boat, except that there was a huge gourd hanging from his waist. It was as if he was afraid that others would not know that the gourd was filled with wine. His face was ordinary, his body was ordinary, and the only thing that seemed special was that he had snow-white hair and a dark beard on his face. Such a black and white contrast would leave a deep impression. Who is he? The white hair and black beard are the most obvious! Lord of wuhua mountain! He was also one of the world's top ten safe cities." Sorry for being late." The crack opened again. This time, a man in a kimono stepped on clogs. His hands were clasped in his clothes, and on his waist were two swords, one long and one short. He was a big man, looking serious and cold, but his words were very polite. One of the top ten safe city lords, the owner of yaori island." Why are you embarrassed to be late?" As soon as the words of the master of obsidian island fell, a thick and unruly voice came. Another gaping crack led to a tall man wearing armor and carrying a helmet with a giant sword behind him. This armor was not the standard Zi Yue warrior armor, but the standard knight armor from ancient Guangming island. Look at this particular set of knight armor. People also recognized the identity of the person who came to fort William, who was also one of the top ten safe cities. At this moment, the uneasiness in people's hearts became even more intense. No one would have expected that under such circumstances, six of the top ten safe city lords would appear. What did that mean? Did Tang Ling stir things up so badly? You know, six people standing in the sky at this time could almost represent the most powerful force in the world. More than half of the top people in the world's highest council came here. However, there were space cracks in the sky. Sure enough, the crack opened again. This time, a black old man walked out. His eyes were long and dark. He had a very old wooden staff in his hand and a simple grass skirt around the upper body of the picture totem. He walked out of the crack barefoot. Watching him walk out, everyone, including Emperor han, saluted him. Although it was not the top ten safe cities, the most powerful safe city was the oldest. The old black man was Nalai, the city master of the safe city of the republic of proby. In addition, he was an experienced witness to the great changes of the real Zi Yue, an old man who witnessed the times, such qualifications, of course, worthy of everyone's etiquette." Wait for me. Oh, no! If the girls in ritos weren't too enthusiastic, I wouldn't have come so late."" Then lord lai, I can only say hello to you alone." Just as the silent lord of the city of lai saluted everyone, A handsome and meaningless voice came from another crack. At this time, people saw a very strong looking man coming out of the crack. He was wearing a vest and ordinary camouflage pants. There were a lot of small things hanging on his belt, including daggers and grenades, and on his back was a weapon that looked strange but was full of science and technology. Leo, the lord of the city of liberty, appeared. At this time, there was almost no need to guess that the ten city lords should be gathered on this battlefield where the life and death ring was broken. Why did they come here? No one wanted to guess anymore. Except for the people on the beach, the people on the top of the mountain are in danger! In the Zi Yue era, knowing too many secrets was definitely not a good thing. Besides, it's the secret of these top people?! Witnessing things that could change the times? Where is it so easy to witness?! At this time, the eight city lords gathered together, and there were two strange people on the boat. After that, who else would appear? After all, there was still a crack in the sky." Cough, cough..." At this moment, the sound of coughing came, and people saw a man on the sea. The man was dressed in the captain's uniform, although he was old. But the captain's uniform on him made him look extremely powerful. Who else could it be? Isn't this Black elder?! The real mysterious lord of Port of darkness!" I didn't expect all of you to come to my Port of darkness. It really makes me Port of darkness proud..." Black elder said as he put his hands on his back and walked slowly to the center of the room. When the real master appeared, the other city lords would no longer float in the air. They all floated down and landed on the sea. At this time, all the city lords saluted hei lao. He was the owner of this place, and he was also the same person who experienced the Zi Yue changes as Nalai. Black elder was extremely calm. After returning the gifts, he coughed twice and said," although I am honored, it is only the life and death arena of the two young people. I really can't take you all here. This scene makes me very scared..." As he spoke, Black elder glanced at the remaining crack in the sky and the large hand that remained in the sky... Suddenly, his tone changed." Even if you are scared, I will treat you well. First of all, I will give you a peace of mind. Anyway, my friends are not here yet..." As he spoke, he waved his hand and shouted," clear the place!" As soon as he finished speaking, a solid army that had surrounded all the mountains that could watch the battle suddenly rushed up. People instinctively wanted to escape. After all, there were many masters on the mountain. But the fog spread out from the soldiers at the foot of the mountain, and it wrapped everyone up in an instant..." Black elder is bold." When the city lord of Holy tree city saw this, his big eyes rolled around under his glasses, and he couldn't help but compare his thumb." My junior..." Emperor han thought of the Zhengjing Qizi and couldn't help but say something, but he didn't move after all. He sighed," it's just that a young boy shouldn't know too much." Except for these two, the other city lords did not speak. Black elder just smiled and shouted into the sky," tangtang Star council, since they have come early and participated in so much, I have had enough trouble in Port of darkness."" At this time, are you only going to send a pair of hands to attend this grand event?" As Black elder spoke, the icy blue flames that burned Long Shier were about to go out! All of a sudden, the big hands struggled, and one hand was about to strike at the pile of icy blue flames..