Chapter 475 Complicated Situation

I dare! "" stop!"" Hehe!" Almost half of the nine city lords who were present shouted out in anger as the big hand pounced on the icy blue flame. The other half of the group had a playful expression and said nothing. But whether it was anger or silence. This was the territory of Port of darkness, and none of the city lords made a move to avoid disrespect to heilao. But what was Black elder's attitude? At this time, at the top of the mountain, there was a thick smoke. Black elder looked at the thick smoke and half narrowed his eyes as if he had fallen asleep. As for the big hands, Black elder did not care at all, but what was strange was that the big hands moved at a thunderous speed, and when they were close to the ice blue flame, they stopped again. Seeing this, the city lords were silent. Only the city lord of Holy tree city, Yexin, smiled and said again," it seems that we are all worrying too much."" Black elder was really generous. Not only did he use the r02 spray, he also set up a spatial confinement technique in this space." After all, as the top ten city lords, what are their views? Almost all the city lords could see what was going on when their big hands were imprisoned." Hehe, easy to say, easy to say..." Black elder was still very friendly with Yexin from Holy tree city, but at this time, Black elder only casually exchanged a few words, and then suddenly his eyes turned cold and he extended his hand. He saw that his hand had also condensed into a big hand in the air, and directly grabbed the pile of ice blue flames... Then he pulled out a pile of gravel wrapped in something from the icy blue flames. What is it? People in the beach area were somewhat curious, although people in the mountain area would be in danger. But the people in the beach area, some even from the top ten safe cities, were calm and peaceful. However, Black elder caught the pile of gravel and did not show his thoughts in front of others. He just let his condensed hands hang in the air... Then he said," if the rest of my friends don't come, I will completely block this space." Speaking of this, hei lao paused and deliberately shook his big hand in the air, but he still did not speak. The last crack finally opened and a figure in military uniform emerged from it. As soon as this figure appeared, he waved his hand and a huge Wind blade appeared on the surface of the sea. The Wind blade didn't stop for a second, but cut straight at the big hands..." Hehe, marshal Lieri has such an explosive temper. However, I like it..." It was still Yexin from Holy tree city who opened her mouth. She looked at marshal Lieri's tall and straight figure, biting her fingers, and her big, watery eyes dripping from under her glasses. Looking at her behavior, the holy lady of lengshan city snorted with disdain. With their voices, the big hands were chopped off by a Wind blade, and before they could even land, they were dispersed into the air by an empty breeze. How could it be normal for Lieri to strike?! It looked like an ordinary Wind blade, but it also condensed his mental strength in it. Otherwise, how could he cut off this pair of hands condensed by mental strength?! Tang Ling, who was in a coma, lost his grip. The moment his big hand disappeared, his body couldn't stop falling towards the beach. At this point, there were still 20 meters above the ground. If Tang Ling was awake and normal, the 20 meters would not cause him any harm. But now Tang Ling was so weak that he had relied on the sealed source of the universe. In fact, he was still severely injured and his energy was drained. He only managed to survive on the life force of the race, and the life force of the race had just been depleted... These 20 meters were absolutely fatal to Tang Ling, who was inferior to ordinary people now! But it was at this moment that the atmosphere became extremely delicate. Apart from Lieri, the two of them on the boat and the black foreigner, the city lords looked at each other... Then, they all took action without hesitation. Even if they offended Black elder at this moment, they had to grab Tang Ling. How could the city lords despise their actions?! With their gentle movements, the entire sea actually raised hundreds of meters of violent waves. The next moment, almost all the city lords appeared beside Tang Ling, reaching out to snatch Tang Ling. At this moment, a figure appeared out of the crack in his big hand like a stroke and rushed into the battle to snatch Tang Ling without saying a word. In the face of this situation, Lieri only snorted coldly. Black elder nodded unhurriedly. Suddenly, a light spot lit up on the sea surface, and as soon as it appeared, it immediately became a huge shield, covering a certain area of the sea. As soon as the shield appeared, Emperor han stopped first. The rest of them reacted a little slower than the han emperor, but when they saw the shield, they immediately stopped. At this moment, a captain in a captain's uniform came in, caught tang ling before Tang Ling landed, and stepped aside." Black elder, what do you mean?" Emperor han frowned. He was the one who had the best chance of snatching Tang Ling away, but he suddenly stopped, for no other reason than Black elder opening the City protector! What is the level of the city guards in the ten great safe cities? There was no need to speculate too much. Even if they were the world's top people, they would never be able to withstand the attack of the city protector. After all, this is a safe city and the last and greatest reliance! In addition, this City protector also has the role of space confinement. Even his great Emperor han felt the pressure from space, and the energy flow in his body was not so easy... If you think about it, others won't feel good either. So, what can we do without stopping? Facing Emperor han's question, Black elder only smiled faintly and then looked at the new figure in the air. Dressed in a gorgeous star uniform, who else could there be besides the speaker of the Star council?" Emperor han, calm down." Black elder looked at Speaker of the stars and said to the emperor. Then he said to Speaker of the stars," it's really Speaker of the stars. He made a big fuss in my Port of darkness. If it weren't for marshal Lieri, you wouldn't have appeared, would you?" Speaker of the stars snorted at marshal Lieri. Everyone knew that Waiting for star city and Blood city of steel had been at loggerheads for a long time because of the concept. So when marshal Lieri showed up, he dared to cut off those big hands... The other city lords, on the other hand, were rather apprehensive. In the face of Speaker of the stars's cold snort, marshal Lieri was very direct and raised his hand to point at Speaker of the stars. Anyone familiar with marshal Lieri would understand that this was a sign that marshal Lieri was about to strike... But isn't it a little bad to do it here? Sure enough, old man hei stood up and said to marshal Lieri," marshal didn't hesitate to put down his busy work and came all the way here. I'm sure it wasn't for a fight. Why don't you give old lady a thin face and let's all calm down and talk?"" Everyone present also saw the sincerity of the old man. R02 spray, depending on the concentration, can make people lose part of their memories. This kind of good thing, the old man took out a lot of it."" Space confinement, also to guard against some monsters and monsters..." Speaking of this, Black elder's eyes swept over everyone present." What is this for? I think I understand very well that the world is not in chaos yet." At this point, Black elder took a special look at Emperor han." I definitely don't want to compete for Tang Ling and train him as a genius in Port of darkness." This was Black elder's answer to Emperor han and all the city lords. Just now, these city lords were trying to snatch Tang Ling. The top talent in the Zi Yue era was extremely important to every power. In this chaotic world of personal force, even if Tang Ling was not the person of the future, it was extremely meaningful. First, tang ling was' without a master'. Long Jun had already broken up and could not be counted as a force! Besides, most of Long Jun's people were still waiting, waiting for the real person in the future to appear before they chose to follow... To complete the unfinished idea. Second, even if Tang Ling died, the secret of the two lines on his body was very tempting. Therefore, the robbery just now was inevitable... Regardless of Black elder's face. But he didn't expect that hei lao would be prepared... Originally, Emperor han was the first to make trouble. He didn't want Black elder to monopolize Tang Ling, but he didn't expect Black elder to be the first to show his attitude. He didn't want to train Tang Ling as a genius in Port of darkness. In that case? Did Black elder really want world peace?! Faced with Black elder's statement, Speaker of the stars spoke first." Black elder, Tang Long is a member of my Star council, and so is the other side. Some things are done as a last resort. Is this not a big fuss in Port of darkness for me?"" Of course, I came late personally for a reason I had no choice but to ask Black elder to forgive me." Speaker of the stars tangtang, the ruler of a great power, spoke in such a way that it was enough to give old black face. Black elder could not be too fussy and nodded to get over it. Seeing Black elder nod, Speaker of the stars hurriedly said," I'm not interested in Tang Ling. I'm here to take Tang Long away." Take Tang Long away? At this moment, all the city lord's eyes fell on Tang Long. He was a top talent, and so was Tang Long... The Star council and tang ling were mortal enemies, so they definitely wouldn't take Tang Ling's idea. The request to take Tang Long away was reasonable. But, just take Tang Long and leave? This is too unlike the Star council's style! Why did everyone gather here? Wasn't it because of Tang Ling's resurrection that two lines appeared on his body, and he had already agreed to a secret opening condition, so everyone had to wait here? If he was Black elder, he would have quickly agreed to Speaker of the stars's reasonable request and sent him away... It's a good thing that one less person gets a share. Unexpectedly, Black elder shook his head in the face of this reasonable request from the Star council and refused," Tang Long, you can't take him away. I want him to stay." Heilao wants to keep Tang Long?! What is this?! This is a matter of breaking the rules! On the beach, Tang Long's face was numb, just like this earth-shattering event that happened before him. Everything that big shots gathered had nothing to do with him