Chapter 392 The Secret Realm Was Opened, And All the Major Powers Appeared

Rubbing Xiaotuanzi in his arms, it took jun xiaomo nearly an hour to sort out the past life and tell the two people in front of him, along with a small hamster. As Jun Xiaomo explained softly, the intermittent dreams in Rong Ruihan's mind seemed to come alive as if they had happened yesterday. It turned out that those dreams were real, and everything that Jun Xiaomo said matched the scenes in the dream. The only thing that came out was what happened after Jun Xiaomo died. Rong Ruihan's dark eyes fell on Jun Xiaomo, who was carrying too much in his heart. If he could, he would rather share the burden with him than add a few more heavy burdens to his heart. Ye Xiuwen's heart was also stirred up a heavy wave, unable to calm down for a long time. He did not have the memory of the "Previous life" mentioned by Jun Xiaomo, but with Jun Xiaomo's brief explanation of an hour, he could also guess how rough and difficult the little sister's previous life had been. No wonder Xiao Mo changed her temper when she was sixteen, no wonder she had always been hostile to Zhang Shuyue. Ye Xiuwen felt nothing but heartache for what his little sister had experienced in her previous life. He finally understood why Jun Xiaomo could not let go of him and Rong Ruihan at the same time. Ye Xiuwen took jun xiaomo into his arms, patted him gently and said," the child and your health are very important. Don't think so much about it. Take good care of yourself during this time. When the secret land comes out, we will find a way to help you get the ninth grade Green lotus pill. Don't worry." Ye Xiuwen's" we" naturally included Rong Ruihan. He had figured out that it was better to wait until everything was settled than to let Jun Xiaomo make a decision now. If Jun Xiaomo continued to be so anxious and upset, it would not benefit her body or the child in her stomach at all. Rong Ruihan was also silent. The bond between Jun Xiaomo and Ye Xiuwen was deeper than he had imagined. It was almost impossible for him to completely snatch Jun Xiaomo from Ye Xiuwen. In that case, why not take a step back and let xiaomo give birth to the child safely? Rong Ruihan patted Jun Xiaomo on the head, which meant acquiescence and compromise." Squeak, squeak, squeak!" Xiaotuanzi was upset, very, very upset. He had no idea that Jun Xiaomo had nothing to do with his past life, not even a place for a passerby. It bit Jun Xiaomo's finger in frustration, leaving a shallow bite mark. Jun Xiaomo scratched the back of its ear in a funny and angry way, selectively forgetting that it was a boy with a bit of childishness, not a real pet. Xiaotuanzi held Jun Xiaomo's finger and licked it, as if comforting her, as if acting coquettishly. Jun Xiaomo's smile deepened. In fact, she did not feel very sad or sad. Although the psychological trauma caused by the past was very serious, as the days passed, her life was also very different from the previous life. It could be said that if this trip to the mystical realm was successful, she would be able to completely walk out of the shadow of the past and start a new life. What's more, the people she values are still alive and well, living by her side, what else can she not be satisfied with? While Rong Ruihan and Ye Xiuwen waited, under the suspicion of Elder chi and the old boy, on a quiet night, a strong wave of spiritual energy suddenly came from the southwest. After this wave, a blinding light shot up into the sky and stood like Tianzhu between heaven and earth. The rolling clouds began to gather there, as if a terrible storm was brewing." Heaven and earth have changed. It's really a mystical realm!" Elder chi, who was meditating, was startled. He ran to the window and saw the beam of light. In all parts of The world of cultivation, the various major powers and sects also sensed this mysterious aura, and even some big families who lived in seclusion in the world were alarmed. Just one night later, the news of the secret realm's emergence spread to every corner of The world of cultivation. The mystic realm was regarded as a gift from heaven to the cultivators. The treasures in it were not ordinary. Some people got some chance after a round in the mystic realm, and they could even become the great power of The world of cultivation. Who didn't want this benefit? He was the lucky one who had dreamed of becoming the patron of fate. However, luck is accompanied by a heavy danger. Treasures are wanted by everyone. Only the last person who laughs is the real winner. Because of jun xiaomo's reminder, Elder chi had made some preparations in advance, even though he was only skeptical about the secret realm. First, he sent a clan of chi clan, who was extremely high in cultivation, to be ready at any time. Then, he bought a large number of elixirs, Fu Lu and array scrolls in case of an emergency. The chi clan was taken aback by the clan leader's orders one after another. They even wondered if Elder chi was going to start a war with the eight big families in The world of cultivation. Otherwise, what would he do with so many elixirs and Fu Lu? When the new secret realm was born, the chi family finally understood Elder chi's intention and were proud of the clan leader's foresight. When Elder chi heard this, he coughed a few times and brazenly accepted the compliment. After all, this prophecy was made by his great-grandwife. It was similar to what he had made. It was all his family. Elder chi decisively categorized Jun Xiaomo as a" chi family," making Jun Xiaomo laugh and cry, but Xiaotuanzi was very happy. After the secret realm appeared in the world, the door of the secret realm opened three days later. Many forces were guarding the door of the secret realm. They scanned the various forces around them with vigilant and measured eyes, and many schemes crossed their eyes. Among these forces, Jun Xiaomo and the others were insignificant." Mu xiu is in the forest, and the wind will destroy it." Elder chi, who had lived for most of his life, understood this more than many people, so they used the Fu Lu made by jun xiaomo to conceal their cultivation, so that they did not appear so prominent, so that they would not be targeted by some people with ulterior motives." Look, look! Are those people the Du family of one of the eight families?" Not far away, a low cry suddenly sounded, causing waves of commotion in the crowd. Jun Xiaomo looked in the direction that the man was pointing at and, as expected, saw many familiar faces. Among these faces, there were not only the enemies of this life, Du Yongxu and Du Lianqin, but also the enemies of the previous life, the head of the du family, and the elders of the du family. That's right. After all, it was a secret land. How could these greedy and sanctimonious cultivators miss this opportunity? He must have taken the opportunity to make a big profit. Jun Xiaomo thought coldly, not knowing how many souls would be added to the hands of someone who was used to plundering other people's resources. Ye Xiuwen, who had heard Jun Xiaomo talk about those things in his previous life, naturally did not forget the existence of the" Du family." In fact, Jun Xiaomo in his previous life was hunted by the eight families in The world of cultivation. It can be said that almost none of the eight families were not enemies of Jun Xiaomo. However, in this lifetime, Jun Xiaomo had the ability to conceal the power of his own cultivator, so he did not fall into the realm of the previous life. Ye Xiuwen reached out and clenched Jun Xiaomo's right hand, silently giving her support and strength. Jun Xiaomo smiled and took Ye Xiuwen by the back of his hand. The secret world attracted not only a wave of hostile forces such as the Du family, but also seven other big families in The world of cultivation, the Xuanji sect where Qin Lingyu was located, and Jun Xiaomo, who had completely offended the company, and lang he, who had been severely injured by Jun Xiaomo and Ye Xiuwen, all appeared. Of course, because jun xiaomo used the Magic symbol to change everyone's appearance, these forces were unable to recognize Jun Xiaomo and the others for the time being. Their goal now was to find the things in the mystic realm, so there was no need to fight before the doors of the mystic realm were fully opened." Once the secret realm is opened, there should be a map inside. If we can find that map, it will be easier for us to find what we need in the secret realm instead of running around like headless flies." After a lifetime, Jun Xiaomo reminded the others. The opening time of the mystic realm is limited, especially after the mystic realm recognizes its master, everyone else will be ejected from the mystic realm. Unless the master agrees, they will not be able to enter the mystic realm again. When the mystic realm was opened in her last life, she and Senior brother ye had also been here. At that time, they were too weak to pull too many things, but they had also heard of the existence of the map of the mystic realm, and it was likely that Yu Wanrou had taken it away. In this lifetime, Jun Xiaomo did not intend to give up this opportunity. If she could, she hoped to become the master of the secret realm and truly possess it." Where are we going to find the map of the secret realm?" Elder chi asked, looking at Jun Xiaomo with a burning gaze." The exact location is not clear. I only heard that there is a serious miasma there. Many people died of poisoning without even touching the edge of the map." Jun Xiaomo said as he tried to recall the events of his previous life. Elder chi glanced at Jun Xiaomo confusedly." How can you say it as if you have entered this secret realm?" Jun Xiaomo coughed a few times and stopped talking." Well, great-grandfather, Xiao Mo knows so many things for a reason. I know that too, so you don't have to get to the bottom of it." Chi Jingtian said to old chi in a hurry, lest he insist on Jun Xiaomo's explanation. Elder chi glared at Chi Jingtian and was very dissatisfied with his behavior of" forgetting your grandfather when you have a wife." Chi Jingtian touched his nose and looked up at the sky, but he was not looking at old chi. Elder chi snorted and stopped asking - he wasn't the curious old man, as long as the results were good. In the early morning of the third day, the door of the mystic realm finally opened slowly, and a bright light came out from the mystic realm, illuminating everyone's vision." The mystic realm!" Someone shouted excitedly, as if he had pressed a switch. In an instant, countless people rushed towards the mystic realm door! An