Chapter 394 As the Saying Goes, There's Nowhere to Find

Jun Xiaomo and his men were not too worried that they would not be able to deal with this group of Xuyang Sect and the Heng Yuezong, which had already been out of shape, and with the support of the array set up by jun xiaomo, they fought like fish in water. However, even rong ruihan, Ye Xiuwen and Chi Jingtian did not expect that the three of them would work together to be so powerful that in just a few breaths, many of the disciples of hengyue sect and xuyang sect were beaten down by them. The three of them looked at each other in the midst of the battle and saw a certain conviction in each other's eyes - they must protect Xiao Mo from these people. Perhaps, it was precisely this belief that twisted the strength of the three of them into a rope, building a tacit understanding that had never existed before. Rong Ruihan, Ye Xiuwen, and Chi Jingtian became more and more courageous in the war. In contrast to them, the two groups of people, Xuyang Sect and Heng Yuezong, were more and more obviously retreating. As more and more disciples and elders were completely disabled, their hearts began to feel uneasy. Obviously, even without the help of the old boy, they could not hurt Rong Ruihan, Ye Xiuwen and Chi Jingtian's hair, let alone Jun Xiaomo, who was protected by them in the middle. "Let's go!" Finally, the third elder of the Heng Yuezong was the first to lose his footing. He gave all the students of the Heng Yuezong an order to retreat. If they continued, they would not be able to get along either. "You want to leave now? It's too late!" Chi Jingtian sneered and attacked her relentlessly. He was bound to cut her under the sword. Ye Xiuwen and Rong Ruihan did not intend to let these people go. From the beginning, these people had been making things difficult for them. If the three of them had not worked together to surpass their expectations and the old boy was sitting nearby, they would not have had a good ending. At the very least, losing half his life was a certainty. If he couldn't escape, he wouldn't even have the chance to leave the rest of his life behind. Despair enveloped the people of hengyue sect and xuyang sect. Just as the elders of hengyue sect and xuyang sect were planning to fight to the death, even if they could not survive, they had to drag one of them to hell. Jun Xiaomo's eyes narrowed slightly and suddenly threw out five Fu Lu. The five Fu Lu formed a pentagram formation in midair, trapping everyone inside. Not only that, the elders of hengyue sect and xuyang sect also found their spiritual energy was constantly draining away. Looking at ye Xiu Wen, Rong Ruihan and Chi Jingtian, they were not affected at all. "Witch! What a witch!" The third elder of the Heng Yuezong roared angrily. Jun Xiaomo smiled lightly, not intending to deny his title at all. So what if she's a witch? She was willing to be the devil's daughter for two lifetimes! With the blessing of Jun Xiaomo's last formation, Ye Xiuwen, Rong Ruihan and Chi Jingtian easily took down the people of hengyue sect and xuyang sect and tied them up with ropes, without the need for a naughty boy to do anything. "Xiao Mo can keep the last five Fu Lu cards. I don't think we need an array to get rid of these people. It's really weak." Chi Jingtian said with a wave of his fist. The complacent look really made the elders of hengyue sect and xuyang sect want to vomit a mouthful of blood. They had lived for hundreds of years, but they had fallen on a few little boys and a little girl! They could only let them run over their heads and do whatever they wanted, and they were powerless to fight back. Jun xiaomo chuckled, stood on tiptoe, patted the back of Chi Jingtian's head, and said, "I don't lack Fu Lu in my storage ring. It's not a pity to use them. Besides, it's so troublesome to catch them one by one. It's so good to solve them all at once. It's not too much trouble." Well, the elders of hengyue sect and xuyang sect wanted to vomit blood even more. "Xiao Mo makes sense. How should we deal with them? Fried or fried? Boiled or fried?" Chi Jingtian asked excitedly, clenching his fists. The elders of hengyue sect and xuyang sect were so angry that they blushed and glared at Chi Jingtian with hatred. Chi Jingtian's attitude was undoubtedly an insult to them. However, they soon learned that the outcome they were going to suffer was far crueler than being insulted. "Destroy their cultivation. In any case, keeping them is just to bully some small sects who are weaker than them. Let them feel trampled on the ground and let them be slaughtered." Jun xiaomo gently opened his thin lips and smiled as he said something extremely cruel. Jun Xiaomo was a rare sight for Ye Xiuwen, Rong Ruihan, and Chi Jingtian, but they understood what Jun Xiaomo was doing. After all, no matter who had experienced everything that jun xiaomo had experienced in her previous life, it was impossible to leave behind much naivety and unnecessary goodness. "How dare you?!" The third elder of the Heng Yuezong was shocked and angry. "Hmph, why don't we dare? Do you still have the ability to resist?" Chi Jingtian scoffed as the elders of hengyue sect and xuyang sect walked towards them step by step, as if they were about to kill someone. Indeed, none of them had any ability to resist, let alone the strange formation that Jun Xiaomo had set up. Just by the strength of the old brat sitting not far away, they had no chance of escaping at all. For the first time in their lives, they felt a sense of despair, and it was probably the last time, because it was unknown whether they could survive in this dangerous and mysterious realm after being abandoned. "Please... Please let us go... I have a lot of things in my storage ring. I'll give them all to you. I'll give them all to you." One of the Heng Yuezong's elders finally knew that they were scared, and with an old face, they began to cry. "Now that you want us to let you go, why didn't you think of letting us go before? You used to come and provoke me time and time again. Even Daiyanfeng was the one who attacked me first. His death was self-inflicted. What about you? If we were caught this time, would you let us live?" Jun Xiaomo sneered and slapped him. With just one slap, his dantian was completely shattered by the earthquake, vomiting blood and fainting. The rest of the people were also continuously crippled, some of them fainted directly, and some of them were awake, but their lives were worse than death. Their lives were completely ruined... If I had known this, why would I have come here to provoke this female devil, Jun Xiaomo? As a woman, she was so ruthless. "Let's go." The old naughty boy jumped down from the tree, threw the core of the fruit, clapped his hands and walked away. Jun Xiaomo and the others followed, ignoring the group of people behind them who were shrouded in despair. Ever since then, the hengyue sect and the xuyang sect have completely disappeared from The world of cultivation. Some say they have lost their way in the mystic realm and have been trapped in the mystic realm for eternity. Some say they have offended forces they should not have offended and were completely destroyed overnight. Others say they have only encountered the mechanism of the mystic realm. Unfortunately, the entire army was wiped out. As for the truth, who knows? In any case, there were no more people in The world of cultivation who were proud of themselves as disciples of hengyue sect and xuyang sect, and the things left behind by the two Sect were soon divided up by other forces and disappeared into the long river of history. Along the way, Jun Xiaomo and the others met many strange forces, big and small, as long as they did not actively provoke them, they did not make a move, but quietly walked over. It was also during this kind of battle that the tacit understanding between Ye Xiuwen, Rong Ruihan, Chi Jingtian and Jun Xiaomo became higher and higher, even to the point of invincibility. Of course, this kind of "Invincible" is also very likely because the people they meet are not strong enough, so they do not need the help of old children. That day, when they finished their breakfast and set off to continue walking, Jun Xiaomo suddenly stopped in his tracks and frowned, "No, the smell here is not right." "Smell?" Chi Jingtian shrugged his nose and sniffed hard. "I didn't notice anything wrong. A nose of grass." "Let me check." Jun Xiaomo was still worried. He took out a Fu Lu from the storage ring. With a slight wave, the Fu Lu burned in the air, emitting a dark blue flame. "Sure enough, there's a miasma here," Jun Xiaomo said clearly. "Miasma?!" Chi Jingtian's eyes widened. "If there is no miasma, it should emit a fiery red light, because with miasma, it will show a dark blue light," Jun Xiaomo explained. "Xiao Mo, you even have this kind of Fu Lu ready. It's amazing." Chi Jingtian gave a thumbs-up in admiration. Jun Xiaomo laughingly pressed his thumb down and said, "If I had one experience and didn't even think of such a thing, then I would have lived for nothing." Ye Xiuwen and Rong Ruihan both knew what Jun Xiaomo was referring to, and a flash of heartache flashed in their eyes. Just then, a female voice suddenly came to mind not far away. "Brother du, I feel a little tired. Is it better to rest?" This female voice sounded gentle and tender, as if she was acting coquettishly towards another person. If it was someone who was not in a firm mind, I'm afraid that hearing this voice, her body would be numb in half. Fortunately, Ye Xiuwen, Rong Ruihan, and Chi Jingtian all had people in their hearts, but they were not distracted. "I think this voice is a little familiar." Ye Xiuwen said after a moment of silence. Jun Xiaomo curled his lips and said, "Of course, Senior brother ye, you will feel familiar. This is a very familiar person." "Acquaintances... Yu Wanrou?" Ye Xiuwen thought about it and asked uncertainly. "Who else could it be?" Jun Xiaomo smiled coldly. "You really have nowhere to look for. It doesn't take much effort to get here." Rong Ruihan's eyes flashed and he thought of a possibility... As expected, the next moment, jun xiaomo blinked at them and said with a smile, "Since Yu Wanrou is here, it is very likely that she is the one who has the key to the secret realm. Instead of looking for it like a headless fly for half a day, we might as well follow them secretly." As soon as jun xiaomo spoke, everyone understood. Follow Yu Wanrou's group, and when they get the key to the secret realm, they take it. Although this was a bit unkind to others, Jun Xiaomo was really under no psychological pressure to rob Yu Wanrou of his resources. Not only was she not, she was also very happy. It was a "Reward" for what Yu Wanrou had done to her in these two lifetimes