Chapter 395 The Sound of the Night, the Map of the Dream

Under the influence of Jun Xiaomo's invisibility charm, Yu Wanrou did not know how many tails had fallen behind him. In fact, if it weren't for the fact that Qin Lingyu had suffered a setback in Jun Xiaomo's body, Yu Wanrou would have almost forgotten the existence of Jun Xiaomo. In her opinion, she had already left Jun Xiaomo far behind. "Wanrou, are you hungry? Have something to eat." A tall, handsome man took out a tightly wrapped portion of dried food from the storage ring and handed it to Yu Wanrou." Thank you, brother hui." Yu Wanrou smiled sweetly at him, took the rations, and began nibbling on them. The man was numb and relaxed by Yu Wanrou's" brother hui." He thought to himself, I don't know if he and wan rou can secretly find a place where there is no one to practice tonight. Other male trainers also noticed the movement here and couldn't help but show a bit of envy, jealousy and hatred. Yes, the people surrounding Yu Wanrou now were not some Sect disciple, but a huge harem of Yu Wanrou's first prototype. Yu Wanrou was finally on the same path in her previous life. With her personal space and double cultivation, she managed to attract a large number of male trainers for her to command, including Du Yongxu, the son of the owner of the Du family. Who would want to miss a good thing like sharing, sharing, cloud and rain while also improving their cultivation? Even if they had to share a woman with other men, they would have accepted it. What's more, the spirit spring in Yu Wanrou's carry-on space could also make their wounds heal quickly. As long as they got such a small bottle of spirit spring, they would have hundreds of top-grade elixirs in their hands. What a rare and unexpected thing, a fool would refuse. Of course, Yu Wanrou's requirements for the harem were also very high. The first point was that she was handsome and had an upper class temperament. The second point was that she had a high talent for cultivation. She had a certain position in the Sect and the family. Like Qin Lingyu, he was abandoned by Yu Wanrou after he was injured in the Xuyang Sect world war I and was destined to be difficult to recover. For Yu Wanrou, Qin Lingyu was already in the past, and now she was surrounded by all kinds of beautiful men, and there was no need to care about Qin Lingyu anymore. In the evening, the man, yuwan rou, sneaked out of the crowd and walked not far from the camp." It's so late. What are they doing?" Jun Xiaomo looked at their backs and frowned. Jun Xiaomo and Ye Xiuwen took turns to stand guard, keeping a close eye on the group of people like Yu Wanrou. It happened that it was Jun Xiaomo and Rong Ruihan who were guarding the night together." I don't know if we found a clue to the map of the secret realm. Let's go and have a look." Rong Ruihan patted Jun Xiaomo on the shoulder and whispered. Jun Xiaomo nodded and quietly followed Rong Ruihan. Yu Wanrou and the others did not go far. Instead, they walked behind a hidden boulder. Soon, the monkeys hurriedly hugged each other and took off their clothes. They chewed each other's mouths as they took off their clothes. Jun Xiaomo: ..." Rong Ruihan: ..." Well, they really underestimated Yu Wanrou's bottom line. Just a few days ago, they saw that she and the son of the Du family's owner were in love with each other, and today, they got together with another man. Most importantly, it was still in this wilderness, surrounded by miasma..." Let's go. We stopped looking and looked at the long pinhole." Rong Ruihan patted Jun Xiaomo and said," you're pregnant with a baby, and it's not good for it." Jun Xiaomo chuckled and said," come on, it doesn't know that. Don't talk nonsense." The male student, yu wanrou, had obviously been holding back for a long time, but the foreplay didn't take long to get to the point. Just as Jun Xiaomo and Rong Ruihan were talking, Yu Wanrou started screaming behind the boulder." Hurry up... A little faster..." Jun Xiaomo's cheeks turned red all of a sudden. The fire was burning and the eggs could be cooked on top. She remembered something from her previous life. She glanced at Rong Ruihan awkwardly and met his heavy gaze. For a moment, silence spread between the two of them. Jun Xiaomo's heart thumped. She turned around and left. Her footsteps were both anxious and flustered. She was afraid that if she stayed any longer, she would not be able to look directly into Rong Ruihan's eyes tomorrow. It was really too awkward. Rong Ruihan looked at Jun Xiaomo's reddish ears and staggering steps, and his heart moved slightly. He strode forward a few steps. Suddenly, he grabbed Jun Xiaomo's arm and pulled her behind another boulder. Rong Ruihan covered Jun Xiaomo's ear. In an instant, everything quieted down. Only Rong Ruihan's steady heartbeat echoed in his ear. Jun Xiaomo bit his lower lip, pushed rong ruihan and said," let go. We're going back." Rong Ruihan said in a deep voice," I don't want to." Jun Xiaomo: ..." Looking at Jun Xiaomo's reddened lower lip, Rong Ruihan's face darkened. Rong Ruihan lifted Jun Xiaomo's chin and kissed him without any resistance. Jun Xiaomo grabbed his lapel and tried to push him away, but with rong ruihan's strong and domineering kiss, she could do nothing. Even if it was done, it was just like scratching. Rong Ruihan's kiss, from the beginning of overbearing, became soft and long. Unconsciously, Jun Xiaomo had completely sunk into it and forgot to push rong ruhan away. After kissing for some time, Rong Ruihan finally let go of Jun Xiaomo and rubbed her slightly swollen lips. Jun Xiaomo's eyelashes trembled and opened his eyes. Rong Ruihan stroked her cheek and said," let's go back. You have a baby in your belly. Now I can only do this. I can't do anything." Jun Xiaomo glared at Rong Ruihan anxiously and angrily - what do you mean by" this is all you can do?" What else do you want to do?! She said it as if she wanted to continue. Rong Ruihan smiled indulgently, patted Jun Xiaomo on the head, grabbed her wrist, and walked towards the camp. Jun Xiaomo earned it, not at all. Forget it. She won't struggle anymore. She won't be able to, anyway. Jun Xiaomo thought to himself with a little desperation, and he couldn't help but worry about the future. When Jun Xiaomo and Rong Ruihan left the camp, Ye Xiuwen also happened to wake up. He knew that Jun Xiaomo and Rong Ruihan had followed Yu Wanrou and the others, because the strength of the man, yu wanrou, was simply below them, so he was not afraid that jun xiaomo would encounter any danger. He didn't follow. Now, seeing Jun Xiaomo and Rong Ruihan walk back hand in hand, Ye Xiuwen withdrew a little of his consciousness. He didn't know why he did it. Soon, he noticed Jun Xiaomo's slightly swollen lips. When Jun Xiaomo was about to return to the camp, Ye Xiuwen completely withdrew his consciousness, turned around and pretended to be still asleep. From beginning to end, Jun Xiaomo did not realize that Ye Xiuwen was awake. Rong Ruihan patted Jun Xiaomo on the shoulder and said," I'll watch over you in the second half of the night. You're still pregnant. Go to bed first." Jun Xiaomo did not refuse, nodded, took out a piece of animal skin from the ring and lay down. Gradually, she fell asleep. Beside her, Ye Xiuwen opened his eyes and looked at her for a long time. After a long time, he sighed and caressed her hair helplessly. Forget it, that's it. Who told me I couldn't protect her? After Yu Wanrou was nourished and satisfied, the whole team seemed to be moving much faster. As Jun Xiaomo had guessed, Yu Wanrou was as lucky as he had been in his previous life to get a map of the mystic realm. Of course, many of them had the group of men around her as a helper, so she successfully passed through the heavy machinery and got the map of the secret realm. Yu Wanrou was overjoyed and felt that he was indeed the darling of heaven. Not only did he travel to this place, but he also got a series of opportunities. Yu Wanrou couldn't wait to pick up the map and search the center of the mystic realm, trying to find a way to fully possess the mystic realm. If all goes well, she will indeed get the ownership of this secret realm as she did in her previous life, and step by step she will reach the peak of her life. But this time, fate was destined to turn a corner here. Because Jun Xiaomo and the others, who had followed her in secret, were also eyeing this map of the mystic realm.