Chapter 396 Distressed, Capturing Pictures Is A Skill

There were more than twenty people on Yu Wanrou's side, some of whom were cultivators in the middle stage of nascent infancy or above, while there were only five on Jun Xiaomo's side. If they wanted to snatch the map of the mystic realm, they would not be able to force it. Even if they succeeded in snatching it, they were already half dead. Therefore, if we want to get the map of the secret realm in Yu Wanrou's hands, we can't take it by force. We must take it wisely. It's just that it's really easy to talk about and difficult to do with something like "Intelligence," especially someone like Jun Xiaomo who hasn't coveted anything from his past life to this life. He's really not familiar with the business of "Snatching." So, five of them sneaked behind Yu Wanrou and the others. After walking for almost ten days, they didn't think of any good way to get the map of the mystic realm. Instead, they looked at Yu Wanrou's live version of chungong several times, which made Jun Xiaomo feel both embarrassed and speechless. The only thing that was slightly comforting was that Yu Wanrou's group should be heading towards the center of the mystic realm as well. As long as they followed them closely, even without the map of the mystic realm, they could still find the entrance to the center of the mystic realm. "Shall we go on like this? If there is no map of the mystic realm, I'm afraid even if we find the entrance to the center of the mystic realm, we won't be able to reach the eye of the center of the mystic realm." Jun xiaomo said anxiously. Generally, there must be endless mechanisms and formations in the center of the mystical realm. Even if Jun Xiaomo's strength was the formation, it was not possible to break those formations so easily. Most importantly, the opening time of the mystic realm is limited. Three months later, if the mystic realm has not recognized its master, it will have to be closed. "I don't think it's a good idea to continue like this. I wonder if brother rong has any better idea?" Rong Ruihan thought for a moment and said, "Why don't we call our masters over?" Rong Ruihan's master was Elder chi. Elder chi took all the chi family members away and took another route to expand the search. Now that he had found traces of the map of the mystic realm, it was reasonable for them to call Elder chi and the others over to help. "I don't think so." Jun Xiaomo frowned and said, "Even if chi lao came here with the chi family, he might not be able to seize the map of the mystic realm. Yu Wanrou kept the map very tight. Besides taking out a few glances at the route at night to determine the route, she usually put it in the storage ring. If she forcibly snatched it, it would be difficult to guarantee that she would not come to a dead end. What's more, once we enter the center of the mystic realm, we will probably have to face more things. It won't be too late for chi lao to help us then." The old naughty boy rubbed his chin thoughtfully. After listening to the conversation between the younger generations, he had an idea in his mind. "I came up with a method, and I don't know if you will find it too insidious and refuse to use it." The old naughty boy winked at the younger generation and said, slightly mysterious. Jun Xiaomo smiled helplessly and said, "Master, please tell me first and see what it is." The old naughty boy smacked his mouth and said, "There must be a lot of forces who want the secret map, right? What if we spread the news that Yu Wanrou has the secret map and made the muddy water more muddled?" As the saying goes, fish in troubled waters, that's why. Jun Xiaomo was surprised for a moment, and then, a little speechless, he put his hand on his forehead and said, "It's really dark." But it will work... Jun Xiaomo did not agree to the old boy's proposal at once. After all, if Jun Linxuan found out about this dirty trick, he would have knocked her on the head. The sense of integrity in her bones made Jun Xiaomo unable to accept this kind of thinking mode at once. Even if she was a great demon girl who was beaten up in her previous life, she had never done anything against her conscience, and she had never used particularly sinister means to seize other people's things. They continued to fall behind Yu Wanrou and the others. That day, when they had packed up their things and were about to continue tracking Yu Wanrou and the others, they suddenly realized that the people in front of them seemed to be fighting. To be precise, it was Yu Wanrou and the others who were torturing another force unilaterally. Another force was led by a woman. While she was fighting, she said angrily to a man in brocade beside Yu Wanrou, "Feng Wenyao, you really don't care about the past. For this fickle woman, do you want to take away the sacred things of our race?" Feng Wenyao opened the folding fan, looked at the woman, and said faintly, "The relationship between you and me has long been a thing of the past. Now that I am happy with Wanrou, what does the sacred thing in your race have to do with me? Since Wanrou likes it, I will naturally help her get it." "Feng Wenyao! I thought that being ungrateful was your limit. I didn't expect you to be so ruthless. Aren't you afraid of retribution?!" "Retribution? Ah, this world is always revered by the strong. Whoever has great power will be able to obtain more and better resources. If you can't keep your sacred objects, that is, your skills are inferior to others. Who can you blame? I don't think heaven will mind us doing this." Feng Wenyao said very calmly. Just by looking at him, he really couldn't tell that he had a real relationship with a woman. "You!" The woman was almost about to cry from his anger, and the people behind her comforted her. "Miss, don't be sad. We will protect the sacred objects of our clan today. At worst, we will take our lives." After the woman finished speaking, the clansmen behind her raised their weapons and attacked the group of people like Yu Wanrou. Yu Wanrou curled her lips coldly, took a few steps back and left the ring of war, while the group of men around her flew towards the women's clansmen. It looked like a fierce battle. "How is it? Do we need help?" The old naughty boy asked as he knocked on the melon seeds, but there was a glint in his eyes. Obviously, after so many days, his hands were itchy and he wanted to fight. Although they might not be able to defeat Yu Wanrou's group completely, they could do it by exercising their muscles and bones. At the very least, they could run away if they didn't win. Anyway, there were enough invisible Fu Lu in the storage ring of their apprentice and daughter-in-law. Jun Xiaomo looked at the scene in front of him with complicated eyes and felt as if he had seen scenes from his previous life. "Fight." After a while, Jun Xiaomo said, "The enemy of the enemy is our friend, and it seems that the woman and her people are not vicious people, and they deserve to help." "All right!" The old naughty boy threw the melon seeds away, tore open the invisible amulet on his body, and threw himself into the battle circle. Ye Xiuwen, Rong Ruihan and Chi Jingtian followed closely behind him and joined the battle. As soon as there was a battle, the effect of the invisible amulet would disappear, so the people on Yu Wanrou's side almost felt that in a blink of an eye, several strange men appeared to help their rival side deal with them. "Who are you?! Why are you meddling?!" Feng Wenyao said angrily. "You would also say'meddle'. Since it's meddling, do we still need a reason to help each other?" The old naughty boy said very rashly. Feng Wenyao was almost choked with blood by the old naughty boy. Yu Wanrou did not expect a few "Cheng bitjin" to appear in the middle of the journey, and the cultivation of these "Cheng bitjin" seems to be very high. She bit her lower lip and looked at Ye Xiuwen, Rong Ruihan, and Chi Jingtian with a slightly dim gaze. As the battle progressed to a sticky heat and both sides had injured people, Yu Wanrou suddenly felt a chill in her neck, as if something sharp was on her neck. Yu Wanrou was startled and instantly realized that someone was trying to sneak an attack on him. She regretted not leaving a few men around to protect herself. It seemed that she was still careless. "This chivalrous man, I wonder why you want to hold the little girl hostage?" Yu Wanrou's heart turned a hundred times. In order to buy some time, she hurriedly brought out her most commonly used means - to act pitiful. The teary eyes looked pitiful. The person behind Yu Wanrou couldn't help but sneer and say, "Yu Wanrou, after all these years, you still haven't made any progress. Aren't you tired of this move?" Yu Wanrou's eyes widened. Jun Xiaomo?! How could it be her?!