Chapter 397 What Happened to Yu Wanrou?

Yu Wanrou was so angry that he gritted his teeth. It was not good to fall into someone's hand, but it fell into Jun Xiaomo's hand?! This knowledge made her feel aggrieved. "Jun Xiaomo, what do you want?" Yu Wanrou asked through gritted teeth. She knew that there was no point in pretending to be pitiful in front of Jun Xiaomo. Jun Xiaomo had hated her to the bone for a long time. It was fine if she and Jun Xiaomo didn't meet. If they met, there would be no end between them. Jun Xiaomo smiled coldly and said slowly," what do you think? Guess what I want to do." Yu Wanrou's heart beat like a drum. She was afraid that Jun Xiaomo would cut it off with a single push. Even if she had a spirit spring on her body, she was not immortal. On the contrary, her current strength was obviously not comparable to Jun Xiaomo. Jun xiaomo wanted to kill her, almost with his fingers. Those men were too far away from her to save her. Du Yongxu stood in the middle of the ring of war, looking at Jun Xiaomo from afar through a group of people, and his eyes flashed a little hot. Back in the middle sect qualifying match, Du Yongxu felt that Jun Xiaomo, dressed in red, was very charming like a ball of fire. More than ten years later, he still thought that Jun Xiaomo had long disappeared, but he did not expect to see him here again. Not only that, Jun Xiaomo seemed even more charming. However, now that Jun Xiaomo's attention was clearly not on him, Du Yongxu could not suppress the evil thoughts in his heart. He raised his voice and said to jun xiaomo," Jun Xiaomo, let Wanrou go. We can talk about something." Even so, his gaze never stopped on Yu Wanrou, but on Jun Xiaomo. Rong Ruihan and Ye Xiuwen saw the look in his eyes, which were obviously not right, and the anger in their chests" rubbed" out. Jun Xiaomo squinted at Du Yongxu and said with a crooked lips," let her go? I don't dare. Now you're all coming at us with weapons. When I let her go, aren't you going to poke me into a sieve?"" What do you want, jun xiaomo?!" Another Yu Wanrou's mistress asked angrily. He was not like Du Yongxu. He was all for Yu Wanrou." What do you want? It's simple. Take back your weapons, stay ten miles away from us, and give us the map of Yu Wanrou's secret land. I'll let her go, okay?"" Map of the secret realm?!" Yu Wanrou was confused and screamed," I don't know what you mean by the map of the mystic realm!"" Yu Wanrou, stop pretending. We've been following you for more than ten days. You didn't notice us. Why? Are you trying to renege on your debt now?" Jun xiaomo chuckled, his tone very relaxed, and he was very much in need of a beating. Yu Wanrou's eyes flickered. To be honest, she didn't want to give the map to these people at all. With the map, she could cross The world of cultivation. If she handed it over now, it would be hard to tell what would happen in the future." We can give you everything except the map of the mystic realm. I have a kind of spirit water that can heal wounds very easily. It can compare to a nine grade healing elixir. If you let me go, how about I give you ten bottles?" Yu Wanrou bargained." What, in your eyes, a map is more important than your own life?" Jun Xiaomo remained unmoved. Yu Wanrou gritted his teeth." We worked so hard to get the map. Just give it to you. You're too good at picking up bargains!"" Oh? Speaking of taking advantage, I don't think I can compete with you. I even want to take the sacred things from other people's tribe." Jun Xiaomo retorted slowly." Poof..." The woman who had just been besieged by Yu Wanrou and the others couldn't help but laugh and gave Jun Xiaomo a grateful look. Yu Wanrou was so angry with jun xiaomo that he almost wanted to vomit blood." Ten miles is too far. Three miles is acceptable." One of Yu Wanrou's mistresses continued to bargain." As for the map of the mystic realm, we can give it to you too. As long as you don't hurt Wanrou, we won't let you go if she gets half injured!" Yu wan looked at him with tears in her eyes, and she was obviously very moved." Deal." Jun Xiaomo nodded and squeezed Yu Wanrou even tighter." You can leave now." There were still a few of Yu Wanrou's mistresses who couldn't bear to part with the map, but when they saw that the others had retreated one after another, they had no choice but to follow suit." Remember not to do anything sneaky, or I'll make her bleed three feet." Jun Xiaomo reminded him that one of the retreating men paused and sped up to leave. Worried, Jun Xiaomo took out a tracking symbol from the storage ring and hit one of them. In this way, they wouldn't be afraid of playing any tricks. Yu Wanrou clenched her fists and her nails were all in her hands. She was afraid and resentful. Ever since she took in those men, she had never been threatened like this. After a few incense sticks, Jun Xiaomo said faintly," well, they have retreated three miles away. You can take out the map of the secret realm." Yu Wanrou struggled in his heart for a moment, but under the threat of his life, he took out the map of the secret realm from the storage ring. Jun Xiaomo threw the map to Ye Xiuwen. Ye Xiuwen and Rong Ruihan opened it up. After carefully studying it, they nodded to jun xiaomo to confirm the authenticity of the map. Jun Xiaomo smiled, then nodded her gentle neck and said," take out the ten bottles of spirit water." Yu Wanrou's eyes widened and he screamed in disbelief," didn't you say you only needed me to take out the map of the secret realm?!" Jun Xiaomo said calmly," since you've brought up the spirit water, I'll take a share. Anyway, your life is in my hands. I'll do whatever I want now."" You! You're shameless!" Yu Wanrou was so angry that he wanted to tear Jun Xiaomo into pieces." No matter how shameless I am, I can't compare to you. Snatching someone else's fiance, stealing someone else's lover, snatching someone else's spiritual artifacts, treasures, or even holy things. Yu Wanrou, I'm really curious if your heart is made of stone. Besides, I'm afraid you haven't given your heart to your mistresses, have you? Just show them off as trophies, as if you're afraid that others won't know how attractive you are," Jun Xiaomo said blandly." You!" Yu Wanrou was so angry and angry that she was stabbed in her heart by Jun Xiaomo's words. With the absence of those mistresses, she started to say whatever she wanted and sneered," so what? It's better than if you can't even keep your fiance. They're all willing to follow me willingly. It's my ability. They're willing to be driven by me. It's my ability. And you, Jun Xiaomo, can only talk."" Sure enough, the only person you love the most is yourself." Jun Xiaomo sneered." Besides talking, I can kill people. Will you give me the spirit water? If you don't, don't blame me for being rude!" Yu Wanrou hated Jun Xiaomo to death, but now that her life was in someone else's hands, she could only give it to him. Yu Wanrou took out ten bottles of spirit water from the ring and handed it to Jun Xiaomo." Can you let me go now?" Yu Wanrou asked with gritted teeth. Jun Xiaomo nodded and said," okay." After that, she let go of Yu Wanrou. Rong Ruihan and Ye Xiuwen looked away and frowned. They had all heard Jun Xiaomo talk about her past life. They did not dare to underestimate Yu Wanrou. If they let her go, there might be more trouble in the future. Yu Wanrou's face lit up. He took the scroll out of the storage ring and tried to find her mistresses. He didn't expect Jun Xiaomo to strike her with a knife behind her. Yu Wanrou's eyes darkened and he fainted completely." I thought you were really going to let her go." Chi Jingtian walked over to Jun Xiaomo and kicked Yu Wanrou, who was lying on the ground. It wasn't that he didn't care about women, but he couldn't care less about women like Yu Wanrou." Yes, but I still have to give her a' big gift'." Jun Xiaomo said calmly, squatting down and slapping Yu Wanrou in the heart." Poof -" Yu Wanrou spat out a mouthful of blood, sobered up from the pain, and stared at Jun Xiaomo with fear in his eyes." This is for you." Jun Xiaomo said faintly, then turned his hands and exerted a force, and the power in Yu Wanrou's body poured out crazily. Compared to her previous life, she only wasted all of Yu Wanrou's cultivation in this life and took away her spirit root." Ah, -" Yu Wanrou screamed in pain, and finally fainted from the pain. After completely disabling Yu Wanrou's cultivation, Jun Xiaomo stood up, took out a handkerchief from the storage ring, and wiped his fingers calmly. Not far away, a group of people blocked by Yu Wanrou looked at Jun Xiaomo with a little surprise. They did not expect that this woman looked pretty, but her heart was so cruel. However, thinking that they were saved by Jun Xiaomo, they did not care about this kind of thing." Thank you for the help of these fellow daoists. We left first. We will never forget your great kindness." The leading woman made a bow to Jun Xiaomo and the others. They were not interested in the map of the mystic realm because they knew that with their strength, it was impossible to reach the depths of the mystic realm smoothly. Besides, Jun Xiaomo and the others saved themselves, so they shouldn't covet other people's things. Jun Xiaomo also smiled amicably. After saying goodbye to these people, the old naughty boy excitedly went over to look at the map, rubbing his hands and trying to quickly run to the depths of the secret realm." What about her?" Chi Jingtian kicked Yu Wanrou again." That group of men will naturally come looking for her." Jun Xiaomo said, throwing a Fu Lu beside Yu Wanrou. It was a recording note. She had left behind all the heartless words that Yu Wanrou had just said. I wonder if those men would treasure Yu Wanrou so much without her cultivation and her selfishness