Chapter 398 There Is No True Love, Only Use It

The men around Yu Wanrou waited and waited until Yu Wanrou showed up. Finally, they realized something was wrong. They hurried back along the same road and saw Yu Wanrou lying on the side of the road, spitting blood. "Wanrou!" Feng Wenyao was the first to jump over and picked up yu wanrou in half, placing her fingers on Yu Wanrou's pulse. Fortunately, there was still a pulse, but she was a little weak and came back after a few days. Feng wenyao breathed a sigh of relief. Then, his face tightened and he noticed something strange. He put a trace of spirit into Yu Wanrou's meridians and dantian, and tried to swim around Yu Wanrou's meridians and dantian, but found that it was broken and could not hide any spirit. In other words, Yu Wanrou's cultivation has been completely destroyed by Jun Xiaomo! "Jun, xiao, mo! You want to die!" Feng Wenyao gritted his teeth and opened his eyes in anger. There was no doubt that if Jun Xiaomo were in front of him at this moment, he would skin and cramp him to make his life worse than death. "What's wrong?" At this moment, the other men rushed to their side, and when they saw Feng Wenyao like this, their hearts couldn't help but thump. "It's a question whether Jun Xiaomo can recover from Wanrou's injury." Feng Wenyao said to the other men. The rest of the men immediately felt a bolt from the blue. Several of them did not want to believe Feng Wenyao's judgment. They all ran up to investigate Yu Wanrou's condition and came to the same conclusion as Feng Wenyao. Yu Wanrou's cultivation was really ruined by Jun Xiaomo! "Damn it! What should we do now? They took the map of the mystic realm, and we don't even know where they went." "I've already memorized the map of the secret realm. It's not difficult to find them. The most important thing now is to solve Wanrou's physical problems. Otherwise, she can't even open the ring," Feng Wenyao said coldly. Everyone's expression was cold, and they all thought about it at the same time. The reason they gathered around Yu Wanrou, to be honest, was more because Yu Wanrou's storage ring could provide them with spiritual water continuously, and could also double practice with them to increase each other's cultivation. What if Yu Wanrou lost his cultivation and couldn't open the ring anymore? Do they still need to be wronged to share a fickle woman with others? Moreover, this woman was not necessarily attractive. They suppressed their little thoughts and did not let others see the clues. "You can practice again after you've lost your cultivation. Wanrou has a double cultivation method anyway. It's still easy to practice it back." One of the men said, "The plan for today is to find a ninth grade Guiyuan pill so that wanrou's broken meridians can be restored." "That's easy to say. Is the ninth-grade Guiyuan pill that easy to get? Even if we don't have a Guiyuan pill." Another man sneered. "No matter what, we can only hope for the future. Now, Wanrou has become like this. If any of you want to quit, just quit. I have no problem with that," Feng Wenyao said. The other men were stunned for a moment, but after a moment of silence, they agreed to stay. Although Yu Wanrou's situation is not good now, who knows what will happen in the future? Since she had been able to bring out such precious spiritual water before, perhaps she had a way to deal with her own situation, right? They thought with a glimmer of hope. "By the way, which one of you has spirit water? Take it out. Wanrou is unconscious now. Maybe he'll just drink it," Feng Wenyao said. Everyone looked at each other and wondered if Yu Wanrou could still bring out the spirit water. The spirit water in their storage ring was just one bottle less. Who wanted to offer it? From this, it can be seen that their feelings for yu wanrou were really limited. Rather than having real feelings, they were just mutually beneficial. "Why didn't you take it out?" One of the male trainees asked, dissatisfied. "My storage ring is gone," Feng Wenyao replied calmly. No one else could open his ring to see if he still had it. Others followed Feng Wenyao's example, saying that there was no spirit water left in their ring, and almost no one wanted to take out the spirit water from the ring and offer it to Yu Wanrou. In the end, one of the men who still had some true feelings for yu wanrou took out his spiritual water from the storage ring and handed it over. Feng Wenyao fed Yu Wanrou. Everyone else heaved a sigh of relief, feeling that the remaining spirit water in their ring of storage was finally preserved. Moreover, with spirit water, perhaps Wanrou's cultivation will soon recover? They thought with a glimmer of hope. Just then, one of them suddenly found a folded piece of paper beside Yu Wanrou. "What is this?" He picked it up and opened it. The moment he opened it, a blue light appeared on the paper. He was startled and almost threw it out. Just then, Jun Xiaomo and Yu Wanrou's voices came from the paper. "I can't compare to you, no matter how shameless I am. Rob someone else's fiance, rob someone else's lover, rob someone else's spiritual artifact, treasure, or even holy things. Yu Wanrou, I'm really curious if your heart is made of stone. Besides, I'm afraid you haven't given your heart to your mistresses, have you? Just show them off as trophies, as if you're afraid that others won't know how attractive you are," Jun Xiaomo said blandly. "You!" Yu Wanrou was so angry and angry that she was stabbed in her heart by Jun Xiaomo's words. With the absence of those mistresses, she started to say whatever she wanted and sneered, "So what? It's better than if you can't even keep your fiance. They're all willing to follow me willingly. It's my ability. They're willing to be driven by me. It's my ability. And you, Jun Xiaomo, can only talk." Jun Xiaomo specially intercepted Yu Wanrou's most "Heartfelt" words for these people, as the last "Big gift" left to them. Hearing the soft and gentle conversation from Jun Xiaomo in the Fu Lu, the men surrounding Yu Wanrou were silent. Although they also understood that they and Yu Wanrou were more of each other's use of the relationship, it was just that people were so strange that they could naturally accept this idea when they did not pick it out, and once this kind of thing was picked on the surface, their hearts would not be happy. To be more precise, it was Yu Wanrou's dismissive tone when he mentioned them, as if they were just tools, which made the men feel embarrassed. They took a deep look at the unconscious Yu Wanrou, their eyes a little complicated. After a stick of incense, Yu Wanrou let out a whimper and slowly woke up from the coma, opening his eyes. "Uh..." Yu Wanrou frowned. The physical pain almost made her faint again. "Don't move. You've been abandoned by Jun Xiaomo. If you don't take good care of yourself, it won't be easy for you to get better." Feng Wenyao said to yu wanrou. "Have you wasted your cultivation?!" Yu Wanrou's eyes widened in anger, and his usually pitiful face twisted. "Damn Jun Xiaomo! I'm going to shred her into pieces!" "Wanrou, don't be angry. We've already fed you spirit water. You should be well soon," another man consoled. "Have you fed the spirit water?" Yu Wanrou was stunned for a moment and quickly explored the situation in his body. "No, if I have been fed with spirit water, why can't I feel any spiritual fluctuations in my body?" "Your meridians and your dantian have been destroyed by jun xiaomo. It's normal not to feel any spiritual fluctuations for a while," Feng Wenyao consoled. "Impossible! Spiritual water has the function of repairing meridians and dantian. It is impossible to drink spiritual water or not feel the fluctuation of spiritual energy. What is going on?!" Yu Wanrou finally began to panic and grabbed Feng Wenyao's collar in a daze. Feng Wenyao was also stunned by what she said. She reached out her hand and examined Yu Wanrou's body again. As expected, Yu Wanrou's meridians and dantian had been added. But for some reason, it was empty and there was nothing inside. Logically speaking, Yu Wanrou had been practicing for so many years. There was no reason why he could not do such a thing as drawing qi into his body. Now, Yu Wanrou could not feel the existence of spirit at all. What was going on? Du Yongxu thought of a possibility and strode over, "Get out of the way. Let me have a look." Instead of resting his hand on Yu Wanrou's pulse, he placed it on Yu Wanrou's back and slowly released his spirit along her spine. A moment later, Du Yongxu said darkly, "Wanrou has been completely disabled." "What do you mean?!" Everyone was uncertain. "Jun Xiaomo took out Wanrou's spirit root and completely destroyed the possibility of her cultivation." Du Yongxu said word by word. "Impossible!" Only then did Yu Wanrou realize the seriousness of the matter. She had thought that with spiritual water and space, she could roam the entire continent and no one could hurt her again. I didn't expect that in a blink of an eye, she would become a complete cripple?! "Wen Yao, help me take a look. I don't believe it. I don't believe it's true." Yu Wanrou's eyes were filled with tears. This time, she was no longer pretending to be pitiful, but really worried about her future. Feng Wenyao didn't want this to be true either. However, after learning from Du Yongxu once, he had to admit that Du Yongxu wasn't lying. Was Yu Wanrou really crippled, or was he completely crippled, even his spirit root destroyed? Seeing Feng Wenyao's expression, Yu Wanrou immediately burst into tears. She held Feng Wenyao's hand and said, "Wen Yao, you must have a way, right? I don't want to become a cripple, I don't want to,..." Feng Wenyao asked with difficulty, "Is it possible that spirit water can't cure this kind of injury?" "Spirit water? Yes! Spirit water might cure it. Wen Yao, do you still have spirit water in your ring? Give it to me. I can cure it with more." At this moment, Yu Wanrou, who did not have the legendary "Beauty of The world of cultivation," the appearance of tears and snot all over his face, was simply how embarrassed, how embarrassed. For the first time, Feng Wenyao felt a little disgusted with Yu Wanrou. "Are you sure that drinking more spirit water will cure this injury?" Du Yongxu asked indifferently, completely unable to see that the previous hour, between him and Yu Wanrou, could be called "You and me." "I'm sure!" Yu Wanrou swore. In fact, she also understood that if the spirit root was really destroyed by Jun Xiaomo, then no amount of spirit water would be useful. However, she had to say that her only hope now was this group of men. If they were sure that she could no longer bring out any more spiritual water, they would probably leave her here and die on her own. This group of people was a group of people who put their interests first, but how could they not see that Yu Wanrou's words were 80 % lies? However, since there was still a 20 % chance, they were also trying to fight. After all, Yu Wanrou's spirit water was really good to use, and if they really gave up, they were reluctant to part with it. Let's just observe for a while, maybe we'll find a solution? With that in mind, Feng Wenyao patted Yu Wanrou's hair and said gently, "Don't worry, there's no spirit water left in my ring. But the destruction of the spirit root is not beyond redemption. As long as we find the nine grade root refill pill, we can rebuild the spirit root." "Ninth grade root extension pill?" Yu Wanrou's eyes flashed with hope. "Yes, as long as you find it, your spirit root can be rebuilt," Du Yongxu affirmed. "Then what are we waiting for?! Let's go find it!" Yu Wanrou said anxiously, completely forgetting that he was not in the same situation as before and inadvertently speaking in a commanding tone. A trace of undetectable disgust and irritation flashed in the eyes of the male cultivators surrounding her, and they quickly covered it up. "Well, let's go to the center of the mystic realm and look for the nine grade root continuation pills." Du Yongxu suggested, "Jun Xiaomo and the others have already set off for the mystic realm center. If we delay any longer, it won't be good for them to get there first." "Jun, xiao, mo!" Yu Wanrou gnashed his teeth at the mention of the name. "When I find her, I'll make sure she looks good!" With that, she looked pitifully at Du Yongxu and the others, "Brother Yongxu, will you avenge me?" "Yes." Du Yongxu's eyes sparkled. He patted Yu Wanrou on the shoulder and said, "How can I let her go when she treats Wanrou like this? I will also gather other members of the du clan and let them go to the center of the mystic realm together. By then, even if Jun Xiaomo has ten wings, they won't be able to fly out of my hands." Du Yongxu said meaningfully. Yu Wanrou did not hear du yongxu's meaningful words. She smiled nervously as if she had seen the future of Jun Xiaomo's tortured death