Chapter 399 The Last Battle (1)

The map of the mystical realm that was finally in hand was intercepted halfway, and Yu Wanrou's group of people really had a stomach full of resentment and hatred. After a quiet discussion, they decided to release the news that "The map of the secret realm is in the hands of Jun Xiaomo and his people." Jun xiaomo never expected that she, who still had some leeway to do things, would not be left any leeway by the other party. At first, she felt that this plan was too vicious to be used on Yu Wanrou and the others, but in the end, it was used on the other side. After defeating the third group of enemies together, they finally heard the words" secret map" in each other's mouth." It must have been Yu Wanrou's group that released the news." Chi Jingtian said hatefully, clenching his fists, wishing he could beat those people up." I told you this plan worked, but you all thought it was too vicious and useless. Is that all right? Someone else used it." The old naughty boy said slowly as he nibbled on the fruit. Jun Xiaomo smiled bitterly and said," master is right, I am too kind to be a woman."" It's a good thing Yu Wanrou suffered a little before." Chi Jingtian said, shaking his head. Jun Xiaomo blinked and thought to himself, it wasn't just" a little pain." Ye Xiuwen interrupted the depressing topic and suggested," why don't we send a text message to Elder chi and the others? With chi lao around, the odds are much higher."" That's exactly what I want," Rong Ruihan nodded in agreement. Not long after receiving the text message, Elder chi brought the chi clan and used the teleportation scroll to Jun Xiaomo and the others. As soon as he appeared, he patted Rong Ruihan and Chi Jingtian on the shoulder excitedly and said," okay, you two brats, you can actually get a map of the mystic realm, huh?" The old naughty boy coughed dryly and snorted from his nose," it sounds as if only your good disciple and great-grandson had put in the effort."" Wheeze, you're too old to take credit for it." Elder chi choked. Jun Xiaomo knew that the two old men would never stop bickering. He rubbed his forehead with a headache and said," why don't you postpone the discussion about whose contribution is the most important? Now the map of the secret realm is the most important, isn't it?" Many forces already knew about the existence of the map of the mystic realm. They would only encounter more and more obstacles on their way to the center of the mystic realm. Rather than delay time here, it would be better to get to the center of the mystic realm as soon as possible. Jun Xiaomo had reason to believe that the challenges they would encounter there would only be greater." The disciple and daughter-in-law are right. Let's hurry up and get there." The old naughty boy nodded, took the map in Jun Xiaomo's hand and directed everyone forward. Elder chi was not satisfied that the map of the secret land had fallen into the hands of the old boy, who was about to snatch it back with a big huff. However, because of this, the atmosphere was also lively, making everyone's mood couldn't help but cheer up. Jun Xiaomo gently raised the corner of his lips, and the smile on his face was very gentle. The men around Yu Wanrou were almost all the proud sons of heaven. They were the young generation with power, status, and looks throughout The world of cultivation. Back then, they had gathered around Yu Wanrou for their own personal gain. Now that Yu Wanrou's physical condition had become problematic, it was likely that he would never be able to provide them with any more benefits. Naturally, these people became more active. They were no longer prepared to hang themselves on Yu Wanrou's tree. Without Yu Wanrou, their relationship with each other was not friendly at all, and even several of them were hostile forces. In her previous life, Yu Wanrou was the one who got the secret realm, and they were willing to be driven by Yu Wanrou, so they were all right. But now, their thoughts about yu wanrou changed, and naturally, the internal contradictions came out. Neither of them wanted to give up the secret realm to anyone else, and both wanted to obtain it. So, they secretly passed the news of the secret realm to the forces behind them, including the advanced sects, the secluded sects, and the two great powers that were not small in the mortal world. They wanted to use the power behind them to seize the possession of the secret realm. Yu Wanrou did not know the undercurrent between these people. She had been drinking spirit water for several days, but her physical condition had not changed at all. After that, a wave of despair surged into her heart. Without the spirit root, she could not cultivate, could not cultivate, she could not breathe into the body, could not breathe into the body, she could not even open the carry-on space on her body! Moreover, she did not know if it was her illusion, but she felt that the color of the carry-on space began to gradually darken and fade, as if it would disappear one day. Impossible! She was not willing! Yu Wanrou screamed in his heart, his expression getting more and more anxious and crazy day by day. How could she be willing to go back to normal again when she was used to the feeling of being a human being? There must be a way, there must be a way! Yu Wanrou clenched the silk handkerchief in his hand and clenched his teeth. Although the nine grade root continuation pill could help her rebuild her spirit root, she always felt that it was too difficult to obtain. Who knows where that damn nine grade root extension pill is going? Yu Wanrou gritted his teeth and thought for a while, thinking that the only way out was to become the master of the secret realm. Perhaps, when she becomes the master of the secret realm, her spirit root will come back. Yu Wanrou thought with a glimmer of hope in his heart, and his eyes became bright and uncertain. With Elder chi and the rest of them joining in, Jun Xiaomo and the rest of them had a much smoother journey. They arrived at the center of the mystical realm marked on the map, only to see a desolate area, as if there was nothing on it." What's going on? Is there a mistake with the map?" The old boy scratched his messy hair and muttered to himself in confusion. Jun Xiaomo shook his head and said," there's nothing wrong with the map. It's just that there's a large array here that covers the entrance to the center of the mystical realm." The old naughty boy touched his chin and said," the formation... Looks like you can only play the apprentice and daughter-in-law..." The others only knew a little about the formation, and it was obvious that of all the people here, only Jun Xiaomo was the most proficient in the formation. Jun Xiaomo certainly wouldn't refuse, but considering her physical condition, Ye Xiuwen and Rong Ruihan grabbed her arm from side to side before she walked in." Be careful." Ye Xiuwen and Rong Ruihan said in unison. Jun Xiaomo smiled at the two of them, nodded, and walked in without hesitation. Chi Jingtian squatted on the ground, propped up his chin, and puffed up his cheeks unhappily. He didn't squeeze in. He wanted to tell xiaomo to be careful too. Not long after Jun Xiaomo walked in, there was a wave of spiritual energy in the air, as if there was an invisible ripple of water swaying in the air, and Jun Xiaomo's figure disappeared in the open space in front of him." Xiao Mo!" Ye Xiuwen and Rong Ruihan were startled. They raised their legs and tried to rush over, but elder chi and the old boy grabbed them in time." Don't be rash, Xiao Mo is a girl who knows the formation well. Nothing will happen if you walk in. You will only die if you walk in!" The old naughty boy explained word by word, finally dispelling the idea of Ye Xiuwen and Rong Ruihan rushing in with Jun Xiaomo. It was just that they couldn't see Jun Xiaomo from the outside, and it was such a terrible feeling that they regretted letting Xiao Mo solve the formation alone. They had thought it would be easy to unravel the array. Who would have thought that Xiao Mo had disappeared completely? Moreover, what made them most uneasy was that even the notes were no longer effective. Outside, they had no way to connect with xiaomo. They waited outside the formation for three whole days. During these three days, Rong Ruihan, Ye Xiuwen and Chi Jingtian were almost sleepless, and they looked very haggard." Wait a minute, maybe Xiao Mo will come out today." Elder chi and the old naughty boy comforted them once in a hundred. In fact, they didn't know much. After all, it had been three days, and in these three days, anything could happen. However, if these three young men were allowed to rush into the formation, the consequences would be even more serious. None of them could master the operation of the formation skillfully, and they could only make meaningless sacrifices. Just as Rong Ruihan's patience was about to be revealed, a large group of people finally arrived. Yes, it was not Jun Xiaomo alone, but a large group of people, or their enemies. Yu Wanrou, who was standing among the group, was staring at Rong Ruihan, a group of people full of resentment, obviously eager to tear them into pieces." Ye Xiuwen, if you know the truth, return the map of the secret realm to us. Otherwise, don't blame us for being rude!" One of them shouted at Ye Xiuwen and the others with a ferocious expression on his face. Ye Xiuwen said unhurriedly," I'm sorry, I don't have the map of the mystic realm, and even if it's in my hands, I don't intend to return it to you."" You want to die!" Ye Xiuwen's words completely enraged the large group of people in front of them. They all sacrificed their spiritual weapons and attacked Ye Xiuwen and the others." It seems like a lot more than before." The old naughty boy touched his chin and said. There was no fear in his eyes. Instead, he seemed to have a faint feeling of excitement." I'm afraid they've summoned all the forces behind them to become the masters of this secret realm," Ye Xiuwen said coldly. Without the addition of the yo chi clan, they would have had a hard time dealing with this battle and might even have lost. However, with Elder chi and the others joining in, there was no possibility of fear. No matter what, they must try their best to clean up the environment before xiaomo comes out, so as not to have too many nightmares