Chapter 400 The Last Battle (2)

As more and more people joined in, the battle between Ye Xiuwen and the other forces became increasingly heated. Although the chi clan was very powerful, there were too many enemies who could not stand it. Not only did yu wanrou and her group, but even the eight families of The world of cultivation joined in the battle. The target was the map of the secret territory in Jun Xiaomo's hands. As a result, Ye Xiuwen and the others were getting more and more difficult to deal with. In the mystical realm, after three days and three nights of sleepless research, Jun Xiaomo finally figured out how to untie the array at the outermost edge of the mystical realm. She took out five sharp pagoda-shaped spiritual weapons from the storage ring and placed them on the five corners of the center of the mystic realm. Then, with a clap of both hands, she entered her power. Five beams of light shot straight out from above the spiritual weapon. In the air, they converged into a straight line and soared into the sky. With this beam of light, the fog around them began to slowly dissipate... After holding on for a moment, Jun Xiaomo felt that his body was a little overwhelmed, and the light began to fade away. There was no way. She still had a spirit embryo in her stomach. She needed a lot of strength, so how could she withstand this kind of consumption? No! Senior brother ye and the others are still out there. If we give up now, it will be a complete failure! Jun Xiaomo gritted his teeth and hardened his heart. He suddenly increased the output of his power, and a great pressure erupted from his body. The beam of light that shot straight into the air instantly became dazzling and glaring. Under the beam, the sky seemed to have been broken into a big hole. The hole grew bigger and bigger, and the fog became thinner and thinner. Finally, it completely disappeared. Jun Xiaomo's strength had also dried up. Her eyes darkened and she fell straight down... Ye Xiuwen and the others had already blushed. In their hearts, there was only one thought left at this moment, that was to protect Jun Xiaomo in the secret realm, so that she would not have to face siege as soon as she came out. Just then, someone shouted, "Look! The entrance to the center of the mystic realm has appeared!" It was as if a stop button had been pressed. Almost everyone stopped their attack and looked at the desolate flat ground behind ye Xiu Wen and the others. On that desolate plain, a towering palace was erected without knowing when. The gates of the palace were already wide open, as if welcoming guests from afar. "It is indeed the center of the mystical realm!" "As long as we get inside, we can get the control of the mystic realm. Let's rush!" No one paid any attention to Ye Xiuwen and the others. They went straight past the chi clan and rushed in, all wanting to become the true masters of the secret realm. "Oh no! Why didn't you see Xiao Mo?!" Ye Xiuwen didn't care about the secret or not. He just wanted to know where his wife and children were and why the palace appeared, but Jun Xiaomo disappeared. "Is miss jun inside?" The only possibility Elder chi could think of was this. "Then let's go in and find xiaomo." Chi Jingtian thought of doing so and immediately rushed towards the entrance of the palace. "Brat! What's the hurry? Come back here!" Elder chi wanted to catch Chi Jingtian, but Chi Jingtian ran faster than he thought, only grabbing a corner of his shirt. Almost everyone was rushing in. Almost everyone dreamed of becoming the first person to reach the center of the palace. The accident happened at this moment. The group of people who rushed in front suddenly screamed and their whole bodies were lit up with high flames. In the blink of an eye, they were completely reduced to ashes. Others who rushed behind the group stopped in time. They looked at the ashes on the ground with lingering fear and secretly rejoiced that they were not the ones who ran in front of them. However, in this way, they began to find it difficult again. If the door of this palace would burn as soon as it approached, how could they get in? As a result, more and more people gathered outside the door a few meters away, looking at the dark door, anxious, but did not know what to do. It was as if someone had put a big cake in front of them that looked tempting, but at the same time, the cake was poisonous and it was too much to even take a bite. "You, follow the invisible amulet." An elder from the Xuanji sect told his disciple. His disciple stammered, "No... No, I... I want to go over?" "Are you not listening to master?" The elder squinted at the disciple. There was no other way. It was hard to disobey his orders. The disciple of the Xuanji sect had to put on the invisible amulet and walked to the door with trepidation. At first, he didn't dare to go in, so he had to wander around the door. However, thinking of his master's punishment, he gritted his teeth and stepped in. No one could see the disciple who had pasted the amulet. Seeing that the door had not reacted for so long, they thought that the amulet would work and took out the amulet from their storage ring, intending to walk over. However, before all of them could take out their invisibility talismans, a shrill cry of pain came from the door, and a flame suddenly flew into the air. In the flame, there was a shadow struggling, and soon, it turned into ashes. So, these people who just took out the invisibility talisman put it back. Ye Xiuwen and the others also saw this scene. Ye Xiuwen ignored these people and went straight to the front, then took out the cold soul in the storage ring and put it under his mouth. Jun Xiaomo told him that if he met a door that would catch fire if he stepped in, he would be able to pass through it with a cold soul. Of course, these experiences were also learned from other people in Jun Xiaomo's previous life, and were now put to use. Ye Xiuwen walked straight to the door, but the old boy grabbed his arm and said, "Are you looking for death?!" The old naughty boy asked, glaring at his disciple. Ye Xiuwen shook his head and said faintly, "I believe in Xiao Mo." After that, he continued walking towards the gate. "Oh, really. You believe everything she says since jun girl has never been here before? What a bewilderment!" Said the old boy angrily. Chi Jingtian walked up to him, patted the old boy on the shoulder and said, "Don't worry, Xiao Mo said that this can be passed, then it can definitely be done." With that said, he walked towards the dark door of the palace with a cold soul, followed by Rong Ruihan. Just when the crowd thought that the three daring people were about to be devoured by the flames, a miracle occurred. They actually passed through the palace door and disappeared into the darkness behind the palace. "So it really works. Let's try it!" Ye Xiuwen and the three of them quickly spread the word, and the others followed suit with an icy figure in their mouths, then rushed into the palace gate. Of course, not everyone in the storage ring has a cold soul, and those who are not prepared to cold soul, they can only stay outside the door, looking at the "Door" sighed. Unless they could find a second way in, their ownership of the mystical realm would have to be stepped in. Under Yu Wanrou's tearful pleading, one of the men beside her still gave her a cold soul. "It's only going to get more and more dangerous inside, Wanrou. Are you sure you want to go in?" The man asked uncertainly. "I'm sure!" Yu Wanrou said firmly. This was her only hope. As long as she got this secret realm, she would be able to return to the status of the stars and the moon. No matter what, she had to fight for it. At this thought, she looked at the men who had thrown her behind her with resentment. Ever since she couldn't get the spirit water out of her carry-on space, the men's attitude towards her had become increasingly cold. When she gets the ownership of the secret realm, she must make these men kneel and beg her forgiveness! Indeed, as the man next to yu wanrou said, there were more and more mechanisms and formations in the center of the mystical realm, and the power was getting stronger and stronger. However, I don't know if Yu Wanrou had a "Transit aura" on him, but she was lucky to get through it again and again, while the men around her died, injured, and in the end, there were less than ten people left. Sometimes, luck was a mysterious thing. When these men discovered Yu Wanrou's "Luck," they inevitably gathered around her and led her to the depths of the mystical realm. Yu Wanrou's confidence was also rising. She thought to herself that the balance of fate was indeed on her side. Finally, after three whole days of breaking through the barrier, Yu Wanrou and his group came to the center of the palace, where they were said to be able to seize the ownership of the secret realm. In the center of the palace, there was a throne, and in front of the throne, there was a scepter, shining. Yu Wanrou's eyes lit up, and they soon discovered that not far from the throne, a group of people had arrived earlier than them! Jun, xiao, mo! It's her?! Yu Wanrou's eyes widened in anger. Then, she quickly noticed something strange - Jun Xiaomo was lying on the ground, his stomach was raised high, his whole body seemed to be soaked in water, the hair on his forehead was wet with sweat, stuck to his forehead. "Oh..." Jun Xiaomo groaned in agony, tears falling down her face. It was... Too painful! Ye Xiuwen and the others were all around Jun Xiaomo, one holding Jun Xiaomo's hand and the other half holding Jun Xiaomo, making her feel more comfortable. They didn't expect that when they entered the center of the mystic realm, they saw Jun Xiaomo lying on the ground with his belly full. It wasn't obvious before, so why didn't they see each other in just three days? It was as if Xiao Mo was going to give birth. Jun Xiaomo was very clear about the cause and effect of the matter, but she was too painful to speak, so she could only bite her lower lip, hoping to ease the pain. Ye Xiuwen sensed the approach of outsiders, but he was not in the mood to pay attention to others. Now he only hoped to take xiaomo to a safer place. However, there were traps and traps everywhere. It was not easy to go out. Yu Wanrou snorted in his heart, thinking that Jun Xiaomo was indeed a cannon fodder, even if he came to the center of the secret realm, he could not get the ownership of the secret realm. The men around Yu Wanrou ignored Ye Xiuwen and the others. The moment they saw the throne and the scepter, their eyes were glued to it. Almost at the same time, they rushed towards the scepter and throne! However, the next moment, they suddenly felt a pain in their hearts, and fell heavily on the ground, and spat out a mouthful of blood. Yu Wanrou chuckled and said, "How's it going? Isn't the spirit water with the seasoning good?" "You?!" They looked at Yu Wanrou in disbelief, completely unaware that the other party still had the last hand! "Originally, if you were willing to satisfy me properly, I would not care about you. Unfortunately, you are all too eager for quick results, so I have to use my last card." Yu Wanrou said slowly. The spirit water she gave these men was all "Flavored." It was fine that the contents did not meet the powder ground from the stem of kudzu vine. If they did, it would only take a little bit, and it would turn into a highly toxic drug. It would only take a few incense sticks to burn out in a short time. Yu Wanrou knew that these men used a lot of the spirit water she had given them when they passed through the mechanisms and formations outside. For her, the more these men were used, the greater her chances of winning. Look, aren't they all lying on the ground now? Yu Wanrou laughed wryly, his eyes and eyebrows grimacing. Step by step, she walked towards the scepter under the throne. In the middle of the scepter, there was a semi-circular groove. As long as she drops her blood on this groove, she can become the master of the secret realm. Yu Wanrou curled her lips and smiled. Her eyes seemed to see the secret of the palm of her hand, the day when everyone was going to bow to her. A