Chapter 401 Final Battle (b) [ Grand Finale ]

Yu Wanrou cut his palm without hesitation, aimed the wound at the groove of the scepter, and shook it hard. Her expression was excited and ferocious, completely different from her previous gentle, watery, pitiful look. Seeing Yu Wanrou like this, the men lying on the ground couldn't help but feel a surge of depression in their chests. They didn't know why they had been blind before, but they had fallen for such a woman. At the same time, there was also a faint unwillingness in his heart, unwillingness to the control of this secret realm was actually taken by Yu Wanrou effortlessly. Yu Wanrou could feel his blood slowly seeping into the groove, which flowed into the center of the scepter, and the scepter gave off a faint red light. Is it about to succeed? Is she about to become the master of the secret realm? Yu Wanrou's heart beat violently. At this moment, the scepter suddenly emitted a blinding light, which was dazzling and bright, and instantly lit up the entire dim palace hall. "Ah, -" Yu Wanrou screamed in pain, her blood suddenly rushing madly towards the scepter, and her body burst out with wounds one after another, soon becoming a bloody, bloody person. Is this the inevitable process of the scepter recognition ceremony? Why is it so terrifying?! The men on the ground thought in disbelief, their eyes widened involuntarily, wanting to see the final result. The torture lasted for almost two incense sticks before it ended. After the light disappeared, Yu Wanrou suddenly fell to the ground. His face suddenly aged several decades and looked like an old man. The men lying on the ground were horrified and thought, it seems that the ceremony of acknowledging the lord is not that simple. Fortunately, they did not act rashly before. Otherwise, the people lying on the ground would be themselves. Yu Wanrou felt much more than anyone else. In that short and short time of two incense sticks, she felt that some kind of power in her body had been continuously sucked into the scepter. When that power flowed through her body, her body could not bear such a great power, and only then did it become flesh and blood. Yu Wanrou vaguely thought of what that power was, and hurriedly tore open his lapel and looked at the fox mark on his right chest. It was worse than she had imagined. The fox mark had completely disappeared! Yu Wanrou spat out a mouthful of blood, regretting and hating it, even hoping that it was just a long nightmare. At the same time, the child in Jun Xiaomo's stomach seemed to have reached its limit, and could not help but come out of his mother's stomach. Jun Xiaomo felt a sharp pain from his stomach to his head, and could not help but clench his fists and groan." Xiao Mo!" Ye Xiuwen gripped her hand tightly to prevent her from hurting herself in the excruciating pain." I... I think I'm going to... Have a baby..." Jun Xiaomo said painfully and intermittently." We know, xiao mo, don't worry. We are all by your side," Chi Jingtian quickly consoled. Jun Xiaomo tugged at the corners of his mouth, trying to pull out a smile. In the end, this" smile" looked stiff in every way, not much better than a bitter smile." Don't think too much. Adjust your breathing and concentrate." When Rong Ruihan was a child, she had heard the mammy in the palace say something similar. Although she had not seen how others delivered the baby, she had a general impression. Jun Xiaomo adjusted her breathing as Rong Ruihan told her to. As she tried, bean-sized beads of sweat slid down her cheeks and dripped onto the hard floor. The men who had focused their attention on Jun Xiaomo did not notice that a blood-red light flashed from the scepter in front of the throne. The light was getting stronger and stronger, and in the end, it completely enveloped them. Unlike the previous attacks on Yu Wanrou, this time the light was warm and gentle, easing Jun Xiaomo's pain. Two hours later, with the sound of a baby crying, Jun Xiaomo felt her body slip, a sense of relief in her heart." Child... I want to see the child..." Jun Xiaomo stretched out his hand and said. At this moment, the scepter in the hall suddenly turned into a beam of light and went straight into the body of Jun Xiaomo's newborn child! Ye Xiuwen, Rong Ruihan, and Chi Jingtian were all shocked and rushed to check on the child's condition, afraid that he would have an accident. As a result, there seemed to be no problem at all, except that the child's cries were louder and more energetic. Ye Xiuwen and the others breathed a sigh of relief, but at the same time, they felt confused." It seems that this mystical realm is dominated by our children." Jun Xiaomo smiled. Although she was tired and tired, she still took the child from ye Xiu Wen's arms, rubbed her cheek gently and said," so, you were the one who put the spirit into the scepter just now." Perhaps it was the feeling between mother and son. After reaching Jun Xiaomo's arms, the child stopped crying. Instead, he smacked his mouth and looked at his mother with big black glazed eyes. But he was smart." This child... Why does it seem as if he was born with a mind? It's amazing." The old naughty boy stood aside, tutting and marveling. Jun xiaomo chuckled and said," isn't that right? Just now when I was almost bounced out by the power of the scepter, he saved me. He was so clever in his stomach, how could he not be clever when he came out?"" Huh? What's going on? Tell me, tell me." The old naughty boy asked eagerly. They found Jun Xiaomo in the main hall. At that time, Jun Xiaomo was lying on the ground with a pained face. They had no idea what had happened before. It turned out that Jun Xiaomo was the first to come to this hall. Like Yu Wanrou, she had thought that the groove would be able to recognize the lord only by absorbing blood. She did not expect it to be much more than that. After she had absorbed the blood into the groove, the scepter began to absorb the power in her body crazily. She was just about to become Yu Wanrou. Unexpectedly, when she thought she was going to support herself, the power from the scepter began to flow into her body slowly, faster and faster. It was as if there was something unknown in her body that was madly absorbing the power of the scepter, causing the power to flow back. In this tug-of-war, the" unknown thing" in her body finally gained the upper hand, not only completely taking back the power that the scepter had absorbed, but also completely sucking up the power of the scepter. After the scepter lost its luster, Jun Xiaomo also lost his strength and fell to the ground. Now it seemed that the scepter would only obey the master who could override it, and it was obvious that after the doll in Jun Xiaomo's arms absorbed the power of the scepter, the scepter had determined that he was his master. In other words, once the child was born, he became the master of the secret realm. Not only that, the scepter also absorbed the power of the arc mark on Yu Wanrou's body completely, and finally provided all of it to its master as" nourishment," nourishing its master's growth. After listening to jun xiaomo's explanation, the hall was silent for a long time and the needles could be heard." This child... Is really a child blessed by fate..." After a long time, Elder chi could not help but sigh. Yu wan's soft eyes cracked, and in a fit of anger, she spat out another mouthful of blood and fainted completely. As for her men? He was poisoned and lying on the ground. Even if he was jealous of the child in Jun Xiaomo's and Jun Xiaomo's arms, he couldn't do anything. Ye Xiuwen, Rong Ruihan and Chi Jingtian smiled and went forward together to hug Jun Xiaomo and the child in her arms. No matter what, Xiao Mo and the child are fine. They had come here to find qinglian dan, but in the end, although the Green lotus pill had not found it yet, they still achieved their goal. The baby in Jun Xiaomo's arms vomited bubbles and opened its big round eyes. It glanced at Ye Xiuwen, looked at Rong Ruihan, and then at Jing Tian. Which one is his father? It's really strange... He thought about it, but there was no result. Finally, he yawned and fell asleep in his mother's warm arms. A few years later, at the place where Jun Xiaomo and the others lived in seclusion." Ye Jiayi, come out! How many times have you said you can't take your brothers to dangerous places? You just don't listen. Come out!" Jun xiaomo crossed his waist and glared angrily at a place with a whip in his hand. His face was almost marked with" I, good, no, high, happy." Ye Jiayi, Jun Xiaomo's first child, stuck out her tongue and secretly put a talisman on her body, then" snickered" under her mother's eyes... And slipped away. He had improved the invisibility rune, so mother shouldn't be able to crack it so fast. However, before he could walk a few steps, he felt a flash of light under his feet, and a complicated array appeared under his feet, and his body was trapped, unable to move. He widened his eyes and glared angrily at a certain place behind the tree--as expected, a bright yellow figure sauntered out of the room. Although he was still young, he already had the air of an aristocrat. He was Jun Xiaomo's second son, rong junnian, born with rong ruihan. Rong Ruihan later became the head of the Lieyan kingdom. Naturally, he became the only prince and the crown prince of the Lieyan kingdom. He had been learning the art of the emperor from his father since he was young. When he was a child, he was bullied by Ye Jiayi, a mischievous brother, who pinched his face and knocked on his head. However, after he was three years old, Ye Jiayi could not bully him anymore. Instead, he always planned to go back. He still had to break his teeth and swallow them in his stomach. Who is more reasonable to call rong junnian? Just like this time." Mom, I've already helped you find your big brother." Rong junnian opened his mouth slowly, and the corners of his mouth slowly curved. This arc, in Ye Jiayi's eyes, is really how to look at how hateful! Ye Jiayi was very angry. He had been the king of children since he was a child. Only when he met this second brother did he suffer a great loss all day long. He was born to take advantage of him! Rong junnian walked over to Ye Jiayi and patted him on the shoulder calmly." Try harder next time, big brother." Ye Jiayi: ..." Looking at Jun Xiaomo angrily walking towards him, Ye Jiayi silently looked up at the sky and thought with tears in his eyes, this time looking for his third father, will he be able to save his ass from being opened by his mother? On the other side, ye zimo, the second child between Jun Xiaomo and Ye Xiuwen, gently applied the ointment to chi yuze, his youngest brother. Chi yuze, who already had a bun-faced face, was stung by a wild bee and his face swelled up high. Coupled with his teary eyes, he looked pitiful and cute. Ye zimo was Jun Xiaomo's third child, most like Ye Xiuwen, quiet and gentle. This time, if he hadn't noticed something was wrong and secretly followed him, it would have been possible for his silly brother to be sold by his eldest brother. There was no other way. Since birth, Ye Jiayi's character had nothing to do with" obedience." Fortunately, there was a second brother, rong junnian, who had a darker temper than him, who gave him some blows from time to time. I'm afraid he would have gone to the house to expose the tiles long ago. Chi yuze was Jun Xiaomo's youngest child, because it took Jun Xiaomo many years to fully accept Chi Jingtian. Ye Xiu Wen and Rong Ruihan had expected it and did not react much to it. Instead, they accepted it calmly. Now, they are a big family. However, Jun Xiaomo's only regret was that he never had a daughter, and ye Xiu Wen's response to this was, good to have a daughter, let's work harder, we will definitely have a daughter! Jun Xiaomo: ..." She had a faint, bad feeling. So, Jun Xiaomo's night life... It's really" too" rich. I won't mention it here. Ever since the battle in the mystic realm, Jun Xiaomo and the others have become completely famous in The world of cultivation. Because Ye Jiayi, the child in Jun Xiaomo's arms, obtained the ownership of the mystic realm, countless forces tried to snatch her child, but Elder chi beat them back one by one. Jun Xiaomo also set up a heavy array in the place where they settled down. Even flies could not fly in, let alone people. Over time, no one would ever think of her child. Jun Linxuan and Liu Qingmei formed a new sect. With the joint efforts of all the people, this new sect gradually grew up and gained a foothold in The world of cultivation. Even in the recent sect ranking competition, it won the top position of the senior sect. Yu Wanrou died not long after he left the mystic realm and died on a mortal street because he was too badly injured and could not be treated in time. The poison that Yu Wanrou had given to the men around her before she died was also very sinister. Only the spirit spring in her carry-on space could be completely detoxified. However, where could the spirit spring go if Yu Wanrou was dead? Not long after, the last few men around Yu Wanrou died, including Du Yongxu. As the proud son of heaven, he never thought that he would end up like this. When Jun Xiaomo learned these things from Ye Xiuwen, she smiled with relief and gently stroked the hair of her second son, rong junnian. Rong junnian's birth made her walk out of the shadow of her previous life. In this life, her life trajectory has been completely different, and it will be better and better in the future. By the way, there was also her mysterious master, Tong Ruizhen, who had never been able to find him before. Jun Xiaomo was really afraid that something might happen to him. Unexpectedly, Tong Ruizhen had only gone to look for his old friends. He had been running for years without even a text message. Jun Xiaomo had a new understanding of this master's free will. No matter what, this kind of life is what she has been pursuing since she was reborn, right? It doesn't need to be a big deal. It just needs to be with the people you love and those who love you. The wind was blowing gently and the willow catkins were dancing gently. The years were quiet