Chapter 569 Heaven And Earth Are Rare

This skill is amazing! "Seeing the colorful yimu deer disappear into thin air, Zhang Che could not help but widen his eyes, even though he already knew that it had such a skill. Boy, it's not like Zhang Che has never seen another beast escape, but there are still traces. The colorful deer in front of him was so good that he relied directly on the surrounding plants and disappeared without a sound. Fortunately, he was prepared to let the Purple jade carving observe the lower part of the sky. Otherwise, he would have been run away by this strange beast today. Soon, news came from the Purple jade carving. Zhang Che patted the Xuan sha ming long under his seat, pointed to the northeast and shouted," quick, don't let that guy escape!" At the same time, Zhang Che did not forget to wave out the earth rock monster and the demonic giant pig. Although these two goods were limited in combat ability, but the spirit medicine used to protect themselves was still no problem. Zhang Che did not believe that in a short time, any powerful beasts could find here to take away their own harvest. The next moment, the Xuan sha ming long sped off in the direction of Zhang Che's fingers. That colorful deer, today is not going to escape the pursuit of Zhang Che! Unless it could be faster than the dark dragon. As a non-flying type of beast, although the colorful deer can temporarily fly, but speaking of speed, it is definitely not on the Xuan sha ming long." Zhang Che, where are you going?!" A few hundred meters up the mountain, Huang Tielan suddenly saw Zhang Che riding away on the Xuan sha ming long. He didn't know what was going on. He couldn't help but cry out in a hurry. At the same time, he was driving the shadow unicorn to catch up with him." Tie Lan, I'm going after that beast. Go over there and dig up the medicine. I'll be back soon!" Zhang Che answered loudly, and without looking back, he chased after the colorful elaphus japanesus. What? The beast just escaped. Why didn't I see anything? Huang Tielan was confused, but he also knew that with his own vision, he might not know a lot of things. Since Zhang Che said so, then the beast must have escaped. At the moment, it was still the spirit medicine that mattered. Zhang Che was powerful, so there shouldn't be any problems. With that thought in mind, she was relieved and steered the shadow unicorn towards the place where the elixir had been. Tens of thousands of meters away, the colorful elk emerged from a jungle in a mess, then chose a direction to escape quickly without thinking. The enemy just now was too strong. He knew that he would not have a chance to win. Although he had escaped ten thousand meters at once, god knew if the enemy would catch up. Therefore, it immediately released its feet and chose the place where the trees were lush to drill in and quickly fled away. To say that the ordinary beasts, if they choose to escape from this place, it is simply looking for death. The dense forest will definitely slow down the speed of escape. However, the colorful sika deer was different. It was a kind of animal with wood property. It was born to be able to control plants and run away from these dense plants. Not only did it not slow down, but it was a little faster than in the open space. Moreover, these plants can also cover up the tracks of its departure to the greatest extent, allowing the enemy to find nowhere. However, it would never have occurred to him that a pair of sharp eyes were staring at his whereabouts in the sky at this moment. Even if he walked through the trees, there was hardly any movement, but he was still being stared at by the Purple jade carving. In this way, under the constant guidance of the Purple jade carving, Zhang Che rode the Xuan sha ming long, quickly closing the distance between the colorful elaphus, and is still rapidly shortening. It was only a minute later that the colorful deer sensed the strong enemy's breath coming from behind it. It was so frightened that it was in a panic. For a moment, its control over the plants around it was weakened, making a huge noise and shaking the branches. Zhang Che also happened to see the swaying branches along the way, and couldn't help but laugh and say:" hahaha, good guy, actually escaped to this side, this time I see where you are running!" Zhang Che was really glad that this time, he had a good idea to let the Purple jade carving monitor in the air in advance, or else he might really have to let this epic beast escape. Although this guy's strength was the same thing, but at least he was an epic beast, but he could not be found, and Zhang Che certainly did not want to let it go. The rest of the process was not good enough. Although the colorful sika deer tried its best to escape, it could not do anything about it. After struggling for a while, it was finally cut by Zhang Che's red and white sword light on its neck, separated from its head, and turned into a colorful light in an instant. Of course, Zhang Che originally intended to take him in as a pet, but although this colorful japanese deer looked harmless to humans and animals, it was unusually stubborn and refused to let Zhang Che bully and lure him. In the end, Zhang Che had no choice but to kill it and reap a colorful epic quality Alien card." Ha ha ha ha, not bad, not bad, this time the harvest is beyond imagination, let's go back!" Although Zhang Che said that he did not like the colorful ebony deer, she was still very happy in her heart. She laughed excitedly for a while, then took back the Purple jade carving, and flew back in the direction of the Purple jade carving. He also wanted to see what kind of spirit medicine it was, and let an epic beast guard it. Needless to say, that is definitely not an ordinary thing, and the spirit medicine that can help the epic quality of the beast, is it ordinary? A moment later, Zhang Che returned to the mountain." Zhang Xiaoche, you're back. Come and see, this spiritual herb is about to ripen!" Sensing that Zhang Che had returned, Huang Tielan in the woods immediately shouted excitedly. Why, did miss Tie Nan not dig out the elixir? Zhang Che was a little strange, but from what she said, the spirit medicine was about to ripen, so it made sense. Anyway, the two of them planned to stay in The world of beasts for a long time this time, and they didn't care about delaying a few days here. However, if the spirit medicine was too long away from maturity, then Zhang Che would not hesitate to dig it away. Anyway, after bringing it back, there were a lot of spirit crystals buried under Medicinal field, not afraid that the spirit medicine would wither." I would like to see what kind of spirit medicine this is that would allow an epic beast to stay here." Zhang Che laughed and ordered the dark dragon to rush down, then jumped down and went to where Huang Tielan was. At this time, Zhang Che finally saw the true face of this spiritual herb. It was a gigantic plant, with branches and leaves that were more than half a meter in diameter, and a huge flower blooming on top of it. The petals on top of the flower were densely packed, and the colors on top of it were actually gradually colorful, circling each other in a circle. It seemed to be filled with a mysterious sense of beauty." How beautiful!" Seeing the appearance of this spirit flower, Zhang Che couldn't help but sigh." Yes, I can't believe there are such beautiful flowers in the world!" On the side, Huang Tielan was also amazed. She looked at the spirit flower and her eyes were full of little stars. Girls'resistance to beautiful things has never been high. This spirit flower, especially the best among them, made Huang Tielan reluctant to dig it up. However, this thing had already bloomed to the extreme, and after a few days of maturity, it was afraid that it would quickly wither and then bear a huge spiritual fruit. Zhang Che looked at the spirit flower carefully, but his heart was shocked. He was so close to this spirit flower at this moment, but he did not feel the slightest fluctuation of his spirit power. He did not know how the colorful japanese deer could find this spirit medicine and then come here. However, on second thought, the colorful yimu deer was a spiritual beast of wood nature, and it was probably born with a sensitive sense of the smell of these plants, not something I could guess. Didn't Skin monkey sense the existence of this spiritual herb thousands of meters away? It can only be said that different species have different abilities. Just because I can't sense spiritual power doesn't mean that some sensitive beasts can't sense this medicine." Oh, what a pity!" All of a sudden, the sound of Huang Tielan's sighing hand came from the side, and there was a feeling of sadness. Zhang Che thought something important had slipped her mind and asked anxiously," what's wrong? What's wrong?"" Poof!" Who knew, looking at Zhang Che's worried face, Huang Tielan couldn't help but burst out laughing and said happily," it's okay. I'm sorry that the items on the The world of beasts plane can't be used. Otherwise, I must take a picture of this flower. In the future, even if it withers and withers, I can always enjoy such beautiful flowers." Zhang Che finally relaxed and sighed. Sure enough, men still don't understand the way women think. At the very least, he wouldn't find it a pity. Could it be that I lack romantic cells? Zhang Che shook his head violently. What kind of world was this? What romance was it? Saving his and his family's lives in the chaos that followed." By the way, Zhang Xiaoche, what are we going to do in the next few days? Are we going to stay here all the time? It would be a pity if another beast found this spirit flower." Huang Tielan suddenly asked, his voice filled with worry. Obviously, this spirit flower didn't know how many days it would take to ripen, and now they still needed to continue hunting the beasts so that she could be promoted to the sixth rank of the royal beastmaster as soon as possible. It was impossible to stay here every day and do nothing. Zhang Che laughed and said," what's there to worry about? I'll just let two epic beasts guard here. Within a few hundred miles, there won't be any other epic beasts. If any other beasts dare to break in, That's just enough to get us more Alien card." Zhang Che was not worried about this at all. With the earth rock demon and the monster pig guarding the place, there was really no need to worry about what would happen to this spirit flower." That's true. Let's go hunt the beasts and try to get back a day earlier." It had been more than 20 days since he arrived in The world of beasts. To be honest, Huang Tielan was tired of staying and wanted to go back as soon as possible. However, without her promotion to level six, her goal this time was not complete, and she still needed to continue working hard." Well, then we have to work harder next." Zhang Che nodded, rode on the Xuan sha ming long, and quickly left the mountain with Huang Tielan, flying far away. After all, because of the colorful deers, the number of exotic animals in this area was very small, which was not conducive to their hunting." By the way, Zhang Xiaoche, where's that beast you just hunted? Let me see what it is." Flying over the mountains, Huang Tielan suddenly remembered this and quickly asked Zhang Che beside him. Zhang Che nodded and hurriedly took out a colorful Alien card from the storage space. After activation, it was imprinted with a spiritual imprint. Then a colorful light shot out from the center of his eyebrow and landed on the back half of the body of the Xuan sha ming long. The light quickly dissipated, and the majestic and beautiful Julu appeared before Huang Tielan's eyes." Wow, what a beautiful deer. This guy really doesn't look like an epic beast of quality and strength. He looks like an ordinary herbivore." As soon as the colorful yimu deer appeared, it immediately captured Huang Tielan's eyes. She stared at the beautiful and unusual imperial beast and couldn't bear to move her eyes away. Huang Tielan had never seen such a beautiful beast before. This guy was born with the spirit of heaven and earth. He could make other beasts die of envy. However, although he said that he didn't believe this guy had such a strong strength, Huang Tielan could still feel that this royal beast was much stronger than his own shadow unicorn, and it was indeed an epic beast. For the next few days, Zhang Che and Huang Tielan continued to hunt the beasts around them, and at the same time, after a day's work, they went to the forest to see the colorful spirit flower. This spirit flower is indeed about to ripen. Every day, the color on the flower becomes brighter and more brilliant. This is the expression that has already bloomed to the extreme, proving that it will soon bear spirit fruit. Fortunately, once the result of this spiritual medicine, it would quickly mature, otherwise Zhang Che and the others would not be able to wait. Even ordinary fruits take at least a month from fruiting to ripening, let alone spiritual fruits. It really doesn't know how long it will take. Finally, in the afternoon of three days, Zhang Che suddenly received a voice from the earth rock demon. Although this guy could not express his meaning clearly, Zhang Che still knew that the spirit flower was about to mature and bear a spirit fruit." The colorful spirit flower is about to mature, let's go back quickly!" Zhang Che called out to Huang Tielan, who was riding on the shadow unicorn and holding a jasper cold light sword. The two of them immediately put down what they were doing and rushed towards the top of the mountain. When they got back to the top of the mountain, Zhang Che and Huang Tielan saw a group of brilliant colorful lights suddenly blooming on the top of the mountain, and then a strong fragrance immediately spread around." Oh, it's too late. It looks like the fruit is ripe!" Huang Tielan said in frustration and urged the shadow unicorn under her seat to speed up again, waiting for her and Zhang Che to reach the mountains. Looking ahead, the spirit flower had indeed disappeared without a trace. On a straight branch, only a colorful fruit the size of a baby's head was left. At this moment, on top of the colorful fruit, there was a colorful light blooming outwards, and the faint fragrance kept spreading, spreading rapidly around. Zhang Che's face changed slightly and rushed forward." Quick, let's pick the fruit. It's too loud. If it attracts the powerful beasts around us, we'll be in trouble." This was indeed a treasure of heaven and earth, but when it was ripe, it made such a huge movement, which really shocked Zhang Che and his wife. Needless to say, such a big movement, I'm afraid that within a radius of tens of miles, the more perceptive beasts have already detected it, and may be rushing over here at this moment. Although Zhang Che was sure that there would not be any epic beasts within a hundred miles, who could make it clear. What if there were a couple of epic beasts hidden somewhere nearby, along with the weaker ones, and they came crashing in. Even if he had a strong ego, he might not be able to take care of Huang Tielan's safety. While speaking, Zhang Che had rushed to the huge spiritual fruit, reached out without hesitation to pick it, and then quickly put it into the storage space. He ran to leave immediately, but looked down at the plants that did not show signs of withering. Zhang Che quickly took out a medicine hoe, quickly dug out the spirit medicine root by root, and threw it into the storage space of a Spirit jade. At that moment, he thought to himself: if this spiritual herb could be taken back and planted alive, wouldn't there be a chance to harvest such spiritual fruit in the future? If that's the case, then this trip is really developed