Chapter 571 She Was Shocked Again

Let's go. This mission has been overfulfilled. We can go back! "Looking at the surrounding mountains and rivers again, to tell the truth, Zhang Che still felt a little reluctant. This time in The world of beasts, is it like a fairy? The love of fish and water with Huang Tielan was something that could not be missed every day. After returning to Mercury, it would be more difficult to live like this. However, it had been almost a month since he came to The world of beasts this time. Zhang Che knew that if he didn't go back, his family would be worried." Well, let's go back now. If it goes well, we can go back to the safe zone tonight!" Huang Tielan was so excited that he could finally go home. After all, she was a girl. After so many days of killing, although it was to improve her strength, she was still a little tired of it. She was looking forward to going back to rest for a while. However, like Zhang Che, this period of free time here still made Huang Tielan feel a little reluctant. She was reluctant to part with Zhang Che for a day, but when she returned to Mercury, they would not be able to live together like this. Not to mention that the two of them are not officially married, even if they are married, they have their own careers to be busy with, how can they be together every day? What's more, things are tough now. Both of them have to work hard to improve their own strength in order to plan for the future. They can't stay together every day like ordinary people. Perhaps it was because she really didn't want to spend her days here. On the way back, Huang Tielan didn't ride on his shadow unicorn, but sat on the back of the Xuan sha ming long and asked Zhang Che to hold her from behind. The two of them spoke softly as they went on their way. The Xuan sha ming long was slowed down by Zhang Che. They had planned to return to the safe zone that night, but when it got dark, they were still hundreds of miles away from the safe zone. Needless to say, one night, he would continue to camp in the cave. While camping, Queen of the elements was very foresight not to enter the cave, but to stay alone outside the cave, forcing his brain not to have some strange ideas, and to work hard into the world of chess score. Sure enough, Queen of the elements's foresight was very wise. That night, Zhang Che and Huang Tielan had hardly slept, and they were all in their sleeping bags, fighting each other to death. In the end, both of them were so tired that they could not move at all, and they finally stopped." It's already the 28th. Why hasn't Xiaoche and the others come back yet?" Huang Juyun looks worried in Northern capital. Although he believed that with Zhang Che's strength, there would be no problems, but it was almost a month ago, and the two of them had not returned, which made him extremely worried. Unfortunately, The world of beasts was vast, or else he would have drawn his men and personally went to look for it." Well, young people are really troublesome. How can they stay in the alien world for so long? Even if they want to improve Lan Lan's strength, they are not in a hurry. This is really worrying." Huang Juyun paced back and forth in the office and contacted the two through a personal terminal, but still as usual, there was no way to get through. In the end, he could only sigh and pray in his heart that nothing bad would happen to the two of them. That was the best." Knock knock knock..." Just then, there was a knock on the door outside the office." Come in." Huang Juyun calmed down and called out. The door was pushed open and a servant respectfully walked in and reported," chief, we have almost wiped out all the cult organizations in the Northern capital city circle, but from the results of the interrogation by the captured cult members, these are all the branches of the cult. They don't know anything about the next level of information. What do you think we should do next?" Huang Juyun pondered for a while and said fiercely," continue to increase the intensity of the attack. I don't believe that these hamsters have not left any traces. We must pay attention to the cooperation with the government. Their intelligence network is still very powerful. I hope we can find some useful clues. That's it. Let's go down and give the order!"" Yes, chief!" The attendant stood at attention, stepped back and closed the door. Huang Juyun sighed and said to himself," alas, the situation is really difficult. As Xiaoche said, these cults may have the control of those who infiltrate them. Otherwise, how could they be so watertight? A month has passed. It's going to be a lot more difficult than just getting rid of their branch." Shaking his head and sighing again, Huang Juyun opened his personal terminal and reported the information he had just sent back to the top of the military. During this period of time, Huang Juyun was temporarily appointed commander-in-chief of the forces of the cult because he had experience in fighting against the cults. Instead of going to Xinqiong city to succeed him, he stayed in Northern capital to preside over the related affairs. In The world of beasts, south of Northern capital, a faint blue figure flew in a few miles away from the safe zone. Zhang Che and Huang Tielan finally returned to the safe zone and were soon able to return to the human world. Looking at this exotic scenery, the two of them were even more reluctant to part with each other." Zhang Xiaoche."" Hmm?"" When we have time later, can we still come here for a while?"" Well, it's up to you. Whenever you want to come, I'll come back with you."" Zhang Xiaoche."" Yes."" Thank you for your company. It's great to have you!" Huang Tielan's face was filled with a happy smile. Zhang Che's hands around her waist could not help but increase their strength and whispered," thank you, too. It's good to have you around." The two of them rode on Xuan sha ming long and flew directly into the safety zone. Then they landed, crossed the Space door hand in hand and officially left the place where they had been staying for nearly a month. As soon as they stepped out of the Space door, the two of them took out their personal terminals from the storage space and heard a loud vibration." Gosh, we've been here for so long this time. Dad and the others must be worried sick!" Huang Tielan let out a cry and opened the personal terminal. As expected, it was a contact request from Huang Juyun many times." I won't be scolded this time, haha!" Zhang Che laughed. Huang Juyun also had a lot of contact requests on his personal terminal. It seemed that the two of them had not returned for so long this time, and the father-in-law was really in a hurry." It's all because you don't want to go back. If dad scolds us, I'll say it's because of you." Huang Tielan quickly removed all responsibility and immediately sent a call request to Huang Juyun. Soon, the other end was connected, and huang juyun heaved a sigh of relief." Oh my dear daughter, why did you go so long to come back? Dad was so worried. Come back quickly. I'll wait for you at home!"" Uh, okay, dad, we'll be back soon." After ending the call with Huang Juyun, huang tielan stuck out her tongue at Zhang Che and said," let's go. Hurry up and drive. We'll go home right away. Oh, I really miss them." Zhang Che smiled but did not say a word. He immediately walked to the barracks on the side, drove out the ferocious chariot that had been left here before, picked up Huang Tielan, and sped off in the direction of Northern capital. In just an hour, the two returned to the gate of The old house of the huang family and saw huang juyun waiting outside. It was like an ordinary old man looking forward to his children coming home, not even a military commander had the momentum." Oh, I said you two are too headstrong. How can you go for such a long time? This january is almost over. You two are too headstrong!" When Zhang Che and Huang Tielan got out of the car, Huang Juyun walked up excitedly, but his mouth was chattering incessantly, which showed the worry in his heart." I'm sorry, dad (uncle Huang). We won't do it again." The two young men also knew that this was not the time to explain and could only apologize incessantly." All right, all right, who are you pretending to be so aggrieved about? Hurry up and get in the house. I've already had lunch prepared. During your time in The world of beasts, you must have had a hard time eating and sleeping, right? I specially sent someone to the seaside to get some fresh ingredients that you like to eat. We'll talk while we eat later." The three of them walked into the courtyard and headed directly towards the hall." Hey, dad, where are grandma and grandpa?" Suddenly, Huang Tielan asked Huang Juyun in confusion. Huang Juyun smiled and said," in the past two months, the weather in Northern capital is getting colder and colder. I asked your grandparents to spend the winter in Xinqiong city. By the way, and your mother, let go of everything in your hands this time. In two days, you guys go and see them together. Xiaoche hasn't seen your aunt yet, so we can meet up."" Ah, that's great. We can finally get together!" Huang Tielan almost jumped up and said with a smile," then, dad, can we spend the new year together in Xin qiong this year?" Huang Juyun smiled and nodded." Well, our family can have a happy new year together. By the way, Xiaoche, why don't you invite your mother to go to Xin qiong with you? The weather there is still much more comfortable. It's getting colder and colder here in Northern capital." Zhang Che didn't refuse either. He nodded and said," okay, uncle Huang, my mother and I will definitely come over." He was still a little excited. It's finally time for the parents to meet. Should we discuss our marriage? However, Zhang Che was no longer as anxious about getting married as before. As for the reason, hmph... However, Zhang Che still hoped to get the marriage done as soon as possible. After all, less than three years later, the fifth beast tide was about to arrive. By then, the whole world would be in a mess. If you wanted to get married again, you wouldn't have the leisure and time. What's more, the evil cult organization created by the people who lurked in from the demon clan became more and more rampant. God knows what kind of changes will happen in the future, so the sooner the marriage, the better. When they reached the dining room, Huang Juyun gave an order and the people below immediately brought up plates of delicious food and slowly spread the table. As he said before, these were all the dishes that Zhang Che and Huang Tielan liked to eat. The three of them sat down, and Huang Juyun took the lead with his chopsticks." Come on, eat. Let's talk while we eat. You all tell me about the harvest in The world of beasts this time. After all the time you've been in there, you must have reaped a lot, right?" For Zhang Che's luck, Huang Juyun was still very confident. When did this kid enter the world of beasts without a big gain? This time, although it was mainly for his precious daughter to be promoted to the rank of a beastmaster, but I think that other things will not be idle, and the good things will not be less at hand." Dad, let me tell you. Can you guess what my strength is like now?" Speaking of this trip to the world of beasts, Huang Tielan had a lot to say. He immediately took the topic and ate while smiling at Huang Juyun. Huang Juyun took a closer look at her and smiled." How about it? It's probably a fifth grade beastmaster at most. Xiao che will help you. If you were an ordinary person, it would be impossible for you to upgrade from fourth to fifth grade in a month."" Ha ha ha ha, I guess you can't guess, dad, your precious daughter, is now a sixth level beastmaster, and -" Huang Tielan laughed excitedly, then a colorful light flashed between her brows, and a long green sword appeared in her hands." Look, dad, this is my new weapon. It's a five-star legendary quality!" Huang Juyun was completely stunned. He did not expect that in less than a month, his precious daughter had jumped from two grades to a sixth grade beastmaster! If someone else said that, he would think it was impossible, but his daughter said it herself, and Huang Juyun must not believe it. What's more, what's the weapon in her daughter's hand now? Huang Juyun had just seen it with his own eyes. It was a ball of colorful lights, a proper legendary quality Alien card weapon! Oh, no, no! Although he had more than once felt the shock that Zhang Che had given him, this time Huang Juyun was still unable to escape and was almost speechless from the shock." Haha, dad, how's it going? Didn't you think we'd be in the world of beasts for so long and come back with nothing to gain?" Seeing the shocked look on Huang Juyun's face, Huang Juyun was extremely happy and continued," and, dad, you don't know, other than that, Zhang Xiaoche also received an epic quality of the royal beast this time. Not to mention its fighting power, it looks very pleasing to the eye. It's actually a colorful Julu, a pair of antlers are still brilliant gold, it looks beautiful!" Huang Juyun: ... He was already numb, staring blankly at the two of them, not knowing what to say. Say, you guys keep talking, I'll listen, and I won't say anything. Huang Tielan was even more excited when he saw that his father had been" scared" and continued to gush," by the way, we found that the epic beast was actually killed by Zhang Xiaoche because of a spirit herb, which was actually protecting that spirit herb. Zhang Xiaoche, take it out quickly. Dad is very knowledgeable. He might know what it is. Otherwise, we don't even know what that medicine can do." Zhang Che smiled, nodded, and took the colorful fruit out of the storage space. At that moment, a strong fragrance immediately permeated the dining room, completely covering the smell of delicious food on the table. In particular, the baby's head was so flexible that it faintly revealed a colorful luster that it looked exactly like the fairy fruit of the legend! Seeing this fruit, Huang Juyun could not help but let out a low moan in his mouth, which made his mouth open in fear. He really did not expect that the two little fellows'luck would be so great that they would even encounter something like this. No one dares to believe this