Chapter 572 Without Good Armour

It seems that not only is this kid Zhang Che extremely lucky, but my Lan Lan is also exactly the same! Huang Juyun thought to himself as he looked at the colorful fruit on the table. In the past, although Zhang Che brought back from the world of beasts every time was amazing, but it did not reach this shocking level. However, the last time he stayed with his precious daughter in The world of beasts for just a few days, he brought back a few pieces of spirit crystals, which were invaluable. And this time it was exactly the same. Although Huang Juyun did not know what kind of spirit medicine this fruit was, he was in charge of The huang family The huang family, and his judgment on the grade of spirit medicine was still very authoritative. It was only through the color and fragrance of this colorful fruit that one could be sure that the grade of this thing must be extremely amazing, and he had never seen a spirit medicine of this grade in his life. "Dad, do you know what this spiritual fruit is?" Seeing the shock on Huang Juyun's face, Huang Tielan quickly asked. Although she and Zhang Che also knew that this thing was not simple and could be seen by them, they did not know what it was. Huang Juyun heard this and stared at the colorful fruit on the table again for a while. After a long time, he shook his head slightly and said," I don't know. Dad has never seen this kind of fruit in any kind of spiritual medicine. However, I am certain that this is definitely the highest grade of the spirit medicine I have ever seen. You said that when you found this spirit fruit, there was an epic beast guarding it, so you can be sure that as long as that beast could devour this spirit fruit, there should be a great chance that it would be promoted to a divine quality."" What, is it so powerful?" Huang Tielan was so shocked that his mouth opened and a piece of animal meat that had just been stuffed into his mouth fell off. Even though there was only a certain chance that the epic beast could be promoted to the divine level, the medicinal effect of this colorful fruit was amazing." Uncle Huang, if this spiritual fruit is used as the main medicine and combined with some other spiritual herbs, wouldn't it be possible to refine a very powerful spiritual pill?" Zhang Che immediately realized the value of this spiritual fruit and let the royal beast and pet devour it, which was the most primitive way to use it. After all, there is a success rate here, and if it fails, it will completely waste the effectiveness of this spiritual fruit. In the face of such an immeasurable value of the elixir, no risk can be taken at all. Huang Juyun looked at Zhang Che admiringly, nodded and said," that's right, but before that, we have to figure out the properties of this fruit so that it can be used as a medicine. Well, anyway, things in Northern capital have come to an end. We will leave for Xin qiong tomorrow and have the Institute of medicinal materials start researching and experimenting immediately. If everything goes well, we can figure out the nature of this spiritual fruit in at most a month." The three of them could not help but start to look forward to it. If the elixir with this colorful fruit as the main medicine was successfully refined, whether it was taken by the royal beast or by the royal beast master, it would have a shocking effect on the strength of the The huang family. Sighing, Zhang Che suddenly thought of another thing. He quickly took out the plant of the spirit fruit from the storage space and said to Huang Juyun," by the way, uncle Huang, this is the plant of the spirit fruit. After the colorful spirit flowers on it bear fruit, the plant did not wither and die. So I dug it up and planted it in Medicinal field to see if it could survive. If I could produce this spiritual fruit in large quantities in the future, the benefits would be too great." However, after listening to his words, Huang Juyun shook his head slightly and said," it's not that simple. Such a rare treasure of heaven and earth, even if it doesn't wither and die immediately after the result, all its essence has been transferred to the spiritual fruit. Even if it could be planted alive, it would be very difficult for it to blossom and bear fruit again. However, it is not possible. After all, we have a spirit crystal. This thing is the best tonic for a spirit medicine, and it might really be able to make it bloom and bear fruit again in the end." After a pause, Huang Juyun could not help but look hopeful and continued," then when we get to Xin qiong tomorrow, we will immediately plant this spiritual herb on the largest piece of spiritual crystal. Whether or not it can blossom and bear fruit again in the future depends on the cultivation..." That night, Zhang Che did not stay in The old house of the huang family. He was afraid that he would not be able to help but sneak into Huang Tielan's room. It would be bad if his father-in-law found out about it. After all, they weren't officially married yet. Since that was the case, he decided to return to his home in case he couldn't resist the temptation. The next day, Zhang Che and Huang Juyun drove the The" Di jiang" straight to Qiongzhou island. There was no time to delay the study of the spirit fruit, and the sooner we started, the better. As for Huang Tielan, because she had asked for such a long vacation, and now the school was officially off, she had to rush back for the make-up exam, so she did not follow Zhang Che and the others to Xinqiong city. In this regard, miss Tie Nan was extremely reluctant. In other words, the two of them were now at the same time. They did not want to separate at that moment, and it was said that they would not be able to see each other for the next few days. However, in front of her father, she did not dare to show anything and quietly went to beidu university. On the way to Qiongzhou island, Zhang Che was taking stock of the harvest while chatting with his father-in-law. Speaking of which, this time it was really a good return. First of all, Huang Tielan was promoted to the sixth rank of the royal beastmaster as he wished, and all his goals were achieved. Secondly, she also gave huang tielan a medium level legendary quality weapon, which was of great help to her strength. In the end, it was a total surprise. An epic beast was no longer a big surprise to Zhang Che. However, that colorful spirit fruit made people excited. However, Zhang Che felt that this trip to the world of beasts did not seem to be without regret. What is it? After thinking for a while, he suddenly realized that after killing so many different beasts this time, he did not get a better armored Alien card. Huang Tielan's armor and equipment were still the same as the previous tyrant's leech king's armor. Although it was good, it could not match Huang Tielan's current strength." It looks like we have to find a way to get her a good set of Alien card armor. However, the seven-star silver beetle armor that I eliminated before is barely suitable for the current Tie Lan. It just happens that this thing has reached the time of promotion, but it is limited by the low level and cannot be promoted. Well, after a few days of work here, after returning to Northern capital, he immediately began to prepare the seven star silver beetle culture solution, so that Tie Lan could immediately have a set of medium-level legendary Alien card armor." Of course, this is just a transition. At Zhang Che's request, Huang Tielan should be given an epic Alien card armor. The legendary quality of things, he Zhang Che is really not in the eye now. Remember the mobile website: m