Chapter 573 And Then to North America

After staying in Xinqiong city for a few days, the Institute of medicinal materials had not made much progress in the research on the colorful fruit. After all, this level of spiritual medicine, which no one has ever seen before, has no reference to the comparison, and it is indeed difficult to get started at a time. On the day Zhang Che arrived, she informed Huang Tielan to start preparing the ingredients for the seven star silver beetle Alien card culture liquid. After preparing for the work here, she immediately went back to prepare the culture liquid so that the seven star silver beetle Alien card, which was too low in grade, could add a grade. Things in Xinqiong city were not complicated. On february 3rd, Zhang Che drove the The "Di jiang" back to Northern capital. Happily returning to Northern capital, Zhang Che saw Huang Tielan's face full of gloom. After asking, he found out that this time, the materials needed for the seven-star silver beetle card were actually missing two of them, and there was no sale on the market at all. Huang Tielan had even gone to the large market for exotic animal materials, and no one had ever heard of those two materials. In this way, Zhang Che's original plan was completely defeated." It's okay, Zhang Xiaoche. I'm mainly staying in the city now. Nothing will happen to my safety. If we can find the materials, we can find them slowly. We don't believe that the whole of Huaxia district is so big and we can't find two materials in such a small area. If we can't, we will issue a reward and collect them in the whole Mercury world!" Seeing that Zhang Che seemed a little regretful, Huang Tielan could think of it and quickly smiled to comfort him. As she said, she had been staying in the city all the time, and the chances of going out were very low. And since the last time they were assassinated by freemasons in The world of beasts, the The huang family had secretly arranged for a group of powerful senior beastmen to protect them. Unless it was some of the best, they would not have hurt Huang Tielan at all. Hearing Huang Tielan say this, Zhang Che could only let it go. It seems that in a short period of time, the Alien card armor, the seven star silver beetle, is difficult to upgrade. After all, Northern capital city circle is the most densely populated area in china, and also the place with the most experts. There are no two materials on the market, so it is unlikely to find them in other places. Thinking of this, Zhang Che couldn't help but worry. With just one seven-star silver beetle, it was already so difficult to find the key ingredients for the nutrient solution, what about his other more powerful imperial beasts? From this point of view, it would be very difficult to raise all of their imperial beasts to the peak of their potential within three years. Fortunately, Zhang Che had a few equally powerful pets. These guys didn't need any culture, as long as they could be devoured by a large number of high level beasts of the same attributes, and at the same time, they could also eat some natural and earth treasures, which promoted them much faster than the imperial beasts. Shaking his head and shaking off these thoughts, Zhang Che simply accompanied Huang Tielan on the street for a while, then the two couldn't help but find a hotel, opened an hourly room, and couldn't wait to do something indescribable. Both of them had just tasted the forbidden fruit, and they were certainly very enthusiastic about this. When they came out of the hotel, it was already evening. Although time had gradually entered spring, But under the influence of this year's strange climate, The temperature outside Northern capital was also unbearable. The beast master whose body had been somewhat transformed by some energy was better. Ordinary people, even if they were wrapped up in a fat package, could not help but feel the cold wind blowing. Even so, the streets of Northern capital in the evening were crowded with people of all shapes and sizes. From this, it can be seen that as the center of the entire Huaxia district, the number of the imperial beastmen is concentrated. The next day, after Zhang Che got up, he still hadn't forgotten what happened yesterday. Because he suddenly thought that He Luotu, who he had killed at sea before, was really the only demon invader? Was this demon clan that had taken away the freemasonry president really not related to the other demon clans? Zhang Che felt that this was absolutely impossible. Perhaps, he had already entered the blacklist of those who had infiltrated the demon clan, and they might even have begun to plan how to eliminate him. From this point of view, miss Tie Nan still needs a high-quality Alien card armor to defend herself. This is an urgent matter. Even if the The huang family had secretly arranged for people to protect Huang Tielan. However, Zhang Che was still worried. Because he knew deeply that for a beastmaster, nothing was more reliable than having great strength. So, after breakfast, he went to Huang Tielan and told her about it." Ah, you're going to north america. Isn't that too dangerous?" Huang Tielan's face paled when he heard Zhang Che say he was going to north america again to hunt for high-level Alien card armor. Well, Zhang Che had already thought about it. If he wanted the Alien card armor with excellent defense, he probably would have to fall on those dinosaur-like beasts. Those guys had left a deep impression on him. Now that I think about it, I should have the strength to hunt those beasts, but I might as well go again." No, no, no, Zhang Xiaoche, I would rather not have the Alien card armor for the time being than to let you take risks. It's too dangerous over there! Besides, you've offended the big forces over there. Once they know you're going to North american region, they'll definitely find a way to ambush you. You don't know your place very well over there. If anything happens, we won't be able to help you at all!" Huang Tielan's attitude was extremely firm, and Zhang Che was not allowed to run to North american region for this matter no matter what. After all, this guy had really dug a big hole in someone else's side and taken away their research results for many years. If he knew that he was in the past, he would have killed him at any cost! Zhang Che waited for Huang Tielan to finish, then smiled and continued to explain," don't worry, I have another way to get there. I won't drive the The" Di jiang". In this way, I'll go straight to The world of beasts after I get there. They won't have a chance to find me." Seeing Zhang Che's insistence, Huang Tielan finally softened and did not stop him. Instead, he urged him to be careful. He did not want to be a widow before he went through the door. Of course, her last nagging sentence was severely punished by Zhang Che. If it weren't for being at home and other people, she would have suffered a lot. Huang Juyun was also the first to learn of Zhang Che's decision. His reaction was almost the same as Huang Tielan's, and he did not agree with Zhang Che to rush to North american region. After all, his family was too weak there to give him enough protection. Zhang Che had no choice but to explain again, and finally persuaded his future father-in-law. Finally, he breathed a long sigh of relief. At noon on that day, Zhang Che quietly left Northern capital, not driving the The" Di jiang" , not showing his true colors, not even the appearance of sun che in his previous life, but became an ordinary middle-aged man, riding his own flying beast. It flew directly to the northeast country of bangzi. Here in the country of bangzi, Zhang Che found an object, got the other party's identity information, and immediately flew straight to North american region by air. After a few months, he set foot on this land again. M.