Chapter 574 Reappearance of the Blue Dragon

Due to the time difference, when Zhang Che came to North american region again, it was just dawn. He slowly walked out of Santiago Airport with the flow of people and did not immediately head to The world of beasts. Instead, he strolled around the streets for a few times before quietly changing into an ordinary white man. After making sure that his identity would not be revealed in the slightest, he was relieved to hire a taxi. He headed straight out of san diego. Well, Zhang Che had no intention of looking for the three women, not because he was afraid of being eaten by them, but because he was worried that he might reveal his secret. Now, Zhang Che's enemies were not the only ones in North american region. The hidden shadows of the demon clan may be watching his situation at any time. It was even possible that they had infiltrated the three North american region women. Once he appeared, even the face of sun che, It could raise their suspicions. In that case, it would be better not to see. Zhang Che didn't want anything to happen to them anyway. Once again, Zhang Che entered The world of beasts, just outside the city of san diego. Looking at the crowded safety zone and the familiar terrain surrounding him, he could not help but feel overwhelmed. At first, he came here carefully, afraid that he would be noticed by those powerful beasts and lose his life. Even when he came here for the second time to hunt down the earth rock demon, he did not dare to be too presumptuous and was still treading on thin ice. Now, everything is different. Now, as long as it wasn't for the extreme luck and the encounter with the divine quality of the beast, Zhang Che was not worried that his life would be in danger. As for the beasts of god-level quality, he was quite welcome. It was really best to give him pets and royal beasts. "Hey, buddy, we're going to hunt down a six-star gold boss. There are still a few people missing. Are you interested in joining us? Don't worry, the reward won't be less than yours!" Just as Zhang Che was immersed in memories, a big black man beside him came over with a silly smile and whispered. Zhang Che turned his head and looked at him expressionlessly, then shook his head and slowly walked out in the direction of his memory. At that glance, Zhang Che had already seen a lot from the black man's seemingly innocent smile. Although this guy smiled innocently, there was a trace of greed and malice in his eyes that could not be hidden. It seemed that this guy's teammates were on leave, looking for some strange beastmaster to enter the pit. If someone was unprepared, if they believed him, they might not be able to see not only the boss, but also the sun tomorrow. Of course, with Zhang Che's current strength, even if the black man had a thousand tricks, he could not hurt him at all, but he did not want to waste time on these trivial things. Seeing zhang che leave expressionless, the big black man did not pester her. This is a safe zone, and if the entanglement is too much, causing the other party's dissatisfaction, and thus attracting the law enforcement personnel in the safe zone, then the matter is not beautiful. One fish is not hooked, and there are tens of millions of fish behind it. There is no need to waste time here. After leaving the safe zone for hundreds of miles, Zhang Che carefully observed the surrounding situation and confirmed that there were no more people here, then waved his hand to release the Xuan sha ming long, and then galloped away in the direction of the dinosaurs in his memory. Zhang Che even allowed the Xuan sha ming long to attract water vapor from the surrounding area, forming a thin layer of clouds around the body to block the iconic blue body of the Xuan sha ming long. Being in a foreign country, Zhang Che must not act carelessly. Although there was almost no one around, who knew if a beastmaster would occasionally find Xuan sha ming long flying across the ground along the way? Zhang Che couldn't kill all the witnesses along the way, could he? First, he didn't bite so hard; And there was no time at all." At the current speed of the Han Ming, even with a sustained cruise speed, I can reach at least 1,500 kilometers per hour. In this way, I can reach my destination in about six hours at most!" Zhang Che carefully estimated the distance of the area deep in The world of beasts and was surprised to find that it took him almost half a month to walk out from there. Although not all of it was used to travel, it was also slow. Now that he has the ability to ignore the monsters below god-level quality, Xuan sha ming long's flying speed has also greatly increased by a large part, to rush up the road, this efficiency is really amazing! I can walk back and forth almost all day! In this way, as long as the operation in the area deep in The world of beasts is successful, it may take only three or five days to find a suitable Alien card armor! In this way, at most a week or so, Zhang Che will be able to return to china smoothly! Just as Zhang Che was filled with emotion, he did not notice that in the sky less than a thousand meters away, the flying beast, which had always been like a falcon, had opened its eagle eyes and looked at him several times. Because the Xuan sha ming long flew too fast and the falcon-like flying beast was too weak to be noticed by Zhang Che. Thousands of meters below, in a complex mountain forest. A white man with yellow hair and a thin figure, like a bamboo pole, suddenly had a look of extreme surprise in his eyes. After a moment, he thought, and the falcon-like beast in the sky swooped down and landed steadily on a big tree in front of him." Little darling, are you sure you didn't see it wrong just now? Is that a blue dragon from the east?" The white man's slightly prominent eyes stared at the falcon in front of him and asked in a trembling tone with anticipation. The falcon nodded heavily and humanely, his sharp eyes full of affirmation. The falcon's imperial beast itself had a vision far beyond that of other beasts. It was only a thousand meters away from where the dark dragon had flown. Even though there was a thin layer of mist around the falcon's body, it could not stop its sight." Ha, that's great! Oh, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha..." The white man suddenly jumped up from the ground, then let out a nervous laugh in his mouth, his whole body trembling with excitement. This is perfect. I didn't expect that a reward object that I had casually seen would appear here. God wants me to make a fortune!" Excited, the white man did not delay at all. First, he confirmed the direction of the Xuan sha ming long with his falcon royal beast. Then, he released a purple-black bat with a wingspan of more than three meters and leaped up, speeding in the direction of the safe zone. He felt that his life was about to reach its peak! In a large secret military base in the outskirts of Santiago, General Michel was lazily sitting on his office chair with his legs spread out, and a blond head was lying on his waist, shaking it with all his might. General Michel narrowed his eyes slightly, and there was an expression of enjoyment on his face. After a while, he suddenly reached out and pressed his hand on the head full of blond hair, indicating that the other party stopped. The owner of the golden-haired head raised his head, gave General Michel a charming look, and then slowly stood up. His curvaceous body turned to lie on the desk and presented a round mountain to General Michel. General Michel licked his lips, stood up abruptly, and put his hands on it. Feeling General Michel's hands on her hips, the blonde woman turned her head, her face full of anticipation. However, at this moment, there was a sudden knock on the door outside the office." Wtf!" General Michel paused and cursed with annoyance. He patted the blonde on her haughty butt in a somewhat disappointing manner, motioning for her to go aside and put on her clothes. He tidied up his pants, sat back in the office chair, and motioned for the people outside to come in." General, there's an urgent message from below." A middle-aged major expressionless pushed the door in, first reporting, and then shut up. General Michel nodded, then signaled to the blonde woman next to him who was still disheveled to leave. Although the blonde could not vent her anger, she did not dare to show it here. She could only move her long s-shaped legs and walk out quickly. When the door of the office was closed again, the major replied cautiously," general, the reward that was previously issued was taken over. A beastmaster said that he was in the air thousands of miles west of The world of beasts, southwest of Santiago. I saw the blue dragon."" What! Is this true?" General Michel's eyes widened and he suddenly stood up from his office chair. Because of the speed of getting up, even a gust of wind in the office blew out a stack of papers on the desk in front of him. Seeing this scene, a thought flashed through the middle-aged major's mind: although the general was too indulgent in women, but his strength did not fall, it was too powerful! Although a strange thought crossed his mind, the major did not dare to show any expression on his face. Facing General Michel's question, he immediately reported the matter respectfully and carefully. After confirming that the beastmaster who received the reward did not lie, General Michel finally showed an excited expression on his face, a smile on his lips, and a cold voice said," is this really god's guide? You stay in Huaxia district honestly. We may not be able to do anything about you, but you just came to my place!" Then, in the office, General Michel issued a series of orders. Soon, in this large secret military base, some powerful beastmen began to move and headed for the Space door in the southwest of Santiago. Even General Michel was still worried about the strength of the base. He picked up the phone, used his connections, and began to contact more experts. He decided that since god had allowed himself to seize this opportunity, he must not miss it