Chapter 575 To Revisit the Old Place

Zhang Che could not help but feel a lot of emotion when he revisited his hometown this time. Back then, when he came out of that area, he was very careful and did not dare to relax at all. He was afraid that he would be killed by some powerful beast. Now, over these thousands of miles, he was riding the Xuan sha ming long all the way, not caring about the danger. Although it was only a few short months, it seemed like she had experienced half a life. Perhaps it was because the Xuan sha ming long's momentum was extremely strong, and it sped all the way. Although Zhang Che appeared to be very conspicuous, there were no foreign beasts to bother him. Even some of the powerful foreign beasts along the way were running away from him, afraid of becoming the prey of the Xuan sha ming long. Although the strength of these beasts is not bad, none of them can achieve the legendary quality. In this regard, Zhang Che was too lazy to chase them, but let these indigenous people save a small life. "I am indeed inflated. In the past, even if I met a gold quality beast, I would catch up with them with my eyes shining brightly and would never let one go. Now, with so many gold quality beasts, I can't even raise my interest, tsk tsk..." Zhang Che smiled and shook his head as he watched the powerful beasts evade him. Finally, he ignored them. The Xuan sha ming long sped away, time passing by little by little. Finally, a few hours later, Zhang Che had returned to the outskirts of the area where there were countless powerful dinosaurs and beasts. "Stop it. If we go any further, we don't know how powerful the beasts will be. We can't be so arrogant." Zhang Che patted the Xuan sha ming long on the back of its neck and let it land on a hill. The Xuan sha ming long grunted reluctantly, apparently disagreeing with the owner's caution. Xuan sha ming long, which has been promoted to an eight-star epic quality, thinks it doesn't care at all as long as it doesn't encounter monsters of godly quality or above. "Come on, ants bite more elephants. Even if there aren't too powerful beasts here, there should be a lot of legends and epic qualities. If we just waltz in like this, it's very dangerous to get into a siege." Sensing the thoughts in the Xuan sha ming long's heart, Zhang Che could not help but laugh and slap it on the head and scold it. Alas, it seems that not only have they expanded, but these pets have also expanded. This is not good, too inflated and prone to accidents, we have to strengthen education in the future. "Let's go in quietly. Don't shoot!" Zhang Che waved his hand to calm the Xuan sha ming long down, almost touching the ground in the woods, and sneaked towards the area in front of him where there were so many dinosaurs and beasts living. At this moment, hundreds of miles west of the The world of beasts security gate in the southwest of Santiago, a large group of beastmen were quietly circling a mountain, and no one made a sound. General Michel's tall body stood on the back of a giant golden lizard and looked to the far west with a grave face. Beside him, several other powerful beastmen looked deep into the west without saying a word. After a long time, General Michel reluctantly withdrew his eyes and sighed, "Damn it, this huaxia kid is really desperate. He actually went deep into the western forbidden land. He'd better die inside, so that we don't have to make a big fuss and offend those people in Huaxia district." But just giving up like that, Michel was really unwilling. After gnashing his teeth and cursing for a long time, he turned around and glanced at the crowd around him. He ordered, "Leave some people in the area near my cell. Once I find that huaxia boy is back, I will inform the authorities immediately. If he is lucky enough not to die in the western restricted area, We will make this his grave!" "Yes, general!" The beastmen below answered one after another, then dispersed around, preparing to secretly monitor all the roads back to the safe zone. At the same time, the giant golden lizard under Michel's feet suddenly floated into the air without any wind. This royal beast actually possessed the power of epic quality, without wings, it was able to fly in the air. The golden lizard opened its mouth and let out a muffled roar, as if it had sensed that a great war had not yet arrived. The sound was not loud, but it was spread over ten miles in all directions. For a moment, the surrounding mountains and forests fell into complete silence. In the roar of the golden lizard, all the animals and birds closed their mouths, not daring to make a sound. Michel took control of his beast and quickly returned to the safe zone. This time, the powerful beast masters he brought with him also followed behind him and went back together. Since Zhang Che went deep into the western forbidden zone and they missed the opportunity to hunt each other, there was no need to waste time here. These people, however, are all high-level beastmaster and above, how can they waste their time here? Zhang Che had no idea that he was in such a hurry that he missed an attack on himself. He was now riding on the back of the Xuan sha ming long, quietly moving forward to the area in front of him, without making a sound, as much as possible to restrain his breath. Well, although he didn't think that there must be a beast in the area ahead that could easily threaten his life completely, there were many powerful creatures in this area after all. If this happened, there would be no place to cry. As he gradually entered the front area, Zhang Che began to hear waves of loud and small roars from time to time, far and near. Needless to say, it was all the sounds of the dinosaurs fighting or hunting ahead. These kinds of beasts are really lively by nature. Unlike other powerful beasts, they rarely make too much noise. "If it weren't for that, it wouldn't have been that easy for me to get out of this area." Of course, this was good for Zhang Che. When he left here, if it weren't for the fact that the strongest of these beasts often made some big noise, he might have accidentally dived into some powerful territory and sent food to his door for free. Even now, Zhang Che could easily determine the strength of these beasts based on their movements, giving him a very good idea of where to look for his next target. Even if he had restrained his breath and tried not to make any noise, the Xuan sha ming long was still moving through the forest at a slow speed, leaving a trail of shadows behind his nimble body, no slower than a full speed mercedes-benz. You know, its body is now more than 20 meters long, and its diameter is about half a meter. If you want to control it flexibly today, it is really not something ordinary beasts can do. Soon, in a few more minutes, they will be able to enter the vast area where the dinosaurs and other beasts live in front of them again. Zhang Che leaned forward slightly and lay on the back of the Xuan sha ming long, his eyes slightly narrowed, shining brightly. Suddenly, the whole world darkened and all the light disappeared. The xuan sha ran into a dense forest without a chance to escape. At that moment, there was a loud bang, and he did not know how many trees he had broken. "Damn it, I forgot to calculate the time along the way!" Zhang Che cursed in a low voice and quickly ordered the Xuan sha ming long to leave the forest quickly. By this time, it was already night in The world of beasts. There was no transition between day and night here. It was either a sudden burst of light or an endless darkness, giving no time to react. Zhang Che came all the way here without a detailed estimate of the time, otherwise he would have chosen a suitable place to rest, where he would have rushed forward to the territory of the dinosaurian beasts. The Xuan sha ming long also had night vision, but the sudden change from day to night just now made it uncomfortable for a while, so it crashed into the woods. At this moment, it immediately regained its agility and, according to Zhang Che's orders, quickly returned to the direction of the coming. The night was coming and god knew how dangerous it would be. Zhang Che did not dare to enter. He just wanted to find a safe place to spend the night. The rest had to wait until tomorrow morning. As he left, Zhang Che seemed to hear a series of roars coming from the jungle behind him. At the same time, huge noises came from all over the place, gathering towards the forest where the Xuan sha ming long had just crashed into. God knows how many powerful beasts were startled by the noise. "What bad luck..." Looking back at the dark night, Zhang Che underestimated that the Xuan sha ming long had quickly disappeared into the jungle with its nimble movement