Chapter 576 That Glimmer of Dark Red

Rumble... "A loud noise came from behind, scaring Zhang Che's heart out. God knows how many terrifying beings are chasing after him. Zhang Che knew that the nights in The world of beasts were dangerous, but he had never challenged them before. Even if the occasional night activities, it is not dangerous areas, even if there are some powerful beasts, it will not be so powerful. This time, however, was different. This place was a place frequented by epic beasts. Not to mention at night, even during the day, it was extremely dangerous, and Zhang Che was not worried about his own safety. Fortunately, he did not go deep into this area just now. When night came, he turned around in time and flew quickly towards the mountain area behind him. Although he was frightened, he finally escaped unscathed." Mother, we have to adjust the time of the mechanical watch later. We can't go deep into the dangerous area at night. This time it's good luck, but next time it might be." Looking back at the endless dark area behind him, Zhang Che thought with a lingering fear. Then, without hesitation, he took out a mechanical watch from the storage space, estimated the time, and then released the amethyst turtle. He dug a cave and rested in it. In the spacious cave, the Red flame cunning shone with a red and gold light, revealing all the details of the inside. Zhang Che was roasting meat in boredom while reminiscing about the days when the yuan** king was beside him. This time, Zhang Che did not bring her here, but let her stay in china, secretly protecting Huang Tielan's safety. Yuan* wang's strength was not low, and outsiders did not know that even if the enemy sent out a powerful attacker against the The huang family, with the protection of this expert in fire attacks, there would be no danger at home." But, I'm used to that guy's barbecue. My cooking is so awkward, how can I eat it later?" Although Zhang Che's barbecue skills were already considered impressive, compared with the superb yuan* wang, it was still too much worse. The night passed without a word. When the darkness faded and the whole of The world of beasts became bright again, Zhang Che, who was lying in the cave, woke up on time. He didn't have to look at the time at all. He could tell by instinct that a new day was coming. The next step was to re-enter the forest and help Huang Tielan find the right Alien card armor. Of course, it would be better if they could get a few good Alien card. No one will have too many good things. Then he continued to follow the path of yesterday and set off towards the endless field. Zhang Che was determined to survive. So, he still asked the Xuan sha ming long to try their best to calm down and proceed cautiously, clinging to the ground where shrubs, weeds and ferns were growing. In this area, not only were there many large beasts, but there were also many poisonous insects on the ground. However, the strength of these poisonous insects and beasts is generally not high, because they are afraid of the Xuan sha ming long's faint cold breath, but they do not dare to come near to hunt, or even to hide as far as possible. It has to be said that the lower the animal, the greater the sense of danger in some way. During this time, Zhang Che even saw a giant centipede with a dark golden shell, several meters long, flash by and dive into the soil like lightning. Zhang Che couldn't help but regret: unfortunately, this centipede looked very delicious. If Xuan sha ming long hunted it and peeled off its shell, the meat inside must be white and tender. Whether it was roasted or fried, it should be a delicious food. This time, Zhang Che's main task was to find the armored Alien card. He didn't want to waste too much time here. Otherwise, he really had to chase up and dig three feet to get that centipede out. After half an hour of traveling, the Xuan sha ming long finally crossed the mountain range and the wilderness, and went deep into the area where there were all kinds of tall dinosaurs and beasts. The vegetation here was more lush than before, and some of the thick trees could be more than ten meters in diameter. Under the canopy, they covered a range of thousands of square meters. Zhang Che even thought that if there was enough storage space to bring the wood to Mercury, it would be the best wood." I'll go. I'd better find a target as soon as possible. Don't think too much!" Zhang Che shook his head hard and forced himself to concentrate. He was no longer bewildered by the various situations in the outside world. He was determined to keep moving forward and to find his ideal goal. To be honest, it would not be easy to find a suitable armored Alien card. After all, miss Tie Nan was only at the sixth stage now, and she could not use it for a period of time when the stage was too high. And the six star and under six star beast, generally speaking, are the original combat type, even the weapon type are very rare, let alone the armor type. Fortunately, although Zhang Che didn't want to stay here for too long, it was not a problem to extend it to ten days and a half months, so there was plenty of time to find it. Along the way, they encountered more and more dinosaurian beasts and became more and more powerful. Zhang Che didn't want to be surrounded by dinosaurs and beasts, but he didn't take the initiative to provoke these huge guys, and continued to live, letting the Xuan sha ming long carefully move in the direction of the vast sea in his memory. He thought, armored beasts are generally a relatively special existence, according to reason, it is unlikely to appear in the periphery of this area, or continue to go deeper into this area. Following that, the presence of the dinosaurian beasts was even more frequent, and even if Zhang Che no longer wanted to provoke the other party, he was still found by a few beasts. Well, to be precise, the Xuan sha ming long was discovered. Zhang Che, who was small, might not have been seen by these behemoths. After all, he didn't have much meat on his whole body. These dinosaurs, which ate hundreds of kilograms of meat, really looked down on him. The battle was inevitable. Although Zhang Che's previous choice had always been gou, when the battle was inevitable, he suddenly burst into a powerful attack, not releasing any other imperial beasts and pets, just him and the Xuan sha ming long, quickly wiped out the incoming beasts. Then, without even taking the loot, he quickly changed direction. Well, you have to be ruthless when you should be ruthless, and you still have to continue when you should be. After all, Zhang Che did not have the strength to challenge all the other dinosaurs in the surrounding area. Once he was targeted by some terrifying existence, it would not be easy to escape safely. In this way, Zhang Che changed direction at random while fighting at any time, and gradually went deeper into the jungle." Hey, what's that?" Suddenly, a dark red light flashed through Zhang Che's eyes, and he couldn't help but catch up. However, that dark red glow was like an illusion and never appeared before Zhang Che's eyes again. Almost subconsciously, Zhang Che ordered the Xuan sha ming long to change direction and chase after the dark red light. He felt like he had bumped into something good! Rich chinese