Chapter 577 Surprises Often Come after Disappointment

Zhang Che was confident in his instincts. What's more, in this area full of tall and clumsy dinosaurs and beasts, there was a sudden appearance of such a swift movement, it was needless to say, it must be an extraordinary beast. "I hope we can catch up!" Zhang Che wanted the Xuan sha ming long to follow in the direction where the dark red light had disappeared, and he prayed in his heart. The Xuan sha ming long was indeed Zhang Che's most capable pet, and was at the top of the line in terms of attack and defense, speed and flexibility. Just a few hundred meters through the forest, Zhang Che saw the dark red glow again. Zhang Che could still see it clearly, even though it was moving swiftly and lightly through the bushes and weeds under the trees. It was a lizard-like beast, covered in glowing dark red scales, less than four meters long and slender. "Quick, don't let it run away!" Zhang Che was excited and quickly ordered xuan hadron to speed up, because at the same time, the other party also found that the Xuan sha ming long was coming up, and the nimble body actually increased a piece of speed again, and it was about to disappear again in Zhang Che's eyes. "Roar!" Xuan sha ming long roared excitedly, as if to say: master, you can rest assured that this little thing can not escape my palm! The next moment, the Xuan sha ming long exploded at its fastest speed, like a blue bolt of lightning, chasing after the dark red light ahead. And in the jungle where there were giant beasts everywhere, there was no one to find them. From this, whether it was the dark red lizard that ran ahead or the Xuan sha ming long, its ability to control its own body, as well as the flexibility of the rapid march, had reached the peak of the beast! The distance between the two sides was getting closer bit by bit. There was no joy in Zhang Che's heart. Instead, he felt a great shock. You know, the Xuan sha ming long was flying low in the sky, and the beast in front of it was crawling on its four limbs. In this case, the Xuan sha ming long was unable to catch up with the other party in one go, which showed its terrifying speed. No wonder that guy was able to live in this jungle full of powerful beasts, without any danger. It was impossible for those huge dinosaurian beasts to catch up with the dark red lizard in such a complicated environment. Finally, after several minutes of chasing, the dark red scale lizard finally entered the range of 100 meters in front of Zhang Che. [ Red armour flowing light beast ] equal rank: six star (level 59) quality: legendary feature: extremely fast speed, physical defense exceeding weakness: fear of dark element attack innate attribute above the same rank: speed boost, Defensive bonus skill: chasing the stars and chasing the moon, activating this skill can increase the speed of travel by 30 %, last 10 minutes, cooldown time by 6 hours halo: speed bonus potential: level c... "Sure enough, the quality is still not up to the epic level,..." Although this scarlet armored flowing light beast's name and attributes were quite dazzling, and it was considered an outstanding existence among the legendary quality beasts, it had only the legendary quality after all, and it was no longer an outstanding existence in the eyes of Zhang Che today. What's more, it was not clear what kind of Alien card this beast would be before it was killed. "However, this guy's escape skills are still very powerful. He can actually increase his speed by 30 % after starting. If it was an ordinary enemy, it would be impossible to catch up with him." In addition to disappointment, Zhang Che still had some small feelings. This scarlet armoured flowing light beast was already very fast and had the ability to increase its speed to escape. No wonder it was only a six star legendary quality and was able to survive in this dangerous area until now. The reason why this guy was able to run for a few minutes under the Xuan sha ming long's chase was probably because he had just used his escape skills to chase the stars and the moon, or else Zhang Che would have caught him long ago. "If that's the case, then you little fellow should stay. At least you've wasted a lot of my energy." Well, this guy had enough weight to make Zhang Che chase him all the way here, so Zhang Che could kill him. "Let's go, take it down, and we'll go deep into this area immediately to find those powerful beasts." Zhang Che patted the back of the Xuan sha ming long's neck, and the latter immediately roared again, excitedly increasing its speed again, catching up with the red-armored flowing light beast in just a dozen seconds. "Hiss..." Perhaps sensing that the threat of death was approaching, the red-armored flowing light beast's small eyes showed a trace of fear, a scarlet tongue stuck out of its mouth, and it whined a few times in a low voice, trying to increase its speed again in order to escape the pursuit of this terrifying existence behind. However, its maximum speed has already erupted, how is it possible to improve again? Even in a minute or two, when the cooldown time comes, its speed will drop by a lot, and it won't be able to run away. "Hoo!" A strong gust of wind came from behind, and the Xuan sha ming long did not use the mystical frost at all, but just waved a sharp claw at the back of the head of the scarlet armored flowing beast. The Xuan sha ming long didn't have to use their most powerful attack against such a six-star legendary character. Wasn't it using a bull knife to kill chickens? The difference between the two is not only two levels, but also a big level of quality difference. For Xuan sha ming long, it only takes a paw to get the other party's result. However, what happened next shocked the Xuan sha ming long and stunned Zhang Che. He could not believe what he saw. "Hiss, la,..." When the dark dragon's claws successfully hit the back of the red armoured flowing light beast, accompanied by a large string of sparks, it made a series of piercing sounds that made people's teeth ache. It was so powerful that it even pushed the scarlet armored flowing beast into the soil below, but it did not suffer much physical damage. Xuan sha ming long's almost unbreakable claw left only a foot-long scratch on the back of its head, not even a wound! "I'll go. This physical defense is too invincible!" Zhang Che opened his mouth and was speechless. He had just thought that this scarlet armoured flowing light beast was just a chicken rib, but in the spirit of catching up with him, then conveniently kill the mind, just let the Xuan sha ming long take action. Now it seems that this guy is simply a legendary quality gem among the beasts! Not to mention anything else, it was just this defense that made people praise it immensely. Of course, the premise is... This guy's beast card would be armored. "Then, let me see your true colors next!" Zhang Che's heart was filled with longing, and his eyes were shining as he looked at the scarlet armored flowing light beast that was breaking free from the soil and running forward again. A red and white sword light had already faintly flown out from Zhang Che's brows. At this moment, the scarlet armored flowing light beast seemed to feel that a real crisis was coming. It knew that it could not run away, but actually plunged back into the soil, and with its four claws, it quickly cut through the ground and burrowed down. This guy is actually a master at digging holes! The corners of Zhang Che's mouth could not help but curl up slightly. It was really unexpected.