Chapter 578 It's Not Good to Be Too Smooth

Zhang Che could not imagine the defense of the scarlet flowing light beast with its dark red scales. You know, Xuan sha ming long is a powerful beast with an eight-star epic quality. Even if its physical attack is slightly weaker than its elemental attack, it is not something that a typical six-star legendary quality beast can resist, even if the other party has a strong defense ability. However, the scene that just happened almost shocked Zhang Che's jaw. With all the might of the Xuan sha ming long, it left only a shallow scratch on the other party's scale, and it was impossible to break it completely. It was really surprising! Zhang Che's face lit up with a bright smile as he watched the panic-stricken red armoured flowing light beast prepare to dig a hole and escape. He did not let the Xuan sha ming long continue to attack. This guy's physical attacks are hard to break. If he attacks with elements, he is afraid that the scarlet armored flowing light beast will not be able to withstand it and will be killed directly. If that was the case, it would be a huge loss. So, Zhang Che's mind moved, and the red and white sword light immediately emerged from the sea of spiritual awareness, and silently flew towards the scarlet armored flowing light beast that had already sunk several meters deep into the ground. "Hiss..." As if sensing that life was under great threat, the red-armored flowing light beast, which was rapidly burrowing into the hole, let out a sharp hissing sound, and its limbs were even more rapidly digging in the soil. However, all this was just futile. With the sound of a clear golden and iron collision, the whole ground collapsed. It was after the red armoured flowing light beast was killed in a second, its body turned into a Alien card, causing the bottom to be empty, and the soil above had nowhere to bear any force, collapsing into a deep pit. "Done!" Zhang Che snapped his fingers in joy, and his mind moved. The red and white light of the sword flew out of the pit with a colorful card wrapped in it. After a while, the red and white sword light returned to the spirit Know the sea, and the red armour flowing light beast's Alien card was caught in Zhang Che's hands. He couldn't wait to look at it, and then the smile on his face became incomparably bright. Had it not been for the fact that the area was already deep within the dinosaur and beast realms, Zhang Che believed that he would have burst into laughter. Even so, he couldn't help but open his mouth and let out a slight chuckle. [ Red star flowing light armor ] level: 6 star (level 59) quality: legendary type: armor features: speed boost: after equipping, speed increases by 10 %, flexibility increases by 5 %. Unparalleled defense, disregarding physical attacks below epic, and also has a strong immunity to elemental attacks (except for dark element attacks): chasing stars and chasing the moon, activate this ability to increase the speed of travel by 30 %, lasting for 10 minutes. Cooldown time: halo of six hours: speed boost potential: level c this is an invincible armor that is no less than epic quality, and in some ways even better than epic quality armor! It is true that a strange beast cannot be seen, and the sea cannot be measured. At first, Zhang Che looked down on this legendary six-star beast and reluctantly caught up with it in the spirit of tasteless abandon. Who would have expected it to bring such a huge surprise to him? There was no doubt that miss Tie Nan's future Alien card armor would have a place to stay, and she could almost always be used to promote her to a senior beastmaster without needing to change her equipment. After all, even the epic quality of the Alien card armor, if not for its exceptional attributes, would not be comparable to this set of red star flowing light armor to some extent. "In that case, wouldn't I be able to finish work more than a week earlier than expected?" Now that the purpose of this trip had been achieved, Zhang Che did not seem to need to stay in this area any longer. After all, this place was in someone else's territory, and the beasts around it were very powerful. If anything happened, Zhang Che would not have any reinforcements at all. For safety's sake, the sooner you return to china, the better. However, it seemed a pity to go back like this. It was not easy for her to come here and not get much, but she was still unwilling to do so. Zhang Che struggled in his heart, and before he could figure out what to do next, his face suddenly changed. He could clearly hear the sounds coming from all around him. "Oh no, the hunting of the scarlet armored flowing light beast was so loud that it attracted the powerful beasts around!" Zhang Che's face immediately turned ugly. This was also after seeing the properties of the red star flowing light armor, he was so excited that he suddenly forgot that he was in danger at this moment, how could he waste so much time here? Without much time to think, Zhang Che jumped onto Xuan sha ming long's back and ordered it to run quickly to the left. God knows what kind of powerful beasts surrounded them. If there were a few powerful epic quality beasts, in this environment, Zhang Che, his pets and the royal beasts, even if they could resist for a moment, but the longer the time, the more disadvantageous it would be. Xuan sha ming long's nimble body immediately darted along the gap under the dense jungle, while Zhang Che muttered in frustration, "Mom, you really can't be careless. In this environment, it's easy to get into big trouble if you don't pay attention. Fortunately, the properties of the red star flowing light armor are excellent enough. Otherwise, wouldn't I be stealing chicken and eating rice?" Sometimes it's not always a good thing to be too successful if you're caught up in misfortune. The Xuan sha ming long had just flown a few hundred meters ahead, and the surrounding noise was already loud. Zhang Che could already hear the chaotic and dull footsteps approaching at high speed, and occasionally the sound of trees being knocked over. It was obvious that the uninvited guests who had come from the surrounding area were all of great size when they heard the noise from the other side. In the area where the dinosaurs and other beasts roamed, one could imagine how powerful those huge guys were. I hope we can get out before these beasts surround us, or we will have a hard fight. Zhang Che thought to himself, but as soon as he thought about it, his heart sank slightly. Obviously, it seemed impossible to break out easily this time. Loud noises were heard from all directions, especially from some of the powerful individuals, who had sensed the Xuan sha ming long and Zhang Che on this side, making a loud roar and quickly closing in on them. "It's hard, we can only fight one!" Zhang Che complained bitterly in his heart and moved his mind. He ordered the Xuan sha ming long to slow down and release all the powerful pets and royal beasts. Since we can't break out, let's have a good fight with these overlords! Zhang Che settled down when he made the decision to fight. He was in a hurry to escape, but he was just afraid of trouble. Now that he could no longer hide, he was not without the power to fight, he might not be afraid of these groups of beasts that pounced on him. A big battle is about to break out! 2K reading site