Granting You Deep Feelings, May You Treasure It

Granting You Deep Feelings, May You Treasure It



Author:Exquisite as jade







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A plot carefully planned by her family made her pregnant with the children of the top businessmen. He did not ask about her background or status, nor did he investigate her eight generations. He said, "Keep the child and I'll marry you!" She said, "I'm sorry, I won't marry a rich family!" As domineering as he was, he was considerate and gentle to her. Spoil her till the end of the world. On the day of the wedding, he smiled coldly. "So, because he's back, you're willing to marry me?" She retorted, "If it wasn't for the position of group president, would you marry me?" A year later, he handed in the divorce agreement. After the divorce, he went crazy all over the world looking for her! (Doting wen, both male and female masters are clean in body and mind) Warm marriage in the world: the first billionaire's wife hunt is a masterpiece of an urban novel by the original author, exquisitely crafted by ruyu. The pen and interest pavilion updates the marriage in a synchronized fashion: the latest chapter of the first

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