Chapter 300 She Likes to Rely on Herself

Taking them there, there was no way to let them stay and play, so it was better to leave them in huadu. In the end, she still had to go back to huadu. After Li Xiangling and Song Meng asked Yun Xiangxiang in detail, they decided to stay in the vineyard and earn money. Before leaving, Yun Xiangxiang went to s. Q to shoot a promotional film, and Chloe accompanied her almost the whole time, giving her advice on fashion design and even shooting. Originally, this was the job of a manager. With Chloe, He Wei would just sit by and wait for Yun Xiangxiang. Shooting promotional advertisements is very tiring. Usually, one action has not been filmed properly, and one picture is repeatedly modified. All of a sudden, the photographer had a new idea, or felt that everything was not perfect enough, so he had to reshoot it, and he probably couldn't feel himself after the shoot. "We'll just shoot the upper body. You sit down." Chloe brought Yun Xiangxiang a stool. She had been standing for three hours in a row, several times for more than ten or twenty minutes without moving, not to mention her feet, and her face was almost stiff. However, no matter what the photographer asked, she seemed to have no temper, and would accept it calmly. Sometimes it was better to take pictures before, and when the photographer accidentally deleted it and asked her to come back, she did not complain. There were also photographers who could not find the right feeling. The same position repeatedly asked her to show different smiles, emotions, and different movements. She was fully cooperative. To be honest, Chloe had never taken promotional photos with an artist before, but he had also heard complaints from his colleagues in charge. Yun Xiangxiang's serious and responsible attitude really surprised her, not to mention that their photographer did not lose his temper today. This photographer was one of the best photographers in France. He was famous and had a temper, and sometimes he was inexplicably irritable because he couldn't find inspiration. Yun Xiangxiang was able to placate him. When he started to get upset, she would give him some advice, or after he made a mistake, she would say gently that it was okay... Yun Xiangxiang shook his head, "If I sit with my body different from standing, my posture will not be so natural." The photographer frowned when he saw Chloe giving Yun Xiangxiang a stool to sit on. After hearing Yun Xiangxiang's own rejection, he was even more impressed with her, and he didn't know if it was because both sides respected the work that the photographer shot more and more smoothly. It was afternoon after the shoot, and Yun Xiangxiang missed his lunch. The photographer praised yun Think about it highly, "You are a great actor." "Thank you. This is my favorite compliment I've ever heard." Yun Xiangxiang frowned. Chloe took Yun Xiangxiang to dinner at a very low-key France restaurant. Every dish was exquisite, "You have a charm that you can't ignore. The more you get along, the more attractive you will be." "I just did what I was supposed to do." Yun Xiangxiang was not modest, but it was her duty. Since she took this endorsement fee, as long as the other party did not deliberately make things difficult or deliberately torment her, the other party wanted to do the best, she certainly had the responsibility to cooperate to the end. "Actually, if it's not for the benefit, we don't really like working with China artists," Chloe said suddenly. Yun Xiangxiang did not interrupt, but ate and listened. "Cultural differences are prone to conflict." Chloe continued, "In our impression, chinese artists are more delicate." "Delicate?" Yun Xiangxiang did not expect such an evaluation. "Delicate and weak." Chloe explained in two words. Yun Xiangxiang understood, but it was hard to deal with that kind of thing. She smiled and said, "Can I say this is just a prejudice?" "Of course." Chloe nodded and cut his steak. "You're different." "It's not just me." Yun Xiangxiang thought for a moment and said, "Just like any school has excellent students and troublesome students, there are good people and bad people in any country, and there are many dedicated and hardworking artists in China's entertainment industry." "I believe what you're saying now, so I'd rather go to China and learn about your country." Chloe agreed with Yun Xiangxiang. "Welcome, you will definitely see a different place than you think." Yun Xiangxiang raised his glass to her. Did Yun Xiangxiang ever misunderstand south africa? Many people learn about places they haven't been to through other people's dictations or news reports. However, people tend to be more impressed by bad things. No matter how good his journey is, if there is a slight loss of appetite, many people will not give a pertinent evaluation. And the news reports are basically more subversive or ugly to attract more attention, even if the report is good, few people go to visit. This created some misunderstandings. Everywhere, in any crowd, Yun Xiangxiang believed in the coexistence of good and bad, but if this place was still peaceful and stable, Yun Xiangxiang felt that it must be good and not bad. After parting with Chloe, Yun Xiangxiang got into the car arranged by the production team and drove to the next scene. "I've checked it out. There's nothing wrong with this endorsement." Song Qian got in the car and sat next to Yun Xiangxiang and said to her. "It looks like my charm has attracted discerning people," Yun Xiangxiang said narcissistically. She looked out the window. The car was driving on a wide, quiet road with few cars. There were trees on both sides and it quickly backed away. The cool wind blew through Yun Xiangxiang's hair. Her hands brushed her hair behind her ears. Her eyes were like the night sky, and the stars were shining. She was really happy. It was a reward for her efforts and recognition. This endorsement was not in He Wei's favor, nor was it he wei who first took a fancy to it, put his mind into it, and finally exchanged it for it after several attempts. Not to mention that no one was behind it, but the business was really interested in her value and charm. This fruit, which was completely cultivated by itself, naturally tasted incomparably sweet and delicious. Song Qian looked at Yun Xiangxiang, who was smiling so contentedly and lovingly, and the stars in her eyes showed her happiness at the moment. She finally understood why the young master didn't use his ability to directly give her the resources to parachute. Such an easy thing should never bring such spiritual satisfaction to Yun Xiangxiang. The young master should also hope that such a smile would never disappear from her face. She was a very self-reliant girl who liked to rely on herself. Such a girl, full of strength, she can cut through the thorns, without fear of any difficulties and obstacles, to create her own glory. Such a girl, such tenacity, it is also admirable and likable