Chapter 330 Control System

Song Mian's hands were pressed against Yun Xiangxiang's sides, and the tall figure completely enveloped her, filling her with his aura. Her purple and black eyes were deep, and she stared at her with a little warning. "Don't provoke and question me about this in the future." This was the first time that Song Mian had done this. Yun Xiangxiang was stunned for a second, and his mouth immediately shrunk. His eyes complained," you're fierce with me!" Song Mian tried to keep a straight face. He knew that Yun Xiangxiang was acting at this moment, but she didn't know how cute she looked. When Yun Xiangxiang regained her senses, she saw Song Mian holding a very thin transparent film and sticking it to the soles of her shoes." This membrane won't leave footprints under any circumstances," Song Mian explained. Yun Xiangxiang then took back his leg." Aren't you going to leave your name? Why are you afraid of footprints?"" It's not that you're afraid, it's that you don't want them to know which way you're going." Song Mian chuckled." The more unknown, the more fearful." Yun Xiangxiang had to take Song Mian's eyes seriously." Offending you is worse than dying."" You're different. How can you offend me? I won't let you live to death..." Song Mian leaned over to Yun Xiangxiang's ear and said four words in a low voice. Yun Xiangxiang's ears were burning and numb. He pushed him away." You old rascal!" Still unable to calm down, he stepped on him. Looking at her embarrassed face, Song Mian's deep laughter burst out from his chest in joy. Yun Xiangxiang's face was burning to death. This bad man, ever since he was exposed to her father's eyes, was more and more exposed! It was completely different from the noble and elegant man she had known before." Ahem, the young master is here." Song yao coughed twice to remind them. Song Mian hid the smile on his face and sat back down. He started working on the operating panel again, and this time it became clearer. Yun Xiangxiang hesitated for a moment, but couldn't help but look over curiously. The whole building quickly became almost transparent under Song Mian's layer by layer." There are so many people..." At first, Yun Xiangxiang didn't understand something, but he watched them move regularly and knew that they represented the people in the building. Song Mian divided the important parts into other screens and observed them carefully for about ten minutes." Here, here, here's a 15-minute exchange of patrols."" Here, here is the sound and light alarm."" Here, here, here are three fingerprint alarms, untouchable."" These two areas are infrared fire alarm areas. When you get there, I'll buy you 30 seconds."" This is a sound-light alarm system. I can't enter. If there is any change, let me know in advance. I will handle the alarm system."..."" This is where the Jinzuan is. The door is equipped with a door magnetic alarm. It needs Eric's fingerprint to unlock it." Song Mian cleared the defenses in every place for Yun Xiangxiang." I'll be here to help you check. When you're almost at the gate, I'll set out to meet you." After thinking for a while, he was worried that Yun Xiangxiang would be scared alone." Or should I go with you directly?" The main reason was that there were too many alarm systems and the controlled time was relatively short, so he had to watch the surveillance personally. But it didn't matter. At the very least, it would alarm a few people, and he would settle it before Eric arrived." I'm fine alone." Song Mian had retreated to this point, and if she could not, she looked down on herself." Take a good look." Song Mian hugged Yun Xiangxiang and let her remember freely. With such a large building, a complex security system, an alarm system and a patrolling staff, it was a considerable challenge. Of course, it didn't matter if Yun Xiangxiang didn't remember. He was in the back, but he still didn't want her confidence to suffer. Yun Xiangxiang spent half an hour memorizing the different alarms in each area. All the windows on the top floor have a window magnetic alarm system that cannot be touched easily. This was the first time Yun Xiangxiang had really come into contact with such a complex, integrated alarm system." I remember." Yun Xiangxiang sorted out the memories and told Song Mian." Time?" Song Mian asked." Five minutes before the shift," Song Yao replied. It was the second shift of duty for the building. There were two groups of patrolling guards on each floor. Each floor was changed at a different time, but each floor was not interfered with and was heavily guarded. Ling Yun Think about it smacked his tongue. When the people who changed jobs entered the building, the back of the last person had not disappeared. The door that was supposed to be closed was silently stuck, and then slowly opened as if someone had punched a card. Yun Xiangxiang successfully entered the building. It was impossible to take the elevator at this time. The abnormal movement of the elevator would attract attention. She could only walk through the security door, which was guarded on every floor." Safe, go up to the third floor." Song Mian's voice sounded in her ear, and Yun Xiangxiang's heart was calmed down. This round was the third floor. There was a blind spot on the third floor, and it took ten seconds for the people at the entrance to change positions. Yun Xiangxiang went up to the third floor along the wall, just as the gatekeeper left, she quickly went from the half-open door to the opposite corner under Song Mian's instructions. Almost as soon as she disappeared, a new guard came over and stood guard at the door. With a light breath, Yun Xiangxiang quickly entered an ordinary office and hid under the desk. He saw a group of patrols walking past him. When the sound was almost gone, he heard Song Mian's voice." Go to the elevator." It would take 15 minutes for the next group of people to pass by the exclusive elevator, but each time they passed by, they would call the police if they saw the exclusive elevator moving on any floor. The private elevator needed to enter a password, but when yun thought of it, she opened it automatically. Entering the elevator, Yun Xiangxiang blinked at the monitor and Song Mian, who was sitting in front of the screen, chuckled." Naughty." Taking into account the situation on each floor, Yun Xiangxiang could only go up to the sixth floor in 40 seconds. This elevator was not a transparent elevator, and no one knew that Song Mian controlled it even if it was parked on this floor. After Yun Xiangxiang left, he quickly dodged the guards on this floor and carefully crossed all the alarm systems. After making a circle with these people, he returned to the elevator and took another 40 seconds to take the elevator. The entire building's system was under Song Mian's control and interference. As long as Yun Xiangxiang didn't touch the alarm area, it wasn't difficult to avoid people going up to the top floor. The only thing that matters is that no one should use the elevator during this period of time. Ask for a monthly ticket, say something important three times (the end of this chapter