Here Lies The Wicked

Here Lies The Wicked



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You flipped through the unsolved mysteries of the world and got nothing. If you don't give up, you can find a bottle of liuwei dihuang pills at home and successfully strengthen eight kidney liuwei dihuang pills. You picked up a stone on the side of the road and turned it into gold. You dig up the white radish* 1 with mud on both feet to strengthen the thousand-year-old ginseng* 1. As you were walking along the road, you met an old divine stick selling fake martial arts manuals. You went from empty-handed white wolf to three fake manuals. You are meditating. You have been meditating for five minutes. This is an era of spiritual recovery. The world is no longer peaceful and everyone is in danger... You began to collect shaolin 72's unique skills; golden, ancient, yellow and other martial arts secret books. You find that you need to expend your own qi and blood to increase your strength. Once again, you fall into deep thought. Then, you run downstairs to the pharmacy in two steps. Under the smiling eyes of the

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