Chapter 277 Secret News

Fang Zheng raised his eyebrows.

Oh, right, I almost forgot...

Is this a show of wealth?

It's like a rich second-generation friend suddenly looking for you, saying that he drives a porsche every day, lives in a sea view room, and is already at the peak of his life at a young age without any struggle. In order to experience the poor life, he plans to come to your home for a few days. Your mood at that time must be mmp!

I'm poor. I've provoked you!

That was how Fang Zheng was feeling right now.

He suddenly felt that it was too much of a conscience to sell Gao Shuhua six yuan a bottle of herbal tea. He was not a man who could earn money without conscience.

"What's that look in your eyes?" Gao Shuhua suddenly realized that the way Fang Zheng looked at him was a little different.

It was a little... Aggressive and dangerous.

Gao Shuhua simply closed his eyes.

As a result, after waiting for a long time, Gao Shuhua did not wait for the next rude action, so he opened his eyes and saw Fang Zheng sitting in the opposite boss's seat, looking at her with a depressed look.

"What are you doing? You suddenly shut your eyes as if you were going to the execution ground. What am I going to do to you?" Fang Zheng's face was gloomy, and he was a little confused for a moment.

Fang Zheng, however, did not intend to delve into such trivial matters for the time being. He was surprised at a word that Gao Shuhua had mentioned earlier.

City god?

Our city god lineage?

So, he looked at him and asked, "What do you mean... The inheritance of the city god?"

Who knew, Gao Shuhua first asked, "In your impression, do you think that the so-called family like my Gao family is because of money or because of power?"

"A high school student, don't always talk like an adult. This is called the second disease in the middle school. Just speak human language." Fang Zheng did not hesitate and waved his hand.

Gao Shuhua did not get angry, "Speaking of the city god, you should be familiar with the land temple and Town God's Temple. In the folk fairy story, the city god is the official position in the underworld. According to the function, the city god is the current county head and mayor, and the land temple is the village head. They are all to keep order in the underworld and prevent the dead from becoming evil."

Hearing this, Fang Zheng's heart moved.

But when he saw that Gao Shuhua mentioned the mythical city god and the land god, but he did not mention the equally famous Mountain temple among the people, he subconsciously asked curiously, "What about Mountain temple?"

Because he remembered that the hundred-year-old female ghost that he met in Gujing village was because a hundred years ago, the ancients were superstitious and feudal, sacrificing children as sacrifices to the mountain god, praying for good weather, and then there was the tragedy behind.

"The mountain god does not belong to the underworld system in the myth. It is usually a local mountain god privately set up." Gao Shuhua stopped talking and didn't go deep into it.

Fang Zheng nodded thoughtfully.

Gao Shuhua went on to explain what happened to the inheritance of the city god.

City god is equivalent to the position of county head and mayor. He is in charge of the order of the undead in the whole county or city to prevent evil spirits from becoming evil.

However, the city god was not a permanent position, and just like the government in the yang dynasty, there were rotation, dismissal, and performance assessment. If they were incompetent, they would come down and let more capable people take over.

In myth, the position of city god was conferred by the underworld and the son of heaven.

Since the son of heaven can seal the gods, he can also be fired.

Under the background of five thousand years of resplendent history and the ups and downs of dynasties, there were more and more conflicts between the new and old city gods in these areas. Then, they formed their own family forces, thinking of continuing to be the city god one day.

So in fact, the city god was a group of cultivators selected from the sun.

In ancient times, the title was a strange thing that could call the wind and rain.

The revival of spirit energy did not only occur in modern times, but in ancient times. Each time, the recovery of spirit energy was incomplete and had been intermittently until now.

For example, there was an ancestor of the painting Gao family. A few dynasties ago, it was a city god, but later it was dismissed. Gao Shuhua did not specify the specific reason.

But Fang Zheng had already come up with that old plot.

Ever since the Gao family ancestor was removed from office, the painted skin Gao family has been trying to recreate the glory of its ancestors. However, with the reform and opening up, the country eliminated the four old, broke the feudal superstitions, pushed down all the gods, and destroyed all the ghosts and monsters, the road to recreating the glory of its ancestors was completely cut off.

After Fang Zheng heard this, his eyes suddenly became clear. This is what Butcher zhang called the Yin si, the night travel agent.

Only one was ancient.

One is modern.

At the same time, he answered that if there was a god, it would be an advanced life form.


"Should I continue to call you the Gao family or should I call you the city god's Gao family? What do you want me to do about you?" Fang Zheng asked.

Gao Shuhua was not like a high school student at all. She had a calm demeanor that her peers did not have. She did not get too involved with Fang Zheng on this topic. Instead, she said calmly, "I have found the hiding place for Operator and his accomplice, the gravekeeper."

"For the sake of safety, I hope you can hold the gravekeeper back and let me deal with Operator wholeheartedly."

Fang Zheng neither refused nor agreed, "What good is that for me?"

"Don't mention anything to me. Operator is my enemy."

"Since you are here to ask for my help, as a helper, you must have sufficient interests to impress me. After all, why should I risk my life for no reason and fight and kill for you just because of your frivolous words about Operator?"

"None of us are three-year-olds, so let's show some mature hands... Well, you're still a junior high school student, and I didn't say anything else."

Fang Zheng wasn't stupid enough to ask why Gao Shuhua didn't just bring help from the family.

You don't have to ask to guess. No one wants to take credit for their hard work. At the end of the harvest, half of it is taken away.

"If you can delay the grave keeper, I will give you 200,000 yuan."

"If you can capture the grave keeper alive, I will give you 1.2 million yuan."

"If you kill the grave keeper, you can only get half a million dollars."

Gao Shuhua said it lightly, but Fang Zheng could not calm down. A high school student who opened his mouth and shut his mouth to him was a million dollars, thinking that his high school monthly living expenses were only 200 yuan.

Per capita income of 10,000 ... Fang Zheng finally understood the true meaning of this sentence. Just Gao Shuhua alone, he could split a hundred per capita income of 10,000.

I can't. My heart is shaking so much that my liver hurts. I can't think about it anymore.

"What's the use of catching the grave keeper alive?" Fang Zheng was curious.

"I have always wanted to capture a grave keeper alive, dissect and study the Paper pricking and my Gao family, which one is more brilliant, and whether it can be integrated in the end."

"After all, fish skin costs a lot, and it costs a lot."

Gao Shuhua looked straight at Fang Zheng.

Fang Zheng: ..."

What do you mean by that look?

Blame me?

New book by Old Shi, the city god: