Chapter 482 Gold Eyeball, Silver Eyeball, Iron Eyeball

In the hazy fog,

Just after the man cut himself in half from the waist,

His hand rose and fell again.

He also cut off a struggling man's waist, and he lent his upper body to his lower body.

"It's really troublesome... Changing your lower body every day..."

"My body is too toxic... Even the cell activity of my lower body and the remnants of life essence caused by the night travel can't withstand the severe poison attack from my body..."

In the mist, a middle-aged man's whispering voice came out.

The lower half of his body, which had been cut off by the man's waist, quickly withered in the blink of an eye, causing sores and pus, especially on the wound, and the poisonous black smoke that ziz vomited.

The man who had been cut at the waist on the ground had not yet died immediately, and was still struggling with pain and anger on the ground. Bang!

At this moment, a dry body seemed to be attracted by the sound of this place, falling from the sky, shooting up a large number of rocks.

The upper body of the man who had been struggling with pain and anger was crushed to death on the spot.

And fell to Blessed Land.


At this time, far away in another place, in the ruins of a collapsed palace, Fang Zheng carefully hid in the dark and did not act rashly.

His eyes were fixed on the fog not far away.

There was a thick smell of blood, and Fang Zheng saw how the old man committed suicide.

He also witnessed the disgusting scene that made him unable to look straight at the lard and soy sauce rice for the rest of his life...

It really smells like pig oil mixed with soy sauce.

Fang Zheng felt his stomach start to churn again, and he felt a wave of nausea and convulsions.

And just as Fang Zheng's stomach was tumbling, he heard a plop, and the head of the old man who was talking to himself was once again blown apart by the corpse that fell from the sky.


Because of the immense pressure, one of the eyeballs flew far away with nerves and a piece of flesh, a ball of flesh and blood sticking to a broken wall where Fang Zheng was hiding.

For a moment, his eyes met.

Just as Fang Zheng was about to decide to take something to poke the eyeball off the wall and into a corner, although he was used to seeing corpses, it didn't mean that he could be so cold-blooded and sick that he could stay with corpses, or look at each other for hours without blinking an eye, but at this moment!

Like a ball of eyeballs stuck to the wall, he suddenly blinked without warning.

Fang Zheng: ..."

Fang Zheng, who was about to poke his eyes out with a stick, froze.

The movements in his hands could not help but pause.

What the hell? Was it an illusion? Did I see my eyes blink? Fang Zheng frowned slightly. Just as he took the branch and gently poked the eyeball on the wall, the eyeball blinked again.

It's just like when an eyelash falls into a person's eye and is stimulated to the point where they can't help blinking.

Fang Zheng poked the eyeball curiously and playfully.

Her eyes kept blinking.

Fang Zheng looked at it and was amazed.

As the world was no longer peaceful, the world became more and more bizarre.

Just as Fang Zheng was flirting with the eyeballs on the wall, he seemed to have seen some unexpected scene and suddenly let out a startled cry.

The dried bodies on the ground outside had disappeared.

Just as he was flirting with his eyes, he disappeared right under his nose.

"Could it be that all these dried corpses have come back to life?"

"All of them left their places?"

Fang Zheng's heart sank slightly.

This is not good news.

As a matter of fact, Fang Zheng had long noticed that these dried corpses were unusual. Wherever there was a sound, they would fall from the sky and attack people.

He had seen with his own eyes two people were killed by the corpses in the sky when he was running out of the ruins and leaving the place quickly.

One by one, they fell down and killed people alive.

That's why he's hiding here and hasn't acted rashly for the time being.

However, it was the first time Fang Zheng had seen the corpses that would come back to life and disappear from the ground. This made him worry about the situation in Dragon beard spring and the safety of the goats once again.


Just as Fang Zheng was preoccupied and wary of whether the corpses would find his hiding place, his eyes suddenly froze and he saw the tissue around his eyeballs, which had been stuck on the wall for a long time, began to wriggle and was actually wriggling out of his hiding place.


Fang Zheng slapped the tissue around the eyeball like a fly, preventing it from escaping. At this moment, Fang Zheng also noticed the commotion outside!

Outside, the old man's head exploded to the surrounding flesh and blood, and it seemed as if he had come back to life, but it also began to squirm like an eyeball.

Pieces of bone!

Pieces of meat!

Pieces of yellow, yellow, green and green brain with nerves still attached!

It actually started to combine and heal itself, and the growth process was very fast. In just a few blinks, a whole head had grown back.

Then, with a grunt in his head, he rolled over to the body... The old man, who had grown his head again, actually came back to life and slowly stood up with his back to him.

In this scene, Fang Zheng, who was still holding his eyeball with a branch, was slightly stunned when he saw such an incredible scene for the first time.

Dead soul?

Fang Zheng could only think of the word undead.

The old man in front of him was definitely not a normal person.


At this moment, the old man with his back facing Fang Zheng seemed to be looking for something. He pressed his hand on his face a few times, then looked around, and finally turned around, looking straight in the direction of Fang Zheng.

It was an old face.

The eyeball in the left eye socket was missing, and a line of blood was flowing down, like a blood-red tear.

And there was a tentacle-like bud in the eye socket, stretching out the eye socket and twisting in the air, searching, as if searching for the lost eyeball.

"Young man, there is an idiom called picking up money is not ignorant."

The old man opened his left eye socket, which was dripping with blood and tears. There was a hypocritical and playful smile on his face.

Fang Zheng: ..."

It's true that a ghost can pick up money.

It turns out that this idiom can still be used... You found me a human organ. Thank you for your help.

Fang Zheng had this strange feeling right now.

Fang Zheng was not afraid of the old man.

There was no fear in his eyes.

"You said you lost an eye. I have a gold eye, a silver eye, and the most common iron eye. What kind of eye did you lose?" Fang Zheng answered the old man with a serious face.

The old man: ..."


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