Chapter 466 It's Not That You're Too Weak, but That I'm Too Strong

Good! "Hearing Ye Lingchen's words, xiang was also ruthless. He gritted his teeth and went straight to the other side. The Earth shaking bull's skill was damage and control, and it flew at zeus. Along the way with xiang was sweet potato, and he did not care about it. If he could put his skills on the spot, he would let them go. It was all on zeus. As expected, the Earth shaking bull roared and fell to the ground unwillingly. However, under such a desperate defense, the blood volume of the big fish and zeus was also consumed a lot, especially zeus, leaving only one-third of the blood volume. Ye Lingchen cut the camera again and set off a fire near zeus. Skyfire: deals a large amount of damage within the magic range, casting distance, full map! Delay by two seconds. The damage is very high, but this skill is a delaying skill, unless the other party stands still, otherwise, in order to hit, you need to predict the move. Generally speaking, releasing this skill must be calculated and calculated. Ye Lingchen, on the other hand, simply glanced at it and released it, not caring about the outcome at all. But two seconds later -" ah!" Wuer screamed, and the sudden fire startled her. She was stunned when she saw zeus go straight to the resurrection state in seconds." Shit, 666666 ...""This day's fire is too accurate, too decisive, right?!"" What's the matter? There's no way zeus is moving. You can get blown up by wandering around."" That's awesome. That guy didn't even look at it. He just threw it away."" Is it luck?" Everyone was shocked by the operation. They had thought that the five hosts would surprise them, but they did not expect that it was a passer-by's operation that made their eyes light up. A life for a life, for Ye Lingchen, it was blood money, after all, he brought four rookies. After harvesting a human head, Ye Lingchen didn't buy any attribute equipment, but a golden hand. Golden touch: cooldown time 90 seconds. You can gain 190 gold coins by clicking on non-hero units. Strictly speaking, it's just a tool for getting money. This equipment made everyone look puzzled. What a strange outfit. Is this going to fight for the later stage? Lengleng leng also noticed Ye Lingchen's appearance and raised her eyebrows slightly. Such a strange way of putting on her appearance made her feel like a person, but her mouth said," Carle actually bared his golden hands and didn't even buy shoes!" The teammate quickly understood the meaning of coldness. The love letter was directed by the tide hunter and replied," I'm already on my way." Soon, the tide hunter was lurking in the shadows of the middle lane, and when Carle's opponent moved slightly forward, he rushed out of the shadows, slowing down in front of Carle! Fire girl was already in position, ready to take Carle away with a set of skills, so her position was more daring. However, in the face of the ambush, Carle had no intention of running. The sky fire was placed at Fire girl's feet, and then a meteorite fell, followed by a blade floating out! The three skills, as if they were fired at the same time, instantly... Explode! Boom! Fire girl's body and bones were instantly obliterated, and he was instantly killed just by releasing a single skill!" This... This hand speed is too abnormal!"" Holy shit, how did you do that? Can you do it instantly?"" Oh my god, let's go. Two anchors besieged, and one of them got caught in a second?"" This is a master. I thought I had been single for 20 years, and I have already trained my arms to be invincible. I have learned a lot today." With just these two moves, Ye Lingchen was instantly recognized by the five main broadcasters and the audience, not just an ordinary passerby. The cold five also began to become more and more serious." The other four are breakthroughs!" 09 Played a role in the overall situation, he said faintly. Next, Ye Lingchen didn't go anywhere. He was always in the middle of the road, patiently growing, relying solely on reinforcements, and the speed of the money was amazing." Shit, leaf, they're looking at me again! This big fish man is like a mad dog." Xiang cursed and watched the man rushing towards him. He chose to cross the tower directly!" Hand in all your skills!" Ye Lingchen did not even look at the battlefield and spoke softly. After xiang was killed, he glanced at the battlefield and saw the big fish man with blood in his eyes. A strange smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. Under everyone's gaze, he chose to place the fire directly in the center of the spring water opposite him! Generally speaking, the landing point of returning to the city is at this position! The next moment - the big fish man landed, and the sky fire just exploded! The big fish man with the remnant blood fell into the spring water! And Carle had already killed him!" Misty grass! Divine foresight, this is divine foresight! It's blinding."" How did he know that big fish would return to the city, and at that time?"" The spring water was blasted to death. This is the most depressing time the anchor died, right?"" I'll give you 82 points for this operation and 18 points for 666 points."" Blind, this passerby is much stronger than the host, and he's playing too much!" This time, the whole audience exploded, shocked by such a strong visual effect. Everyone was in a heated discussion, their faces flushed red, and their eyes shone as they looked at Ye Lingchen. This passerby was too awesome. The cliff was the king of passers-by!" Shit! This guy was sent to the precipice to snipe live. There's no one else with this skill. This is going to be a good show!" Everyone was so excited that they stared at the game. I didn't expect such a scene to happen in a simple friendly match. It was such a surprise. Many people came here after hearing the news and gathered more and more people." This guy is so strong!" The little girl exclaimed and muttered," this feeling of total suppression, I have only felt it in our boss." His boss, of course, was God y. The speaker had no intention of listening, and the coldness jumped at the same time as Wuer's heart. Her beautiful eyes fell on Ye Lingchen as if she wanted to see through him. The match continued. The five anchors were obviously a lot more cautious and started to fight steadily. Under these circumstances, the four sweet potatoes were quickly routed and sent eight heads, with an average of two each. And Ye Lingchen finally took out his first killing gear, the staff!" Carle left the middle road!" 09 Reminded him that Ye Lingchen's actions had always been of great concern." Damn, it's with me!" It was the ghost, who was fighting for money in the wild, who was so scared by Ye Lingchen that he cursed. The next moment, the ghost was blown up by the wind cane. The sky fire landed on the spot where the ghost landed, and then the meteorite fell, and the blade flew out. Ye Lingchen didn't even look at the result, so he turned around and left gracefully! Then came the news that the ghost had been killed. Carle had already dominated the competition! The staff can hold people up for 2. 25 seconds, just in line with the 2 second delay of Carle skyfire. It's a simple 3 - second human weapon! He killed people casually, turned around and left confidently. This wave of maneuvering, let everyone shout learned that Carle and the staff can work so well together!" This kind of subversive outfit, and sharp operation, is it really the boss?" 09 Also began to have doubts. Next, after Carle's equipment gradually took shape, the entire battlefield became Ye Lingchen's personal show, almost everywhere he went to kill, see who the second, wind, fire, meteorite and blade, simple and rough, damage explosion! When ye lingchen killed seven people in a row to achieve abnormal killing, he came out of Carle's qualitative change outfit, blue staff! Carle's skill switching also required a cooldown, but with this equipment, the skill switching time would be greatly reduced. Ten skills could be released in 20 seconds! With Ye Lingchen's hand speed, one could imagine what a pervert it would be, and no one could resist it! The nightmare of the cold five came, almost as long as it appeared in front of Ye Lingchen, it would immediately be beaten to the point of no return. Countless skills were thrown at you, making you unable to move. Most importantly, most of Carle's skills were group skills, and even if they were in a group, they would be led by the nose, flying out of nowhere. To put it bluntly, the screen full of skills was flying. Even, under the pressure of skyfire, they would occasionally make stupid snakeskin moves, Alexander ah! One Carle, five people without any temper, and the rest aside, Carle's harassment ability is absolutely abnormal, first blowing you up into the sky, then blowing your icicles, and then pushing you out and prohibiting you from launching an attack. The playing method is really too coquettish, making people's gums itch." Nightmare, this kind of Carle is a nightmare! If it was my opponent, I would collapse."" Why do you feel that Carle has no cooldown on that guy's skills? He has a bunch of skills thrown out at any time. That's insane!"" How dare you believe that a passerby abused the five anchors when they hacked?"" His hand speed is really invincible. Isn't he afraid that his hand will be disabled with such a fast cutting skill?"" This is like a dozen to five, and it's a one-man fight with five anchors! It's too dreamy!"" Look at the faces of the five hosts. They're all dark. Wow, hahaha..." There was no suspense about the outcome of the game, but leng leng and Wuer stood up at the very first moment of the end and looked at Ye Lingchen. However, Ye Lingchen was faster than them and had already taken his team out of their seats and quickly walked out the door. Along the way, the four sweet potatoes didn't say a word. Their brains were still buzzing and their faces were flushed with excitement. How could they somehow win over their idol? This is unbelievable. This brat can blow for the rest of his life! Ye Lingchen lowered his head and took out his cell phone. First, he sent a message to Song Qian. Then, he opened his weibo to enter God y's space and posted," don't be discouraged. It's not that you are too weak, but that I am too strong. After all... My Carle can't lose!" Then, it was uploaded along with a random photo of the spread. At the same time, the host received a call, and then the big screen, which was originally the game interface, suddenly changed into God y's weibo space! On top of that, it was the latest status that Ye Lingchen had just released, and it was revealed before everyone's eyes..." Add bookmarks for easy readin