Chapter 467 The "beauty Talk" in University Town"

Wait! What's that? "Damn, God y actually posted on weibo?"" Misty grass! Misty grass! Misty grass! The little brother with the mask just now is God y?!"" Ah, ah, ah, no wonder I fell in love with that little brother at first sight. This is fate!"" Shit! God y is right in front of us! We don't even know it!"" Oh, wozzy! Just let him slip away from us?!"" No wonder the five anchors were beaten up. There's nothing we can do about it. The opponent is God y. We can't do it!"" The Panda live broadcast is really a beast! They didn't tell us that god y would come. It's too deep!"" That's right, scheming dog. It's not too late to chase them now!"" God y, your studio hasn't been open for a long time. You're too unprofessional! I've been watching it every day!"" Husband God y, wait for me..." Everyone in the room was in a frenzy, their faces flushed and they talked about it, and many of them chased after them. Originally, they thought it was just a simple interaction, but after seeing a very exciting match, God y actually came out of the mountain! The unexpected joy is just a great joy! Not to mention them, all five of them were stunned. Was that God y? Especially lenglengleng and Wuer. Both of them were a little absent-minded. Looking at the empty opposite, they couldn't help but feel a little depressed. Since they were here, why didn't they talk to them and talk to each other? Damn it! However, they recalled God y's appearance. Although she was wearing a mask, she still felt handsome and looked forward to it even more." So it's the boss, it's not unfair to lose," the love letter could not help but say." I'll go, give me a fright. I thought we were really passers-by. If we were beaten down by passers-by, it would really be a disgrace."" Hmph, we didn't even tell elder brother Yshen to come back this time. He wasn't ready." Wuer grunted, a little resentful. After Ye Lingchen posted his weibo, his weibo space exploded. [ God y finally showed up again, when did the new live broadcast start?! I missed you so much. ] [ shit! Shit! God y, you went to the comics show, wozzy! Why didn't you say that earlier?! ] [ my god, I was planning to go today too, wrong billion! [ The Panda live broadcast is such a scam. God y didn't even tell us when he came over! [ Although he was wearing a mask, god y was definitely a little brother, and he had a good face and temperament. Was God y beaten in the face when he said he was too ugly to show his face? Before the point, someone said that god y was an old man. Which grandpa could play the game so well? I ate the computer! [ God y is a little brother, I don't know who the other y is. Whoa, whoa, whoa, if it's all handsome guys, who should I choose? It's a headache! [ Hehe, naive! Children make choices, I want them all! Ye Lingchen also did not expect that his whim could cause such a big sensation, so that his popularity rose a little again, and the Panda live broadcast's popularity also increased. This was a pleasant surprise." Leaf, why are you walking so fast? Didn't you just win the game? Are you afraid of being beaten?" The sweet potato could not help but say that he could not keep up." Leaf, your operation is really awesome! That's the top five broadcasters! Do you really know what you've done that's so earth-shattering?" Xiang was also excited, like a dream. A few people were sighing. Suddenly, Xiaogeng only felt his phone vibrate. He looked up and said in surprise," I'm going. God y actually posted on weibo. I need to see it."" Really? Let's see." The four sweet potatoes immediately put their heads together. At this glance, their bodies shook violently and their pupils shrank. First, he looked up at Ye Lingchen, then at weibo, then at ye lingchen, and then at weibo..." Shit! Leaf! You, you, you..." Hao Jian jumped up and pointed at Ye Lingchen with a trembling finger. Her tongue was tied and she could not speak." You, you are..." Sweet potato looked at Ye Lingchen in disbelief, completely at a loss for words." Shit, leaf, awesome!" Xiaogeng, on the other hand, was much simpler. He burst into an exclamation." All right, all right. It's just an identity. Don't make a fuss." Ye Lingchen waved his hand casually and said softly." Damn it, stop pretending in front of us."" You're hiding too much, and I've been chasing your live broadcast." After a brief shock, they all recovered and laughed at Ye Lingchen. Now that Ye Lingchen was a star himself, one more identity wouldn't really shock them. It was just the icing on the cake. And remember that Ye Lingchen told the story of the corpse chaser in" the struggle of life," which was the same as the" Ghost blowing lamp." It was the same person." Leaf, you are too talented. You can play games so well and have so many things. You are a pervert!"" Are you really the son of luck? I'm a good girl. The son of luck is my buddy. I'm going to be rich in the future!"" Leaf, I wasted a signature in order to enter the comic book. You have to supply me." They were all amazed, and at the same time they knew why Ye Lingchen was in such a hurry to escape. They felt a large army searching frantically behind them, and the five of them quickened their steps at the same time! While chatting and laughing, Ye Lingchen offered to treat them to a meal and instantly got everyone's approval. It was a waste of heaven not to kill a rich man with him. They didn't want to go far, so they chose the most expensive restaurant in the university. The yuehong residence, which specializes in cantonese cuisine, has a wide variety of dishes. It is a place that senior leaders in the university city can enjoy. Except for the rich second generation, ordinary students can't come to such a high-end place to eat. Today, however, the arrival of the five students gave them a clear idea of what the real rich second generation was. With a wave of his hand, Ye Lingchen removed the cold dishes and the cheapest dishes, and the rest, as well as a share, just so bold! Even so, a meal only cost ten thousand yuan. Ye Lingchen was a little dissatisfied. Ah, the troubles of the rich! All of a sudden, the people in the entire yuehong residence were discussing which second-generation rich family came to spend money. It was a complete waste of money! His parents must be suffering! However, Ye Lingchen's parents are not bitter in their hearts, they do not understand, they must be bitter in their hearts, why can such a person be reincarnated into a rich second generation, if it was me, I would not be so bad, I hate god unfair ah! The story of the yuehong residence actually began to spread in the university city, which attracted a lot of discussion and amazement. 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