Chapter 468 Enter Luxury Goods

If a person succeeds and doesn't do something for the people around him, what's the difference between that and a brocade night trip? Ye Lingchen did not mistreat his friends, nor did he pay attention to the university city after a lavish meal. If he knew that he could be talked about at a meal, it would be another wave of emotion. A good person would even be in the limelight for a meal. The next day. Judy took Martin to meet Ye Lingchen at the same place. When the first batch of luxury bags was finally finished, the two of them took it to Ye Lingchen and showed it to him in the first place. Their faces were red and they were obviously very satisfied with the product. It was almost the same as Ye Lingchen's idea. The bag designed according to his style would look amazing at first sight. The whole body was dark brown, similar to the color of the snake skin, but the treated snake skin looked a little shiny, if the ordinary bag was put together, there would be a more obvious difference. This is just like the difference between ordinary jade and superior jade. Snake skin, after all, is after a long period of spiritual nourishment, born with a kind of spirit, people will like it at a glance, after all, people will certainly instinctively like things with spirit. In addition, Ye Lingchen's design perfectly demonstrated the advantages of the snake skin, and the design style was extremely trendy, simple but not lost atmosphere. The surface of the bag was printed with y patterns, arranged in a regular way, extremely comfortable and full of texture in the hands. Without a doubt, this is definitely... A good bag! "Master ye, what do you think? Are you satisfied?" Said judy with a smile. He was quite satisfied with the bag. When he first saw Ye Lingchen's design, he was amazed at the design. When it was actually made, he admired it even more. After all, the design was just a piece of paper, not necessarily produced, but Ye Lingchen's design really did not deviate from the slightest, and the thing produced was perfect! What is a master's demeanor? This is a master's demeanor!" Very good! It is indeed Emperor hua. This production ability is really great!" Ye lingchen nodded. With the Emperor hua, it would be much easier for him to do things on his own." By the way, since this bag is out, remember to give it to Hu Yueer and Zhao Jingying." Ye Lingchen did not forget about it, and the two women came to talk to him from time to time, thinking about him." Master ye, don't worry. We'll send it over as soon as possible," Judy said. Martin pondered for a moment and asked with a serious face," Master ye, I don't know what you're going to do with this bag." It was already clear when they worked together that Ye Lingchen had a direct leadership, and to put it bluntly, it was the president of the luxury brand. Ye Lingchen was in charge of everything from pricing to selling. Ye Lingchen smiled and asked without answering," according to my estimation, there are so many python skins. Besides the loss, they should be able to make 800 bags and 300 bags, right?" The so-called bag set, in addition to the backpack, there are wallets and handbags. The one-shoulder bag is naturally the most popular, so it must be mass produced, and the promotion of the suit is to make the product not appear too monotonous. Judy was a little stunned and looked at Ye Lingchen in surprise." Master ye's estimate is very accurate. According to the current situation, it is not much different."" Whether it's a bag or a suit, my setting is to keep 20 % at home and promote 80 % abroad! This is also the most fundamental rule here!" His words surprised both Judy and Martin, and they were worried," will this create resistance among foreigners?" Twenty percent of china doesn't sound like much, but how many countries are there in the world, and how many people is china compared to the whole world? For example, if it was spread out evenly, the rest of the world would only get less than 10 % of each!" It's okay. Good stuff will be bought," Ye Lingchen said, not worried at all. In china, he often saw people dragging foreign friends to bring things, or find a representative to buy foreign luxury goods, tax rebates can be relatively cheap is one aspect, there is also a small amount of goods! You can't buy it in the counter, you need to transfer it! In the future, china will have its own luxury brands, and Ye Lingchen will also let foreigners envy the chinese and rush to china to buy! Because buying luxury goods in china will be cheaper and easier to buy!" In addition, the price of the bag is set at 40,000, and the price of the whole set is set at 80,000," Ye Lingchen said." Master ye, is it... Too high?" Judy couldn't help but worry." This is still the beginning. What can I buy is a big advantage. How much does hermes pay for a bag?" Ye Lingchen waved his hand and said lightly. Judy and Martin stopped talking. You know. Hermes starts at 100,000 yuan a bag, and most people are not qualified to buy it with money! Can hermes's materials and designs compare to its own? If it wasn't for the initial stage, Ye Lingchen would definitely start with a price of 100,000!"Okay! I'll listen to you!" Martin was indeed a bold man and answered with gritted teeth. After a pause, he said with slight trepidation," next, we just need to send the bags to the luxury goods appreciation office abroad and wait for the results." The so-called luxury appreciation office is a department established in every country. Its job is to identify the status of luxury goods. It's impossible for you to call it a luxury item with a straw hat, right? This appreciation office agrees that this product of yours is a luxury and is qualified to enter their country to sell! Emperor hua has worked hard for so many years and carefully designed many products, but no one has ever passed the luxury goods appreciation, at most can only be considered as a brand name, not a luxury. Ye lingchen nodded, he was not worried about this at all, as long as this appreciation office was not blind, it would definitely pass. After the conversation ended, Judy and Martin immediately rushed to handle the next thing. Ye Lingchen did not have nothing to do, but went straight to the Wanrong science and technology. Because of the appearance of the intelligent cleaning robot Xiao Yun, Wanrong science and technology gradually got rid of the shadow of the driverless mistake and successfully transformed the company. However, because of the accident last time, the scale of the Wanrong science and technology was reduced a lot and needed to start over. When he came to the Wanrong science and technology, the staff around him obviously knew Ye Lingchen. They greeted him respectfully and said" Ye Boss" one by one, which made Ye Lingchen feel very comfortable." Ye Boss, Director Ouyang is in the conference room. I'll take you there." Immediately, a beautiful white-collar woman in uniform came over, simple and capable, and led Ye Lingchen straight to Ouyang Qing's location..." Add bookmarks for easy readin