Chapter 469 I Want to Buy An Island

Ye Lingchen was now a big star. Along the way, many employees were looking at him with curiosity and excitement. However, the Wanrong science and technology was well managed. Even so, everyone was not in a mess and continued to work on their own business. After all, they were social people. It was very different from the youngsters who were chasing stars. When they arrived at the conference room, Ouyang Qing was assigning tasks to the staff. When they saw Ye Lingchen arrive, they simply nodded, as a greeting, and the meeting continued. This is also the discipline of the Wanrong science and technology. During a meeting, no one will interrupt it. It must be a meeting. Ye Lingchen sat down and listened to the reports. The general content is nothing more than the current performance of Wanrong science and technology, as well as future plans, and then they come up with their own plans, Ouyang qing to mobilize, similar to these content. At present, after the initial craziness of Xiao Yun of Wanrong science and technology, the daily order volume hovered around 3,000 units. Based on the profit of 50 %, the daily profit reached more than 13 million. This kind of profit is quite considerable. Since the listing of xiao yun, the profit has already reached six hundred million! Technology is king, technology is money! However, at the same time, the problem is the uniqueness of the Wanrong science and technology, the only product is Xiao Yun, and the coverage is too narrow. Besides the headquarters of the capital, there are only four direct stores in the capital, which is a great disadvantage. Although it is the age of the internet, you can't let everyone know by relying on the internet, let alone let people rest assured. Therefore, the direct store is also the most important, in addition, after-sales service is also a very important part, and even can bring high profits! Now that Xiao Yun's sales are stagnant, only by relying on direct stores to open up a bigger market can we make a breakthrough! Ye Lingchen was just a bystander, watching them discuss which city they should choose first, how many stores they should open, how much money they should invest in, and who they should arrange to manage the stores in a certain area. It had to be said that Ouyang Qing deserved to be a strong woman with a clear mind and a well-organized management, so Ye Lingchen secretly nodded. He secretly added in his heart, in addition to expanding the domestic market, but also need to play abroad! Luxury goods have started to be exported, so technology should be exported too. Only in this way can my name be heard all over the world, and my popularity can soar! The people who join the world give me a little popularity, then their popularity is directly billions! Awesome! Awesome! When the time comes, your skills will be filled up at random? Just think about it and you will be excited. "Let's welcome our Ye Boss to give us a few words and give us a round of applause!" Ye Lingchen was falling into his yy, and Ouyang Qing's words immediately pulled him back to reality, and caught him completely off guard. This is so... What didn't you tell yourself about the script?" Clap, clap, clap..." However, in order to show their respect for the president, everyone clapped enthusiastically and looked at Ye Lingchen with a smile. For Ye Lingchen, they were in awe from the bottom of their hearts. Respect, because Ye Lingchen was young, but Xiao Yun was designed by him. Powerful people would naturally be respected. Fear, because Ye Lingchen was their boss, a powerful boss, who dared not fear? This little girl, on purpose. Ye Lingchen looked at Ouyang Qing's smiling face and could not help but complain in his heart. This was not the time to admit defeat. Naturally, he had to take on the momentum of the boss. Ye Lingchen stepped forward without any fear and glanced at the crowd." Cough, cough." Ye Lingchen cleared his throat and then said," you just discussed the plan of the store, but there's one thing I don't agree with!" Everyone was sitting and listening, joking, and the president talking, no matter what he said, it was the basic quality to listen carefully." Most of you have suggested that we start from the big cities and set up the stores in the big cities first, such as the capital city. We already have four, and some have suggested that we increase it to ten, and some have said that we should set up the stores in the super developed cities such as Xiangjiang and guangdong. That sounds true. But... Too much investment!" Ye Lingchen's words made everyone think, indeed. There is no need to say more about the prices in the super first-tier cities. Wanrong science and technology wants to buy a large storefront for direct business, and no one can't take down tens of millions. With today's financial resources, not to mention all over the establishment, there are no more than ten." Therefore, I think we should adopt the strategy of encircling the city from the countryside!" Ye Lingchen said," at present, we only need to open a direct store in the center of a big city. We should mainly set up a second-tier developed city or even a county! First of all, the investment is small, second, it can improve the reputation!" Ye Lingchen's words made the crowd frown slightly. Some people could not help but say," the number of people in the county is not as high as in the big city."" Yes, the number of people in the county is not as high as in the big city, but don't forget, we have a way to promote online!" Ye Lingchen smiled." The people in the super developed cities are very fashionable. Naturally, they can surf the internet, so 80 % of them can know through the internet. According to our current sales, the people in the big cities are the main purchasing power, right?" One of them nodded." That's true."" That can't be wrong. Since the people in the big cities already know us, why continue to spend a lot of money to promote us? Instead, it's a smaller city. Many people are not interested in the internet, and this part of them is a potential customer!"" Moreover, a smaller city has an advantage over a more developed one." Ye lingchen paused and continued," in small cities, the house price is cheap and the living area is very big. It is troublesome to clean up, but we need this kind of robot even more! In large cities, the living area is generally small, and people are under great pressure to live. It is likely that the ratio of the price to the performance of buying robots is not high, so we give up buying them!" Ye Lingchen's words brought a sudden realization to everyone's faces, showing admiration." What does the president say? He has a unique opinion. I admire it!"" The boss is the boss. Not only is the technology level high, even the business is so proficient, and his vision is vicious!"" The boss is really young and promising. He's amazing."" Enlightened, right in the middle, right in the middle!" Without a doubt, there was a lot of flattery." In this way, we can save a lot of money by targeting small cities!" The finance department stepped forward and said excitedly." Not bad!" Ye Lingchen looked at him as if he could be taught and continued," we can save this money and buy an island later!" Everyone: ... Caught off guard, caught off guard! You said so much before, and in the end you saved money just to buy an island? What kind of operation is this?" Buy... Buy an island?" Everyone was in a daze. What was the use of buying an island? It would be better to open a few more stores with the money." I have chosen the location." Ye Lingchen pulled the map and pointed at one of the places." This is the island!" He looked at the complicated faces of the crowd and raised his brows slightly." What? Do you have any opinions? You might as well publish them. I will still be very humbled."" No problem, boss!"" What does the president say? He has a unique opinion. I admire him!"" The boss is the boss. He has a bad eye! He's awesome."" Enlightened, right in the middle, right in the middle!" Your boss has chosen all the locations. Now ask us if we have any opinions. Do you dare?" Add bookmarks for easy readin