Chapter 470 Unexpected Acquisition

The meeting ended very well under Ye Lingchen's auspices. Ye Lingchen clapped his hands and was very satisfied with everyone's performance. After the meeting, Ouyang Qing followed Ye Lingchen into the president's office, looking like he wanted to speak but stopped. "Just tell me what you want," Ye Lingchen said blandly. "Ye Boss, in our current situation, it's not enough to buy an island. We need to build it after we buy it. The cost is too high!" Ouyang qing took a deep breath and continued, "I think our company has just started, and steady development is the key point. We shouldn't spend money on unnecessary places!" "What is unnecessary?" Ye Lingchen raised his eyebrows and smiled, "Let me ask you, how many clouds can we produce with our current productivity?" "Less than two thousand," Ouyang Qing frowned. Ye lingchen nodded. "Okay, even if it's two thousand units, we can basically sell one thousand three hundred units every day. If we use all the money to open a direct store and promote it more vigorously, we won't even have time to produce it later!" "If production doesn't keep up, we can increase production." Ouyang Qing whispered, feeling a little weak. "Increase production? How much? How much?" Ye Lingchen looked at her. "If we do, it's a classic malignant expansion!" "Vicious expansion, in the short term, can greatly improve the scope of their business. On the surface, it looks prosperous, but it can not withstand any twists and turns!" After a pause, he continued, "If there is an accident, it will lead to a complete loss!" "Then we should save our money and not buy the island!" Ouyang Qing recalled and argued, "This is a waste!" "You're wrong again." Ye Lingchen shook his head. "We bought the island to build the headquarters. We built the headquarters for our own foundation! If the foundation is firmly established, productivity will naturally rise. Even if we continue to expand maliciously, it is not a mistake." Ye Lingchen's words made Ouyang Qing not know how to refute them. "Give me another example." Ye Lingchen pondered for a moment. "You could only simulate the last driverless experiment on a computer, so it's actually not reasonable for you to actually use it. After all, you don't have a field to experiment on! But with the island, you can experiment at will. You can improve according to the experiment. Obviously, you can't rely on the computer alone." Besides, do you think our technology is only focused on this little thing? "Ye Lingchen's mouth tilted slightly." With the island, we can develop more high-end products, such as robots, and then aircraft. Therefore, only by quickly setting up the headquarters, can we develop and improve faster. "In fact, Ye Lingchen's statement changed the concept, and generally speaking, it should not be rushed to build such a large headquarters, because, how do you know that you can create a robot? Why do you think you can develop more advanced technology? However, Ye Lingchen had this confidence, so his first goal was to buy the island! Of course, there must be a mix of such a lost selfishness." Well, even if you make sense, we can't afford that much money in the short term, "Ouyang qing sighed." Make the plan first, as for the rest, step by step, "Ye Lingchen said calmly. Because Y group will never take the financing route, all the money needs him to earn step by step, if the financing route is simple, I believe that many people want to join, but in this way, the subsequent development is likely to be limited, Ye Lingchen's voice will be weakened, which is obviously not worth the loss. After the conversation, Ye Lingchen began to look at his ceo's office. The interior of the office was almost the same as the president's office, which was usually seen on tv. It was next to the road. The window was a large french window. Standing by the window, it could be seen from afar. It could see the people coming and going under the building. Its view was very wide, and there was a park not far away. The location and height are just right. Ye Lingchen smiled and became a domineering president. At this moment, his eyes were fixed on a piece of newspaper on the table, and his brows could not help but be raised, brought to the front." Oh, Ye Boss, this is the information I looked up on the Tianzhao genetic company. I'm waiting for you to come back and see it, "Ouyang Qing said. Ye lingchen nodded and took a deep look at Ouyang Qing. She must have watched the live broadcast, otherwise she wouldn't have gone to the Tianzhao genetic company on purpose. Looking at the news, he frowned deeply. This piece of news was not small, marked in large letters with the headline" Tianzhao genetic company has completely acquired the Thousand seedlings health care! "Ye Lingchen was no stranger to both companies. Tianzhao genetic company did not say that Dong Miaomiao, the female president of the Tianzhao genetic company, was still fresh in his memory. This woman is smart, beautiful, and resourceful. Obviously, she has a lot of ambition and should never give up her own company. Now, her company has been acquired? That's not normal." Sun country? Tianzhao is actually a Genetic company in Sun country? "Ye Lingchen opened his mouth and said," it's no wonder they call it the Heavenly light. This is Sun country's saying, which is biased towards evil gods. "Ouyang qing nodded." You met a branch company of sun country in china, and... It's very large and very active in the world. Sun country also specially allocated a large area of space for this company to build its headquarters for research and development. "" What do you think about their acquisition of Thousand seedlings health care? "Ye Lingchen asked faintly." I guess it's because of python meat! "Ouyang Qing's face was solemn." The Genetic company has a strong obsession with this strange creature, and at the auction, the Heavenly light gene showed that it was absolutely certain of the python. Although they did not buy it, but the company bought a piece of python meat, so naturally, they listed it as a target. "With the acquisition of Thousand seedlings health care, the python was naturally in the hands of the Thousand seedlings health care." In that case, I did harm to the Thousand seedlings health care, "Ye Lingchen sighed. With dong Miao Miao's personality, it was impossible for him to agree to let his company be acquired. This result was obviously something Tianzhao genetic company used. According to the information, the Tianzhao genetic company is not a man who believes in women. They do whatever they can to achieve their goals. I wonder what happened to that woman." You can't say that. You didn't do anything wrong. You can only say that qianmiao's luck was too bad. "Ouyang Qing said. Then, she looked at Ye Lingchen and said solemnly," you are now the chairman of the Wanrong science and technology. Nothing can happen. Anything dangerous. I don't recommend you try! "" Add a bookmark for easy reading