Chapter 471 Things Started to Get Interesting...

For Ouyang Qing's suggestion, ye lingchen nodded, indicating that he would consider it as appropriate. In fact, there was another layer of meaning in Ouyang's slang, which was to be careful of the Tianzhao genetic company, and now offending must be offending, so we have to be on guard. Next to the Tianzhao genetic company's profile was a red invitation, which he flipped through. "Tonight? You called me here for this, right?"" My uncle sent the invitation. He was originally a shareholder of the Wanrong science and technology." Ouyang Qing looked at Ye Lingchen." This time, we've been invited by several of our former Wanrong science and technology directors."" Do they still want their shares back?" Ye Lingchen raised his eyebrows slightly." I don't think so. I think they might want to go back to the company." Ouyang Qing guessed, paused and continued," they are all members of the Wanrong science and technology. Even if they leave, it is difficult to completely separate themselves from our company, so we can't ignore them and need to deal with them." Ye lingchen nodded. If these people were to talk about some Wanrong science and technology scandals outside, they would probably cause a lot of trouble." Okay, then let's go to the banquet!" Ye Lingchen shrugged indifferently. As for the nature of the banquet, he was not in the least guilty. Next, Ye Lingchen did not leave the Wanrong science and technology, but rather dealt with some of the company's matters. After all, he was a god-like student and easily mastered management. The documents and plans discussed in the meeting were also coming in batches. Ye Lingchen looked at them very quickly, and he often knew the feasibility of the plan and the shortcomings of the documents after going through his mind. He marked a few key documents. The direction of the store was also arranged. Jinghai was Ye Lingchen's hometown. It was undoubtedly included by Ye Lingchen. It seems that I need to find a secretary in the future, and it is best to set up a secretarial department to filter the documents for myself, and let them handle the unimportant documents on their own. Although Ouyang Qing was also a talented person, her workload was obviously limited. Moreover, she mainly focused on science and technology. Management, science and technology research and development, production and other important departments need to be separated, which can also play a role of mutual constraints. Time passed without knowing it." Master! I miss you so much!" Xu Nan had obviously just finished work and rushed back in a flurry. When he saw Ye Lingchen, he immediately threw himself at him with a loud shout. His face was flushed with excitement." Master, you are so handsome. I was so excited when I saw your live broadcast. When will you continue to teach me so that I can pick a python on on my own?" Ye Lingchen smiled and shook his head." Let's wait until you practice the posture I taught you." Xu Nan's face suddenly turned bitter." It's too difficult. I've only been practicing my fourth position until now, but it's really effective. My body is much stronger, and I've broken the fastest record for unit training."" Practicing until the fourth means you have a good talent."" Master, am I a A martial artist now?" Xu Nan smiled smugly. Ye Lingchen smiled and nodded. In fact, Xu Nan's overall quality has surpassed the average A martial artist." When you practice your fourth position, I will teach you new kung fu."" Really? Master is the best!" Xu Nan screamed in excitement. After Xu Nan, Xu Wanqing also came over and nodded at ye lingchen, as calm as ever, in stark contrast to Xu Nan. After that, Mr. Xu and Mr. Ouyang Boss also came over. This time, when they saw the former shareholders, it was obvious that they still took this matter seriously. The relationship between them was rather chaotic. Ye Lingchen and Xu Wanqing were students and teachers, while Xu Nan and Ye Lingchen were teachers and students, and Ye Lingchen was the president of Xu Boss. It was almost time for everyone to get into an alpha business car and set off together. The alpha is a very imposing, seven-seater, priced between 700,000 and 900,000 yuan, and is the preferred high-end business car for many large companies. Tianfu garden. If the Hotel King's Town was the representative of the old hotel in the capital, then tianfu garden was the representative of the modern hotel in the capital. From the appearance of the building, it was very close to the modernization. The whole building used a combination of chinese and western style, and the outer wall was covered with lights. There was a huge statue of a pegasus at the entrance of the hotel and a large fountain behind it." Hahaha, Xu Boss, Ouyang Boss, you're finally here." Before entering the restaurant, a fat middle-aged man walked out with a smile, followed by four people, who should be no less than 50 years old, and one of them had half white hair." Uncle." The three women of Xu Nan looked at the middle-aged man and said." Hehe, Xia Boss, it's been a long time." Xu and Ouyang, on the other hand, smiled and exchanged greetings. After all, they had fought together and had a good relationship." This little brother has an imposing appearance, and his brows exude an air of nobility. At first glance, he is a very human being. He must be Ye Boss. I have heard that Ye Boss is young. I can't imagine that he is even younger than I thought. I admire him!" As soon as president xia came up, he tried to curry favor with Ye Lingchen. His face was not red and his heart was not beating. Of all the people, he knew everyone except ye lingchen. Who wasn't always ye?" Ye can always save the Wanrong science and technology from danger. He's really a genius!"" It's a great honor to meet Ye Boss today." The others immediately praised him to the extreme." You're welcome." Ye Lingchen replied casually. He didn't like this kind of occasion very much, especially when he knew that other people had ulterior motives. They were not at all dissatisfied with Ye Lingchen's attitude, but continued to smile and say," ye can always come over. It's really a surprise. Please come inside." With that, they immediately led the way for Ye Lingchen. Along the way, Ye Lingchen raised his eyebrows slightly, and a trace of surprise flashed in the depths of his eyes. This incident was obviously very important to tianfu garden, so along the way, the guests were standing on both sides, bowing to everyone and entering the hotel. The interior was resplendent in gold, and everyone's service could be described as the highest standard. As a result, Ye Lingchen noticed that the entire hotel should have been contracted out to receive only one of them! It was a big deal, and it was obviously impossible to do so with these shareholders. Entering the private room, its magnanimity is enough to accommodate a hundred people! At this time, the table was already filled with wine and cold dishes, wine is the old wine in the cellar, famous at home and abroad, a bottle of not less than 5000, the older the more expensive. The moment he entered the room, Ye Lingchen's lips curled up without a trace. He was keenly aware that there were other people hiding in the rooms on both sides of the room, and things started to get interesting..." Add bookmarks for easy reading