Chapter 472 If You Don't, You Have To!

In the private room, there was a man waiting. He was a young man standing by. He was about the same age as Ye Lingchen, and his eyebrows were somewhat similar to xia's. "Ye Boss, this is the son of a dog. His name is Xia Jun." Xia Boss introduced," I'm ashamed to say that he's about the same age as Ye Boss, but the difference is very different. If he had half of your abilities, I would have laughed in my dreams." Hehe, he can have half of my ability, that's god. Ye Lingchen spat in his heart, but he didn't say anything. He just glanced at Xia Jun. He sensed a hint of hostility from Xia Jun. After all, he was a young man and it was impossible to hide his heart completely." Ye Boss, please take a seat!" President xia said respectfully to Ye Lingchen. Ye lingchen nodded and sat down without hesitation." Ye Boss, the Wanrong science and technology has been the work of our group for decades. We thought we were going to watch it fall, but we didn't expect you to fix the situation. I really admire your ability." Xia Boss said with admiration." It's just a piece of cake," Ye Lingchen said faintly." It's a piece of cake for you, but it's a big deal for us. It's the same as being reborn."" Yes, Ye Boss. Although we are no longer in the Wan Rong, our hearts are still in the Wan Rong. If there is anything else in the future, we will go through fire and water. We will do it!" They were shameless enough to say such things. If he really cared so much about Wan Rong, he wouldn't have sold his shares because the company was facing bankruptcy." Well, I had to do it. After all, I still had a family, and I couldn't move forward and retreat with the Wan Rong. Now I get restless every time I think about it. Fortunately, ye can always save the Wan Rong. Otherwise, I will spend the rest of my life in regret," Xia Boss lamented." Everyone, I know what you mean. If it weren't for you, the Wan Rong wouldn't have been where it is now." Xu and Ouyang were always touched by them and said with emotion," in my heart, we have always been comrades!"" Stop talking. Everything is in the wine." With tears in his eyes, Xia Boss picked up his glass and finished it in one gulp." Cheers!" The three girls were drinking drinks, while the men were drinking white wine, one by one affected by the atmosphere, and more or less drank some. Soon, the hot dishes were served, and everyone was talking and laughing, in perfect harmony. Xia Boss and the others kept getting along with everyone, and the scene looked like an old friend's dinner. The atmosphere was in full swing, but Xia Boss's words suddenly changed." Ye Boss, the Wanrong science and technology is developing very well now. Can you please consider that we are the elders and let us cooperate with the Wanrong science and technology?" This sentence immediately calmed down the lively scene. He wasn't talking about joining, he wasn't talking about becoming an employee of the Wanrong science and technology, he was talking about working together! Appetite is not small." Oh? How do we work together?" Ye Lingchen understood and asked." Ye Boss, Wan Rong is like our children. We will do things for our children. We just need Ye Boss to share the technology of the Wan Rong with us. Our company will definitely follow the lead and develop together!" Xia Boss said." Uncle, you know the taboo of technology companies. Technology can never be shared with outsiders!" Before Ye Lingchen could speak, Ouyang Qing's face changed and he spoke first. She did not expect Xia Boss to make such an excessive request, saying that the Wan Rong was following suit, but in fact, asking for science and technology!" Niece Ouyang, I'm your uncle, and the elders here are all members of the Wan Rong. How can they be considered outsiders? Don't worry, we can't spread the technology!" Xia Boss said immediately." Yes, we have been in the Wan Rong for so many years, so we have to work hard without any credit. Now that the Wan Rong is developed, it's too heartless to just kick us away." Someone replied. The smile on Xu Boss's face disappeared and replaced it with disbelief. He said with a grim face," everyone, you were clearly willing to sell your shares at that time, and the price did not treat you badly. Now, what do you mean?"" Xu hua! How dare you say that!" Xia Boss sneered and removed his disguise." Then why didn't you sell it? At that time, you must have known that the Wanrong science and technology was still alive. You knew that this kid had high-end technology, so you took the opportunity to drive us away!" He pointed at Ye Lingchen." This kid must have made an agreement with you before. You're sacrificing us. If you don't show mercy, don't blame us for being unfair!"" Not bad!" The other four also stood up." When we sold the shares, the Wanrong science and technology directly began to transform. You clearly targeted our shares and deliberately cheated us!" Their eyes were cold, and both xu and Ouyang Boss felt cold and angry." Hehe, that's funny." Ye Lingchen couldn't help shaking his head." At that time, I bought shares from Mr. Xu and Mr. Ouyang Boss at a high price. They didn't sell them at all. Besides, they offered me 30 % of the shares in order for me to save the company. What about you? He said he wanted to move forward and retreat with the company, but when he encountered something, he rushed to cash it out. Now that the company has a turn of events, but he's complaining about it, it's ridiculous."" Don't be rude. If you hadn't left the Wanrong science and technology, the whole company would still be in a mess. Sooner or later, it would still be over."" Brat, why are you talking here?" Xia Boss gave Ye Lingchen a disdainful look." If you dare to plot against us, I will settle this with you slowly!"" If something happens and you want to get out of it as soon as possible, you can make money and get a piece of the pie. How can there be such a good thing in the world?" Xu Nan frowned." I thought you were seniors, but I didn't expect you to be so unreasonable."" Xu hua, let me ask you, will you give me the technology?" Xia Boss stared at Xu Boss and asked coldly." You guys are all crazy. You really let me down." President xu shook his head." Different ways don't work together. Let's treat this meal as a separate meal. We'll go our separate ways in the future! Let's go!" At the end of the sentence, he got up and wanted to leave, but when he was just halfway up, he staggered and sat down again with a trace of fear on his face." This is..." Xu Nan and the others also changed their faces. They wanted to get up, but they were in the same situation." Wahahaha, want to go? How can it be so easy?" President xia raised his neck and laughed wildly. He looked at the crowd with a ferocious face." I'm not here to discuss with you today. You have to hand in Wanrong science and technology's technology even if you don't!"" Add bookmarks for easy reading