Chapter 473 Heaven Is Fair

Xia baoquan, how dare you do this?! Xu Boss looked at xia baoquan in disbelief. The veins on his forehead bulged and he said in a trembling voice. "Why not?" Xia baoquan's eyes narrowed, and a frightening light flashed in them. "I'll give you another chance to transfer all the shares of Wanrong science and technology and hand over all the technology. I'll spare your lives!" "Xia baoquan, you are crazy. What do you think will happen to you if you do this?" Ouyang always said coldly, "It's not too late to turn back now," "Turn around? Wahahaha, are you going to kill me with laughter?" Xia baoquan burst out laughing, with an air of contempt for the world. "Looks like it's time for you to give up." At the end of the sentence, he clapped his hands and immediately, five people walked out of the box on both sides to this box! There were ten of them, all dressed in very different clothes and with a strange symbol on them, who looked at the people who had completely lost their ability to resist. "They are... From abroad?!" Xu Boss's face changed slightly. Compared to before, his mood sank to the bottom of the valley. His pores stood up and he was angry and angry. "Xia baoquan, you are crazy! No matter what, you can't join forces with foreigners. You are a traitor. Do you know the importance of science and technology?" Ouyang always screamed and trembled. "Xia baoquan, you have violated the criminal law by colluding with foreigners to plot domestic science and technology! I have the right to arrest you!" Xu Nan struggled to speak. "Hehe, don't talk to me about national righteousness. I'll talk to whoever benefits me!" Xia baoquan sneered. Then, he looked at Xu Nan. "Niece xu, don't struggle. This is cartilaginous powder. After poisoning, all the bones in your body will be soft. It must be impossible to have strength!" As a matter of fact, the previous friendship was just to lure people into poisoning! "That's right, our Earth gate martial arts center cartilaginous powder is specially made for the A martial artist. Even if it is from the Earth gate martial arts center, it will lose its mobility!" A man behind him spoke coldly. He was obviously the leader of the team this time. He had a sharp nose, and his whole body was full of evil spirit and imposing manner. At first glance, he was a ruthless person. "Earth gate martial arts center? You're from Sun country!" Xu Nan's face was even paler. The atrocities in Sun country were still in sight. The key was that xia baoquan had teamed up with the people in Sun country. It was a waste! Earth gate martial arts center's involvement completely made them desperate, because the Earth gate martial arts center has the ability to transport them abroad, and then life and death really can not be left to themselves! They must have been planning this for a long time. "Uncle xu." At this moment, Xia Jun suddenly stood up and stared at Xu Nan with a burning eyes. "Please allow me to propose a kiss to you!" Propose a kiss? Everyone was stunned, but xu hua's face suddenly changed. It was hard to see the extreme. "Xia Jun, how dare you?!" "Hehe, uncle xu, you are my elder, so I respect you. You don't know my feelings for Xu Nan, but you haven't considered my feelings at all. What am I not worthy of Xu Nan?" "Bah! I won't marry you even if I die!" Xu Nan scolded immediately. "Hahaha, hahaha..." Xia Jun's eyes were red, like a mad dog. He gritted his teeth and said, "Why do you look down on me? I know, you like this little beast!" Xia Jun pointed at Ye Lingchen. "What do you like about him? Isn't he just a little more handsome, smarter, and better than me?! What else does he have?" His words made everyone feel shocked and speechless for a moment. He was a ruthless man. Ye Lingchen also finally knew where Xia Jun's hostility to him came from. In the end, he was too good, and mu xiu would be destroyed by the wind in the forest! "To tell you the truth! The last time Xu Wanqing was kidnapped, we also tipped off the Earth gate martial arts center! Since you don't like me, then I'll kill you and humiliate you! Wahahaha..." Xia Jun was like a maniac. "It's a pity that Superman y did something bad last time!" "You're shameless!" Xu Nan stared at him coldly. "Today, nothing is up to you!" Xia Jun smiled coldly and walked slowly towards Xu Nan. "I'll let you marry me tonight!" "You..." Xu Nan's eyes were filled with panic and her delicate body trembled. President xu and Ouyang, on the other hand, blushed with grief and indignation. "Ye Boss, nan' er, Wanqing, qing' er, it's all my fault," The fate of those who fell into the hands of the Earth gate martial arts center could be imagined. "Don't come over!" Xu Nan shouted at once. "Wahahaha, you scream, the louder you scream, the more excited I am. I'll take you next door to complete the wedding ceremony!" Xia Jun laughed wildly. "A wolf killed!" A faint voice came, causing everyone to be slightly stunned, their eyes focused on the source of the sound. However, Ye Lingchen's face was calm, simple and unaffected, and he could not see the slightest panic. He even took a leisurely sip of white wine in his hand, which was incomparably natural. "Master, that wine is poisonous!" Xu Nan immediately reminded the others, who were also stunned and did not understand the operation. "No harm." Ye Lingchen waved his hand, still as calm as ever, and took another sip. "Pretend?" Xia Jun was stunned, then amused, and said excitedly, "As the old saying goes, heaven is fair. Opening a door for you will definitely close a window for you. I'm not lying to you either! You're capable, but you have a hole in your brain! In this regard, you're not as good as me! Wahahaha..." "Do you know that the more you smile now, the more miserable you will cry soon?" Ye Lingchen said faintly. "What a joke!" Xia Jun didn't take it seriously and sneered, "Then do you know why you use cartilaginous powder to deal with such a high-end product? It's because we know you know kung fu! It looks like you are addicted to pretending to be forced, and your brain is confused!" The Earth gate martial arts center man glanced around the crowd and landed on Ye Lingchen, his voice devoid of emotion. "We have investigated you. You are highly accomplished in science and technology. You should have mastered the core technology of driverless technology. As long as you hand over these technologies, not only will you be spared your life, but you will not be worried for the rest of your life! We in Sun country still cherish talent." "What if I say no?" Ye Lingchen asked with a smile. Looking at Ye Lingchen's smile, the man had no reason to have a bad feeling in his heart, but he still said, "If you don't, we have 108 ways to let you say it, but that way, your life might not be easy," "Earth gate martial arts center, it's really haunting. Last time I went to my place, it was also your people." Ye Lingchen shook his head, his eyes suddenly burst out with an incomparably sharp cold light, "What do you think you are, daring to run rampant in my greater china?!" "Add bookmarks for easy reading