Chapter 474 Are You Sure?

Ye Lingchen's words caused the Earth gate martial arts center man's heart to jump violently. As the A martial artist, he was very sensitive to danger, which was a feeling when faced with extreme danger. Although she knew Ye Lingchen was strong, she didn't expect him to be so powerful just by himself. To deal with this person, one must be absolutely safe! His mind calmed down, a cruel gleam in his eyes, and he ordered, "You go up and break his hands and feet, as long as you have one life, and use it to reveal the secret!"" Hi!" Immediately, a A martial artist walked out from behind and stared at Ye Lingchen, his eyes flashing with a fierce light, holding a big knife and cutting at Ye Lingchen who was sitting in his seat!" Ah!"" Master!" The cold light flickered, and the crowd could not help but exclaim. Their eyes were filled with guilt. It was all because of their invitation that Ye Lingchen came. They were the ones who caused Ye Boss's trouble. Xu Wanqing closed his eyes tightly and couldn't bear to look again. In particular, Xu Nan's eyes were red and tears could not help but flow out. He pitied his master, Wu Yi tongtian, and was finally ambushed by a traitor! However, after waiting for a moment, the imagined screams and blood rays did not appear. Everyone was slightly stunned and couldn't help but look up. However, Ye Lingchen was still sitting there with a calm face, shaking his glass slowly in one hand and looking at the crowd in a playful manner. And his other hand, which stretched out only two fingers, clamped the terrifying dagger between his fingers! Silence! Dead silence! Everyone seemed to have forgotten to breathe and stared blankly at the scene in front of them. It was hard to turn their heads around." This... How is this possible?!" The man's voice was trembling, his cheeks were red, and he tried to pull the knife out with all his strength, but he felt that Ye Lingchen's fingers had an infinite amount of strength, and the whole knife was motionless! His pupils shrank and his heart surged! He was a A martial artist, more than five times more powerful than the average person, and this person only had two fingers to hold his full force of a blow, this is too scary." You! You..." Xia Jun was dumbfounded and pointed at Ye Lingchen, speechless with shock. This kid obviously drank the wine with the cartilaginous powder, not only the wine, but also the food. How could there be nothing? And this guy just continued drinking without fear of death. Why is he so powerful? And... You can hold a big knife with your finger out. Isn't this the only scene in the movie? For a moment, his mind went blank." Master, are you... Are you okay?" Xu Nan stopped breathing, tears hanging from her long eyelashes, and she blinked at Ye Lingchen in surprise." Of course I'm fine, just a little poison. I can't do anything about it." Ye Lingchen smiled indifferently." Let's go together! Take hostages!" The leader of the men realized that something was wrong, and immediately reacted. The crowd pounced on Xu Boss and the others, their eyes flashing with madness! As for Xia Jun, his eyes flashed. He was very close to Xu Nan and threw himself at Xu Nan! The Earth gate martial arts center people put life and death aside, and the man who was caught by Ye Lingchen did not care. He gave up the knife, raised his leg and kicked Ye Lingchen to fight for his life! As long as the hostages are taken, isn't Ye Lingchen going to let them kill him?" Hehe!" Ye Lingchen gave a sneer, twisted his two fingers hard, and the powerful force immediately broke the tip of the big knife. Then his wrist shook, and his two fingers shook as fast as lightning. The cold light was like electricity! Tsk! The blade pierced through the A martial artist's neck and did not stop. Instead, it made an arc in the air and stabbed directly into Xia Jun's wrist, nailed to it!" Ah!" Xia Jun's face suddenly twisted, and he let out a shrill scream. Looking at his bleeding wrist, he could not help but twitch on the ground. As for the A martial artist, his body trembled slightly, his pupils were dilated, and he fell to the ground with a plop. Ye Lingchen's hand was only a momentary event. He glanced at the others and pursed his lips. Then he slammed his hands on the table and pushed it out with great force!" Bang!" The group of people rushed over and naturally surrounded the table. In an instant, they were all blown out by the table and fell to the ground, spitting out a mouthful of blood. For a moment, there were howls all over the place. Ye Lingchen's strength could be described as abnormal. Even if they were A martial artist, they could not withstand Ye Lingchen's attack. They lost their ability to move and fell to the ground, looking at Ye Lingchen in horror." Wow, master, you're amazing!" Xu Nan's eyes were full of little stars. If he didn't have the strength, he would have jumped up and down in excitement like a girl chasing stars, screaming," ah, ah, ah, so handsome!" Every time I am with master, I will find that master is much better than I thought. Xu Wanqing knew that ye lingchen knew kung fu, but she was surprised. In her heart, Ye Lingchen was still the most powerful than Superman y. Mr. Xu and Mr. Ouyang were completely stunned. Naturally, they had heard from Xu Nan how powerful her master was, but they all felt unrealistic and never believed her. Today, when they saw her, they were completely stunned. For the first time, they really realized that their young boss was... Extraordinary! As for Xia Haiquan and the others, they were still sitting in their chairs, completely shocked. At this moment, they only had one thought in their minds. Is this really human? Xia Jun was the only one in the room who screamed miserably. Ye Lingchen raised his eyebrows slightly and kicked the big knife beside him. With a ding, he nailed it to Xia Jun's head." If you scream again, I'll kill you!" The faint voice, however, caused Xia Jun to tremble violently all over his body, and his eyes were filled with terror. He held back the pain and his mouth, and his crotch began to moisten, dripping a yellowish liquid. Despair, helplessness, occupied Xia Jun's entire body and mind." Continue with the topic just now. Do you... Have anything else to say?" Ye Lingchen smiled at Xia Haiquan and the other four former shareholders. However, his smile at this moment looked like a devil to them, and it was horrifying." No... No." Xia Haiquan's voice trembled and almost cried." Ye... Ye, Ye Boss, I think there might be some misunderstanding between us."" Ye... Ye Boss, you can't kill us. Killing is against the law." The other cried out in horror." Can't I kill you?" Ye Lingchen raised his eyebrows slightly, took out a certificate, spread it on the table, and said faintly," are you sure?"" Add bookmarks for easy readin