Chapter 475 I'll Wait for Him Here!

Looking at Ye Lingchen's documents, everyone was slightly stunned. The most striking word on them was the Ministry of martial arts! The young warriors of the Ministry of martial arts! "Master, you are a member of the Ministry of martial arts and a young warrior!" Xu Nan exclaimed proudly." You colluded with the Earth gate martial arts center and attempted to steal high-tech products. I have every right to kill you on the spot!" Ye Lingchen said in a faint voice. This time, Xia Haiquan and the others became even more desperate." Ye... Ye Boss, I told you that you have an extraordinary demeanor and are definitely not a thing in the pool. Indeed, you are still a young warrior, young and promising. I really admire you." Xia Haiquan forced out a fawning smile and said." Want to live?" Ye Lingchen looked at them with a smile. Xia Haiquan nodded wildly." Simple." Ye Lingchen smiled." Then let me see your sincerity."" Didn't you just say that everything was for the Wan Rong? Xiang xu and Ouyang Boss gave their shares to me for the sake of the Wan Rong. Shouldn't you learn?" It was obvious that he wanted Xia Haiquan and the others to return the money that Ye Lingchen bought the shares!" It should be, it should be!" How dare they talk nonsense? They immediately nodded and squeezed out a smile that was uglier than crying." Actually, Ye Boss, we would have done the same without you telling us."" Children can be taught." Ye lingchen nodded and continued," you haven't forgotten what you did to us, have you? The mental damage fee is definitely necessary, and even wants to annex the Wan Rong. This is another account! What do you think should be done?" Numerous beads of sweat appeared on Xia Haiquan's forehead. He gritted his teeth and said," pay, we pay!"" Well, I won't make things difficult for you. One more hundred million!" Ye Lingchen said casually, then looked at Xia Haiquan and said," by the way, you have a son, that's 200 million! Hurry up and get the money." How dare the five people refute it? Although the pain was unbearable, compared to life, money was an external thing. In one breath, Ye Lingchen had 820 million in income!" Ye Boss, can we go now?" Xia Haiquan pressed on." Where are you going?" Ye Lingchen looked at him as if he was retarded." I just let you live. Communicate with foreigners and wait for the trial of the law!" This kind of crime, at least 30 years in prison to start, if the situation is serious, it is a direct death penalty! As for whether he would accuse ye lingchen of extortion, there was no need to worry, because the money Ye Lingchen asked for was completely justified. After dealing with xia haiquan, Ye Lingchen got up and walked towards the Earth gate martial arts center who had fallen to the ground, killing him. This group of Earth gate martial arts center people must be killed!" You, you can't kill me!" The leader looked as if his whole body was falling apart, and he looked at Ye Lingchen as if he was looking at the devil." My brother is a platinum member of the Earth gate martial arts center, and he's also in the capital! If you kill me, he will avenge me. At that time, not to mention you, even the people around you, my brother will not let go!" His words sent a chill through Ye Lingchen's eyes, and a bloodthirsty curve curled up at the corner of his mouth. What he hated the most was that others threatened him with the people around him. To deal with this kind of person, he would do anything to kill the threat in the cradle! Ye Lingchen now had nothing to lose, so it was more important to value his family than anything else! He raised his hand, picked up his arm, and twisted it violently! Boom! The man's entire arm was bent in an extremely terrifying arc, and the intense pain made him unable to even roar. Capture the Dragon Hand, in addition to its claws, has the ability to twist and twist. Even if Ye Lingchen is willing, he can break a person into a ball through his bones and veins without killing him." Won't you let me go?" Ye Lingchen took out his phone and threw it in front of the man." Call your brother and tell him I'll wait for him here!" The leader's face was twisted with pain, but he looked at Ye Lingchen in disbelief. His mouth opened, not knowing what Ye Lingchen meant. Of course, he wanted to make a phone call. In his heart, his brother was almost invincible. The entire Earth gate martial arts center could be said to be godly to his brother, so even if his performance was not very good, he could still be the leader of a small team! The platinum members of Earth gate martial arts center are second only to the diamond members, and the diamond members are very few in the entire Underground gate! Ye Lingchen asked his brother to come over. In his eyes, it was no different from looking for death. But was Ye Lingchen trying to sound himself out when he asked him to make a phone call? Hypocritical? Ye Lingchen didn't say a word, but he broke his leg again, making his whole leg stick tightly to the back of his head, like a folded paper." Ah!" The leader was trembling all over, beads of sweat on his forehead, rolling down his cheeks." Fight!" Ye Lingchen lowered his eyes and said coldly." I'll fight! I'll fight now!" The leader nodded hurriedly, his voice trembling, hating that he could not kneel and beg for mercy now. The next moment, he made a phone call, and it was connected with just one call." Brother, it's me!"" Hao Er, what's going on?" A deep and hoarse voice came from the other end of the phone. Hao Er looked carefully at Ye Lingchen and then cried," brother, I... I was beaten, brother... Save me!" The breath on the other side of the phone was suddenly heavy. Haoyi naturally knew his brother's character. His tone and voice were obviously tortured." Tell him..." Haoyi's voice continued to ring out, but Ye Lingchen grabbed the phone and said in a faint voice," tell me what?"" If you dare to touch one of my brother's hairs, I will make you regret it!" Haoyi's voice suddenly became stern." Oh? Really?" Ye Lingchen smiled coldly. Then, he picked up hao er's arm and squeezed it hard! Bang! The bones of the arm were like foam, crushed in an instant! Hao Er screamed again, almost fainting from the pain." I'm moving now. What are you going to do?" There was no sound on the other side of the phone other than breathing. Haoyi naturally knew what had happened. He was very familiar with the sound of broken bones, but this time, the source of the sound was his brother!" Where are you?" For a long time, Haoyi's voice came, and the calm suppressed the raging anger." Tianfu garden! I'll wait for you for ten minutes! In ten minutes, come and collect your brother's body." With that, Ye Lingchen hung up the phone. Hao Er stared at Ye Lingchen, breathing rapidly and under his eyes filled with fear, there was endless hatred. As long as he waited for his brother to arrive, he would give it back ten or a hundred times!" Add a bookmark for easy reading