I Am Really Not The Son Of Providence

I Am Really Not The Son Of Providence



Author:Cloud palace







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Qingyue fairy: I once traveled three thousand miles west with my senior brother and got the golden wheel of the sun and moon in the secret land of Kunlun! Linglong imperial concubine: I accompanied my senior brother deep into the donghai imperial burial valley to accept the inheritance of the emperor! Immortal queen: hehe, a group of chicks! Do you know how his dragon phoenix did not destroy his body?... Through the cultivation world, shen tian found that he could see the luck and opportunity of others around him. With the idea of rubbing the halo of the big guy's protagonist, shen tian took the initiative to make friends with those lucky children.... Later on, everyone gradually realized that no matter who, as long as they experience together with shen tian, they will inevitably encounter great opportunities, no exception! From that day on, shen tian became the most popular mascot in the immortal cultivation world. Ps: this book is also called "Evolution of the non-aui,"" 100 ways to harvest leeks,"" good s

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