Immortal Path To Heaven

Immortal Path To Heaven

Author:Heaven Bai He






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300.Chapter 300 What A Man Has to Do


Master Ouyang, please forge a divine weapon for me! The terms are yours!" "... "Master Ouyang, I know that you are the only one in the world who can forge a seven attribute artifact. Please complete it!" "... "Master Ouyang, you..." "Ouyang, your brother-in-law! My surname is ou!" ... "Well, the stats are a little bad. What do you want to add? Some blood sucking, magic sucking, full defense... And some ice and fire dual attribute skills, and then..." "Is... Is this a divine weapon? Is it going against the heavens?" ... This is the story of a small person who can forge and repair equipment properties and skills at will! All kinds of fields, fighting, the world wants peace!

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