Chapter 280 True Depth Does Not Leak

Shen Yichen received a call from the company saying that there was a problem with the project and that he needed to go back and deal with it. Jiang Chenghuan was worried about how to get rid of them. When he saw the opportunity, he hurried them away. Shen Yichen was worried about handing Yunxi over to Jiang Chenghuan, so he had to ask the driver to take her back. Jiang Chenghuan had already figured out how to make him get what he wanted. "Come on, your second brother, can I still lose someone? Look at the entire capital, with my young master around, who dares to bully her! What are you worrying about! Get out of here!" Jiang Chenghuan waved his hand in disgust and led Yunxi to his car. Shen Yichen couldn't stop her and couldn't get out of the car. He had to give up and tell Yunxi to be careful before he got in the car. He turned around and propped himself up on the roof of Jiang Chenghuan's sports car, looking down at the people in the car. "Second brother, this girl is not scared. Drive slowly. If she has a problem, don't blame me for making you restless!" "Heartless! This young master has always been the most compassionate. It's not like you throwing a feast to scare people!" Jiang chenghuan chuckled. Regardless of whether someone was still hanging on the car, he raised the window and sped out like an arrow. Shen Yichen smiled helplessly, thinking that she must have really scared the girl today. Although it was a hongmen banquet, if she were older, it would be a blind date to see her elders! The little girl did not disappoint her. She was so good at dealing with her elders that no one could find fault with her. When Jiang Chenghuan pulled xi into the car, she finally realized what Jiang Chenghuan called "Waves!" This thing can drive a sports car out of the speed of a turtle, and can also drive a sports car out of the speed of a rocket! After a car crash, Yunxi swore to himself that he would never ride this car again! The car was parked in the parking lot of yunding ranch. Yunxi looked up at the four large words carved on the archway at the entrance and couldn't help but chuckle. What day was this? Shen Yichen took her to Golden roof, the best private restaurant in the capital. Jiang Chenghuan pulled her to yunding without a word. Golden roof and yunding belong to the same group, and the big shareholder behind the scenes is jing du sanjie. As for who was the boss, neither financial news nor entertainment news was revealed. Some even speculated that it was Mu Feichi, the elusive Military country major. There was no official confirmation of the scandal, and everyone laughed off the topic after dinner. In her day and age, it was not an inch of land, but it was rare to develop such a large pasture as a clubhouse. Although it is called a ranch, it contains all the entertainment facilities of the clubhouse, including not only a golf course but also a racetrack. Because membership requirements are very high, not only to have identity but also a family background, ordinary nouveau riche may not even be able to enter. All of this, this place also became a place of entertainment for upper-class and business people. In order to discuss business projects with clients, she also came to yunding. After all, Jiang Henglin threw her a membership card to save face because her qualifications and status were not enough to be a member. At that time, she remembered what he said very clearly: "You can raise a little boy, but you can't let others see the green on my head." At that time, they were just using each other's allies and had nothing to do with each other. She loved Han Yaotian in a humble way, but in the end, it didn't end well. In this life, her life, her destiny, can only be controlled in her own hands! Who wants to overstep that line? She will never be merciful with her knife! "How is it? Isn't the scenery good?" Jiang Chenghuan walked over and stood with her eyes on her waist. Rixi turned her head and glanced at him, then at his cynical smile. Although Jiang Chenghuan was a playboy and coquettish, the rumors she heard about him were not the same. This man is the one who is truly hidden