Infinite Legendary Equipment in the City

Infinite Legendary Equipment in the City



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330.Chapter 329 The Power of the Dragon


After ten thousand years, the spirit tide returned to the prosperous capital of tokyo and returned to the edo era. In the desert, the pharaohs woke up from eternal sleep with his army. On the east european plain, vampires and werewolves fought incessantly. Witches and demons traveled through the american continent in the bustling city of Europa. Seven pairs of winged feathered snakes stretched their bodies and opened their eyes in the cycle of death. In this world of monsters and monsters, li rui looked at the monstrous phantom wrapped around her body and said to the system. "Please give me a set, suns, blue shield, ice heart, exhilaration, maniac, counterattack, by the way, there's also the gargoyle plate armour, the force of nature, the helmet of adaptability, the glory of justice..." Then he arched his hand at the trembling monster." If you are not a genius, today is the day to blow your heads off!" Indestructible grip!" Life + 5" dark harvest!" Damage growth + 5" overgrowth!" Hp + 2 %" storm gathering!"

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