Legend of the Supreme Soldier

Legend of the Supreme Soldier



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Growing up on garbage star, ye chong accidentally found a broken armor in a "Treasure hunt" on garbage mountain. With the help of this smart and broken armor, ye zhong escaped from garbage star and entered human society. What is the true identity of intelligent guang jia mu shang and ye chong's background? The communication between the beast and the beauty was far different from that of ordinary people. How could ye chong experience his love when he only had eyes for survival? How did he get to know the unknown society step by step? What role does he play? Different from the law of the jungle in human society, what kind of turning point did it bring to his fate? With a calm mind as light as a brain, and a young man who believed in the cruel jungle law, he learned all kinds of knowledge like a sponge, whether it was a teacher, or in combat, training and so outstanding. Every time he appeared in front of everyone, he flashed like a meteor, amazing talent! Passivity and initiative, death and survival, coldness

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