Matriarch is Pretty and Cool

Matriarch is Pretty and Cool



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525.Chapter 525 Who Dares Move? He'll Cut Them to Death!


Bai chuwei had lived for five thousand years and forced herself to become the ancestor of the entire human race. After that, she went down the mountain to start the original plot. A female student came to henghua no.1 middle school and no.3 middle school. The little girl had bright eyes and white teeth. Her lips were red and white, and she looked like an immortal. Unfortunately, it was a secondary illness. "All ten duans together don't have more than half of the assets I have accumulated over five thousand years."" The most famous chinese classic? That's what I wrote and played about 200 years ago."" Scientific research is not as good as flying immortals with a sword. Today, my ancestors taught us how to cultivate immortals with science." Netizens who ate melons sneered and waited for bai chuwei to act like she was flipping over. Until later, the china association for property statistics said," as the richest man in the world, our ancestors owned the world's largest gold mine, hundreds of islands, and countl

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