Chapter 281 Don't Put the Eggs in A Basket

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If there was a way, no one would be willing to shrink their wealth. Wuji had a lot of bad ideas. Since he said he had an idea and everyone had a little bit of hope, they would all choose to think about whether or not to do it with him." Hoarding! "Wuji said two words lightly." Cut! That's nonsense! "When everyone heard this, they all expressed their disdain. At this level, everyone knows that the purchasing power of gold coins is declining, and hoarding is the best way to ensure that assets are not lost. But in the game, there is a sea of equipment and materials, who knows which will rise and which will fall after the official operation. If you buy something wrong, then the wind will blow the eggshell. And as we all know, there are only a few things that make money, so the probability of bankruptcy is much greater than the probability of getting rich. A bird in the hand is better than a hundred birds in the forest. Instead, it is better to smash the gold coin into his own hand, and in the end, he can still keep some mistakes." Hehe, I know there are a few things that will definitely be sold after they are officially operational! "Wu ji said in a pretentious and profound manner." What is it? "Wang Yu asked curiously. As soon as the property shrank, Wang Yu was the one who lost the most. At this time, there was an urgent need for ways to remedy it. No doubt, it became Wang Yu's hope. Wu ji said," actually, I have already said it before and have asked dao xue to hang up the purchase order. "" Oh? You mean the spring water and the southern star grass? "Famous Sword Dao Xue asked." Yes, these are the two materials! "Wu ji confidently said," I will definitely make money after the formal operation! The reason why I am using Guild funds to buy it now is because I am afraid that you will lose money in the future. "" Oh, I see... "Everyone touched their chins and thought." How about that? Is there anyone in the stock market? We'll split the shares... "" Well... The prices of these two materials will go up, but these things are not too rare, "The crowd was still a little uncertain. Life spring water and south star grass are the basic ingredients for making potions. Both premium and primary potions must be mixed with these two ingredients. These two ingredients may indeed rise, but they are not rare, unless the professional players who control the market deliberately raise the price. Otherwise, there wouldn't be much room for improvement." Hehe, it's going to be a big promotion. You have to believe me... "Wuji narrowed her eyes and looked completely deceptive..." "The crowd felt a chill, and Ji Ao said uneasily," I said no scruples, you don't want to take the opportunity to raise money illegally to get us a sum of money, and then run away... "" I think it's the kind of person who likes to trick people? "Wuji was furious." Hehe... "Everyone squinted and smiled without saying a word. Wuji said helplessly," I never cheated on my friends... If you don't believe me, then I'll give you back your money. Don't say that I won't take you with me when I get rich. "As he spoke, wuji took out a pile of money bags. The atmosphere in Council room suddenly became awkward... They frowned and didn't know what to do." I believe you! "While the others were still thinking, a crisp voice suddenly broke the silence. Everyone knew it was Yang Na without looking up, because Yang Na was the only woman in the ten." See! None of you are as bold as a girl! "Wu ji looked at Yang Na admiringly and said scornfully. Yang Na said," I just can't stand this awkward atmosphere. Don't think too much... "No scruples are all good intentions. Yang Na, the eldest daughter of the rich family, is not short of the money in her hand. Wuji: ..." "I believe you too!" Yang Na had just finished his statement when Famous Sword Dao Xue stepped forward. "Oh? Daoxue, do you think these two materials will go up in price?" Wang Yu asked Sword path snow. Famous Sword Dao Xue was a professional businessman. As long as he thought something would raise its price, it would definitely raise its price. It was much more professional than wuji. Ming jian said, "I'm not sure if the price will go up or not, but when I bought these two materials, I saw that xiao bing's vest was also being bought..." "Oh, I see. No scruples. I have two thousand gold coins here. It's considered a stake!" Chun Xiang heard this, the third stood up, took out two big money bags and threw them to wuji. "Holy shit, Brother Chun, you bet so much?" Ji Ao exclaimed. "Let's make a bet, shall we?" Chun Xiang said with a smile. "Of course I want to follow, wuji. This is my one thousand gold..." Ji Ao threw out a big purse. Ji Ao didn't do well in the Quanzhen sect. A thousand dollars was the limit. He dared to follow Chun Xiang because he believed in Chun Xiang's intuition. Chun Xiang was always waiting for an opportunity. He was very accurate and ruthless. Ji Ao had never seen him lose a bet. Seeing that Ji Ao had thrown away all his wealth, the others were also moved. After all, they had made a lot of money, and even if they could not make money this time, but what was the importance of these materials, at least not too much loss. "We followed too!" Yinlaoer and There are fish in beiming also took out the money bags. In any case, any property would have to be shrunk, so it would be better to fight for it. In the end, only Wang Yu remained silent. "Laoniu, you can't trust me?" "It's not that I can't trust you. I still have ten thousand gold coins in my consignment bank... Do you think I'll hang up?" Wang Yu asked. Wu ji said, "Don't hang up. Take out the money and give Daoxue half of it to collect the materials. Leave the rest to your wife for the grocery store turnover. If you have enough money, you can also let your wife buy these two materials!" "Why not?" Wang Yu asked curiously. "Because eggs can't be put in the same basket!" Wuji said... After discussing how to make a fortune in Council room, Wang Yu went offline after everyone finished their copies of the day. After taking off his helmet, Wang Yu saw Mu Zixian at the desk, holding the computer and browsing the forum. His face was very ugly. "What's wrong, daughter-in-law?" Wang Yu asked with concern. Mu Zixian said angrily, "Didn't you watch the forum? Someone is maliciously attacking you. I guess it must be from xiaobing's studio!" "I know," Wang Yu smiled. "Then you still act as if nothing happened and you're playing dirty with us. From tomorrow on, we won't sell our things to him!" Mu Zixian said angrily. Wang Yu patted Mu Zixian on the shoulder and said, "Don't forget, they're from the studio. There must be a lot of vests. They're hiding their identities to buy things. You can't tell who's not." "Then what should we do?" Mu Zixian asked unhappily. "Their main target is potions, so we can stock up a large portion, sell only a small portion, and then raise the price..." Wang Yu told Mu Zixian the way he gave wuji to him. "Well, that's a good idea. Then what? Our grocery store doesn't have that much cash flow," Mu Zixian said worriedly. The price of intermediate grade medicine is not cheap. If you store this precious medicine in the warehouse, it will eventually be hard to turn it around. "Money is not a problem, just wait until the game is officially charged to operate..." Wang yu said. (To be continued.) mobile users please browse for a better reading experience. One chapter on the voting recommendation note and one chapter on the table of contents to add a bookmark to the next chapte