Chapter 487 The Sixth Apostle Thor

The default font size is black, bold, elegant, black, open, and song. The default color is dark purple algae green, dark grey, chestnut, blue, blue, rose, yellow, brown, beige, foggy white. The default size is 10pt12pt14pt16pt18pt20pt22pt25pt30pt. Background default snow black, light yellow, light green, grass green, red powder, dark gray, beige, tan, silver width default 85 %, 75 %, 65 %, 50 %, 40 % paged night sky "Douluo continent iii, legend of dragon king, sacred ruins of douluo continent, legend of dragon king, legend of douluo continent, legend of dragon king of douluo continent, legend of dragon king of douluo continent, legend of dragon king of douluo continent, dream awaking, silent phoenix returning to the nest of douluo continent, the ultimate doctor of douluo heaven descending, huang hou, said." Wu ji came to Renard and waved to disperse the people who were taking pictures of Renard. Then, he cleared his throat and asked," lord Renard, I don't know where Diliushitu is now. Let's beat him back as soon as possible so that he can return to his life." Renard squinted at wuji and looked at the horizon." He's here. Give me my sealing dagger. I'll seal it."" Okay!" Wuji took out a dagger and handed it over, then said on the channel," quick, this is a fake from Diliushitu!" When they saw the order, everyone was shocked and immediately attacked Renard. The fake Renard took the dagger and before he could see it, a wave of skill was thrown at him. Everyone was a master, so there was nothing to say about outputting. More than a dozen people were fighting together, coming up was the most ruthless move, and the fake Renard was instantly overwhelmed by skills." Everyone, back up and stand in formation!" Even if the Renard in front of him was a fake from Diliushitu, there was no doubt that his team would think that they could kill boss in one wave, and immediately give the retreat order after a successful sneak attack. Everyone was a master, and consciousness was absolutely sufficient. There was no need to avoid instructions. After the skill was put, they immediately retreated. As soon as everyone stood in formation, the fake Renard had already recovered from the attack. It was indeed the guard boss. The attack that everyone had just made would have hurt at least a hundred thousand people, but the blood on the fake Renard's head was only a little bit gone. The fake Renard didn't look embarrassed at all. Instead, he laughed wildly. At the same time, the lazy look on his face was gone, and the monstrous flame burst out on him, which made everyone feel more pressure." Hahaha, you ants!" Fake Renard laughed and said," I didn't expect you to see through it so soon, but it's too late. The dark heart has merged with me. You ignorant people, you can't beat me." As the fake Renard laughed, its attribute panel was also detected. Diliushitu's king of deception (lv50) (Hidden gold) (epic) heart of darkness fit (100 %) hp: 2000000 mp: 200000 skills: dark demon slash, dark demon earth slash, fiery hell slash, the gates of the underworld. Talent: fraud. Character introduction: Diliushitu caso's split body, combined with the heart of darkness, the strength of the unfathomable. Wu ji said with a serious face," judging from his attributes, the dark heart has been completely fused by him." Hearing Diliushitu's words, the reason why he didn't take the initiative just now was to delay the time to merge the heart of darkness. There was no doubt about how much power this guy would gain by completely merging the heart of darkness, but from the devil's aura of the heart of darkness, it could only double Diliushitu's strength." Damn it! This bitch!" When they heard Diliushitu's words, everyone was furious. Meow, Diliushitu's code name was actually the king of fraud, tangtang Shitu. It was really a dirty trick to delay time by lying. The other thing is, this copy was full of scams all the way here, and these designers took great pains to make the players die." What? Are you scared?" When Diliushitu saw the way everyone looked, he couldn't help but cry out proudly," fear, ants, I like to see you all look scared. Haha, the more..."" Kucha!" Before Diliushitu could finish his standard villain line, a lightning bolt fell from the sky on Diliushitu's head, blocking his words. Diliushitu was shocked by the electricity and shouted angrily with his eyes wide open," who dares to attack the great lord Shitu? Give me your name and I will not kill the unknown under my knife." Mingdu glanced at Diliushitu and said hesitantly," if I don't kill the nameless, then I won't say it."" Hmph! Glib tongue, if that's the case, then you should die!" With that said, Diliushitu grabbed his right hand in the air, and a large sword with a demonic flame appeared in his hand out of thin air. Diliushitu held the knife in one hand and shouted loudly." Block him in the front!" As soon as the order was completed, Yinlaoer and Lei Gong Block rushed out one after another. Yinlaoer raised his huge shield and blocked Diliushitu's knife. Although Diliushitu was only a avatar, he was at least a level 50 epic boss. The power of the knife was so great that Yinlaoer was shocked two steps back. Yinlaoer's block was at the bottom in an instant, and his blood volume was about a third of that. However, Diliushitu obviously underestimated the crowd. This cut did not lose the opponent seconds, but because of the huge shield block in the shield battle, resulting in a stiff counterattack. Taking advantage of Diliushitu's stiff neutral position, Lei Gong Block collided with the ground splitting chopper and cooperated with Yinlaoer to complete the" second stage air chasing chopper." Diliushitu was a humanoid boss, not as immune as a beast, and was immediately sent flying by Lei Gong Block. By this time, Bao San and Dugu Jiuqiang had also arrived and launched an aerial chase on Diliushitu. Dugu Jiuqiang's spear was fired from the top to the top, and the air gun sent Diliushitu flying in two rounds. Bao San whirlwind followed in a circle, and a set of skills fell on Diliushitu. At this time, Diliushitu's flying state was over. Just as he was about to strike back, Wang Yu and Ji Ao launched knee attacks one after another and grabbed it for three seconds. In three seconds, four assassins ran behind Diliushitu, and a set of explosive output was produced by the combination of chiseling and backstabbing. At the same time, all the skills of the two sorcerers fell on Diliushitu... Waves of damage floated over Diliushitu's head. Although this was the first time everyone cooperated, these guys had been enemies to each other, and they knew each other very well, and the combination was incomparably tacit. This time, almost everyone got the highest output from the frontal output, which was higher than the previous batch of sneak attacks." It's not that good either." Seeing that Diliushitu was so easily taken in, everyone suddenly had the idea of an epic boss. Wang Yu quickly said," don't be careless. Epic boss fighting skills are growing. This is just the beginning." As someone who had fought against an epic boss, Wang Yu knew the horrors of a growing boss. With the same cooperation, it was difficult to play a second time, and he had to constantly change his tactics. Sure enough, Diliushitu's body shook, and he used a receptive skill to stabilize himself. With a long knife in his hand, he struck the crowd again. Yinlaoer and Lei Gong Block wanted to play along again, but Diliushitu's long knife turned in midair, and the long knife flashed across the two of them, then split behind them. (To be continued.) mobile users please browse for a better reading experience. One chapter on the voting recommendation ticket and one chapter on the table of contents to add a bookmark to the next chapte