Chapter 462 What A Fool!

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Those infected people outside will soon be swarming in with this Bus service, crazy, really crazy. Chief li was shivering in the car. Their car was at the back, surrounded by infected people, and he was sitting by the window. Every time the infected people hit the car, he would shudder. Seeing the door of the hospital open, Chief li was not happy at all, but more afraid. If this goes in, it will be blocked by the infected people! Not to mention the greedy Chief li, even the soldiers guarding the door felt a huge pressure at this time, facing thousands of infected people, how could they stop this line of defense? Whether it was an ordinary soldier or a superpowered person, the result of being touched was infection and death! Just as the soldiers thought that Jiang Liushi's Bus service would rush into the hospital and cause a bloody battle, suddenly, the tires of the Bus service rubbed against the ground and made a piercing sound. A drifting tail flick, the Bus service did not rush straight into the hospital, but actually crashed into an old building next to it! This... Not only were the soldiers guarding the hospital confused, but even the soldiers following Jiang Liushi's two cars were also confused. Did Jiang Liu stone accidentally twist the steering wheel? The speed of nearly 100 kilometers per hour, rushed into a building, absolutely destroyed! "Boom!" With a bang, the walls of the building were directly smashed. The Bus service was already extremely heavy. With such speed and weight, the impact could not be blocked by the building!" You guys keep driving!" At this moment, the soldiers in two military vehicles heard Ran Xiyu's spirit. They were stunned for a moment. At this moment, they couldn't care less about where the voice came from. They could only continue to rush towards the hospital gate as Ran Xiyu said!" Is Brother Jiang okay?" The little soldier who was saved by Jiang Liu stone looked back nervously! After Jiang Liushi rushed into the building, he had already attracted a large group of infected people to chase Jiang Liushi's direction. After all, Jiang Liu stone was the main point of hatred. Before this Bus service rampaged, I don't know how many infected people died!" Impact angle damage! Damage percentage 5 %! Front windshield damage, damage percentage 12 %! Base vehicle alloy shell damage, damage percentage 8 %!" In a blink of an eye, a series of data jumped into Jiang Liushi's mind, and at this time, the base car had already broken three walls with the terrible impact and the ferocious collision angle of the front of the car! This building, an old brick and concrete structure, was originally intended to be demolished and rebuilt into a holiday building, because the apocalypse broke out, naturally impossible. The walls of the brick-concrete structure were all made of red bricks and hollow bricks, and their strength was naturally far less than that of reinforced concrete, but even so, the crazy impact with the base car caused a lot of damage to the base car! At this moment, the front of the base car shrank and a black barrel appeared. Jiang Liushi had been accumulating the power of the air cannon since before he rushed into the building, and now it was even more so! Air cannon, full power launch!" Whoosh!" The terrifying supersonic air burst out in a limited space, sweeping everything. The second floor was blown away and the walls collapsed outwards!" Full engine, base car in second mode!" Jiang Liu stone gave the order decisively in the driver's seat. With the sound of cracking, the driver's seat of the base car began to rise, and the base car evolved into the second form of the mine truck. A 160-ton behemoth suddenly appeared in this dilapidated building! The height of the mine truck had already exceeded the height of the building, directly breaking through the beams and floors of the building!" What's Captain jiang doing?" The soldiers in the car were so anxious that they watched as many infected people were attracted to Jiang Liushi, and Jiang Liushi rushed into the dilapidated building. In this way, even if he did not die, he would be trapped in the building and be dismembered by the infected people! Jiang Liu stone saved all of them. To the soldiers, saving their lives was the deepest friendship, and there was no need for more deep friendship. But at this time, they could not stop fighting with the infected, they could only rush to the hospital and ask for a way!" Da da da! Da da da!" Automatic rifles and heavy machine guns spewed fire snakes at the infected people! The infected people in front of them were beaten to death, but their vitality was stronger than that of zombies. The zombies were beaten to death, but these infected people, their heads were blown, and their bodies were still rushing forward! Even if his legs were broken, he could climb quickly with his hands! Infected people were originally controlled by parasites, these parasites are infected people's brains, they control the muscles and nerves of infected people, even if the arms and legs were chopped off, they can still twitch for a long time! This trait had not been shown before, but now, as the parasite matures, these infected people have a different line of defense! It's almost unbearable! The soldiers roared, this is because Jiang Liushi had attracted a large number of infected people before, otherwise the situation would only worsen this Jiang Liushi, what the hell is going to do! Peng Dinglong was so angry that he opened the door to let Jiang Liushi and the two military vehicles behind him in, but Jiang Liushi crashed into the old building and dragged the time to close the door. The soldiers couldn't resist it anymore! Zhang Gaohe was about to give the order with a walkie-talkie. Of course, this was the most important time to protect the army, not to mention that Jiang Liu stone would not be able to get out at all. But just as he was about to give the order to the walkie-talkie, he suddenly saw that the dilapidated building was shaking violently. Large blocks of walls fell off the building and crashed down, as if the building was experiencing a super strong earthquake. What was this... Zhang Gaohe was confused. Peng Dinglong's eyes widened as well. The walkie-talkie in his hand almost fell to the ground." Boom, boom, boom!" Pillar after pillar was knocked over like a building block by a mining truck! The second floor was crumbling with holes in it, and it was about to collapse. Jiang Liushi had already taken over from shadow and sat in the driver's seat. He gripped the steering wheel tightly and looked very focused. He stepped on the accelerator to the limit. The huge wheels crushed the stairs. Jiang Liushi's mining truck, under the strong power, actually broke through the second floor from the first floor and rushed up to the second floor! Seeing a collapsed balcony on the second floor right in front of him, Jiang Liu shi slammed the steering wheel and completed a drift with a 160-ton mining truck! Recommend the new book of old shi, the city god: the all-around security vote of the campus flower: one chapter on the recommendation ballot, chapter on the list, chapter on the list, chapter on the bookmark