Chapter 463 Violence Aesthetics

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In the air, Jiang Liushi had removed the second form of the base vehicle and restored the first form of the Bus service. Bus service leapt in the air, and after the Bus service, a dilapidated building completely collapsed! "Boom, boom, boom!" The building flipped over, crushing countless infected people under the rubble! The infected person screamed and was buried by ten thousand tons of earth and stone! In addition, the collapsed buildings piled a large number of earth and stone on the main road, directly blocking the original eight-lane road, most of it, leaving only a pedestrian crosswalk distance to pass. Suddenly, thousands of infected people were cut off! The pressure on the guards and soldiers in the hospital was reduced!" This is... What's going on..." The soldiers at the hospital entrance were all dumbfounded. They looked at Jiang Liu shi's Bus service drive in. They thought he was in danger, but in the end, a building collapsed? How? After the base car disappeared from the building, they could not see anything, nor could they see the shape of the mine truck, but they knew that the building shook violently, and then collapsed! They couldn't imagine what Jiang Liushi's car was doing in the building. A Bus service, even though it looked very technical, was completely out of proportion to a building. A Bus service crashed into a building. This is really a car, not a missile!" Am I right? What the hell is going on?" Zhang Gaohe muttered. His impression of Jiang Liushi was that he only thought he was a survivor of an elite team, but why was his car so fierce?" Attack! Continue to attack!" Peng ding looked at the soldiers in the hospital and shouted at the walkie-talkie as the shock slowed down the attack. The soldiers woke up and started shooting again. Unlike the fear of a large number of infected people just now, this time the soldiers were full of morale to kill these dogs @ mother @ raised! Damn, I've been suffocating these days!" Die for me!"" Brothers, shoot as many bullets as you can!" The soldiers of the special forces shouted. One by one, the soldiers stood up in the trenches, carrying heavy machine guns and shooting crazily. They had been here day and night for the past two days, watching those infected people dangling in front of their eyes, but they did not dare to shoot a single bullet, or even make a sound. They had to hold their breath. Now we can finally have a good time! On one side were soldiers with high morale, and on the other were infected people who were buried by collapsed buildings and cut off from them. With each passing day, the soldiers quickly suppressed the situation with heavy firepower! Seeing that the infected person had been forced out of the hospital, as long as the blockade was pulled up again, it would be much safer to close the door! Zhang Gaohe gave the order over the walkie-talkie, but Peng Dinglong rejected it." No! Keep fighting! Beat it up!" The main road was cut off by the collapsed building, which greatly hindered the attack speed of the infected people. Now was the best time to counterattack, otherwise they would be trapped here, waiting to die. Even if rescue arrived later, the rescue team would have to pay a heavy price to save them. Now is a good time to counterattack! This special forces unit, although not many people, but plenty of ammunition, as if no money to shoot like crazy!" Hum -" the base car that Jiang Liushi was driving drove past the infected crowd like a bison and into the hospital gate -" with the screech of brakes, the base car drifted 180 degrees and parked directly behind the line of defense. A Bus service full of technology and metal, its front face was red with blood, and the collapsed building was covered with dust, blood and dust mixed together, especially its ferocious impact angle, the dark square body, the tip of which had been polished. The cold light mixed with broken bones and meat, filled with the cruel and violent aesthetics of war! Is this still a car? The tanks are not so fierce!" The crane blew up!" The soldiers were shocked when they saw it. They clearly saw countless scratches and scratches on the body of the car. Even the windshield, there were also cracks, but none of them were completely broken. The whole car was still intact! People saw it with their own eyes. The car crashed into a building and collapsed, but the car was no big deal! It was too heaven defying!" What are you looking at? Fight! The infected have already turned over the ruins!" Although the collapsed buildings were blocked off, the infected people were too agile to stand up and climbed directly up the collapsed building to pass through the ruins! In this way, the infected people kept rushing to the hospital! When Jiang Liushi saw this scene, he only moved his finger slightly and pressed the button, and a dark barrel emerged from the corner of the car. Air cannon, fire! Boom! The ripples that were visible to the naked eye spread wildly, forming a violent shockwave. The infected people who had just climbed over the ruins were all blown away by the shockwave, like little pieces of paper in the wind. Zhang Gaohe looked at Jiang Liushi's car. It was black technology. He knew the military very well. He was sure that there was no such car in the history of china's military. Not to mention the car's terrifying power and the exaggerated weapons it was equipped with, the body that could withstand the impact of a hundred kilometers per hour on a brick wall was already beyond the limits of existing materials. The available materials, whether they were the front ceramic composite armor of the 99 main battle tank or the high strength steel flight deck of the aircraft carrier, were not as ruthless! The armor of the 99 main battle tank is able to defend against all kinds of large caliber armor-piercing bullets, but the front of that thing is a meter thick, and the flight deck of the aircraft carrier can withstand the strong impact of the aircraft landing, but the thickness is also tens of centimeters. And the formulas for these composite armor and special steel are all state secrets. How could ordinary people get this material? But looking at Jiang Liushi's car, it was only a few centimeters thick, and the most exaggerated part was that a lot of it was glass! Zhang gaohe had never seen bulletproof glass with such good transparency, but it was able to defend against anti-terrorism equipment, such as sniper rifles. At this time, Jiang Liu shi handed the base car to the shadow driver. He then climbed out of the Bus service window, grabbed the edge of the window, flipped over and jumped onto the roof. Jiang Liushi had two automatic rifles in his other hand! The bolt had already been pulled. Jiang Liushi fired with both hands and two fire snakes spewed out of the muzzle!" Da da da!" Jiang Liushi's marksmanship was extremely accurate. Although he had a gun in both hands and was hundreds of meters away, it did not affect Jiang Liushi's shooting accuracy at all! Jiang Liu stone did not hit the head, these infected people can rush up if their heads explode, he only hit his limbs! If you can climb with a broken leg, you can break your hand! Seeing the blood flying in the crowd of infected people at the hospital entrance, one by one, the legs of infected people broke and rolled on the ground, trampled by the later infected people, it became a bloody killing ground! The 30 rounds of the automatic rifle were shot out in the blink of an eye. Jiang Liushi dropped a gun on his foot, changed the clip with one hand, and then hooked his foot. It was much harder to change the magazine with one hand than with the 81 automatic rifle, but in Jiang Liushi's hands, the whole process took less than two seconds. The fire snake spewed out again. Jiang Liushi had two or three machine gun points on top of him. After all, he was much more accurate than the machine gunner! Recommend the new book of old shi, the city god: the all-around security vote of the campus flower: one chapter on the recommendation ballot, chapter on the list, chapter on the list, chapter on the bookmar