Chapter 464 Jiang Liushi's Request

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Not only was the car powerful, but the shooting was also horrible! Just one Jiang Liushi made them feel less stressed, and they saw the infected people who had rushed in, falling down one by one. The two military vehicles that had just rushed in also drove to the Bus service, and the soldiers in the vehicles jumped out of the cars one by one, shooting at the infected people not far away. They had been extremely depressed before, and when they were chased and blocked by those infected people, they broke out in cold sweat several times. Now, it was finally their turn to fight back. The dense gunfire and the roar of the infected man became one. The professors got out of the car first. A soldier opened the door and said hello to the experts and professors in the car. One by one, the experts and professors got out of the car in a hurry. The cars were covered in a blur of flesh and blood. The pungent smell of blood continued to seep into their noses, making the experts and professors all pale. They supported each other and limped out of the car. Chief li also got out of the car, but this time he was standing behind the crowd silently, with his mouth shut. As the experts and professors walked behind the line of defense, Chief li followed behind, secretly pulling the clothes around his neck, a trace of despair, resentment, and panic in his eyes! There was a wound on his neck! He had been sitting by the window of the car, and the infected people kept hitting him. The fragile glass could not bear the impact of the infected people. He had just found out that he was injured! Now everyone knows that as long as he is injured by an infected person, he will be infected, and soon he will become an infected person... At that time, they would only be shot by these soldiers without hesitation. But Chief li didn't want to die. He had to use these experts and professors as cover to hide the fact that he was injured. The frenzied and bloody massacre lasted for ten minutes. The guns in everyone's hands were burning red, and the road and the ruins of the building in front of them were filled with the bodies of infected people! Some of the broken limbs were still twitching, trying to get closer to the hospital. As the battle drew to a close, some soldiers relaxed from their highly concentrated state of mind. They immediately felt that their bodies were sore and weak, and their arms were about to break. Looking at the corpses all over the ground, even though they had been through many battles, they still felt numb. The battle was too intense. This counterattack was beautiful! Peng Dinglong shook his fist hard, his tired face full of excitement. He had fought countless battles, but this time, he was on the brink of death. Peng Dinglong looked at the figure with a gun in both hands, his eyes slightly frozen, and we went downstairs! "Jiang Liushi put down his two guns and jumped off the roof of the car. He saw many soldiers looking at him with idol-like eyes. Everything Jiang Liu stone did, whether it was the car or the way he shot it, was just too much for these soldiers. Violence, ravage, crush everything, that's cool enough! At this moment, Peng Dinglong, who was walking down the stairs, saw this scene and felt extremely emotional. Jiang Liushi was not a member of the army at all, but his prestige in the hearts of these soldiers had probably reached a very high level. He thought that Jiang Liu stone was not a down-to-earth young man, but now it seems that he was missing some of the young blood of Captain jiang! Peng Dinglong strode over and saluted Jiang Liu stone." It's all your help this time. I, peng mou, thank you! Not only did you help us, but you also helped all the doctors in this hospital, as well as those precious medical equipment." Jiang Liushi had already seen Peng Dinglong at a glance. Although he was not young, Peng Dinglong still walked with a tiger in the wind, his eyes steady and his words powerful. He remembered that when he met Peng Dinglong before, he didn't buy Peng Dinglong's face, but it wasn't because he had any grudges with Peng Dinglong, uncle peng. Li Yuxin saw it through the window. Peng Dinglong looked at Li Yuxin and saw Su Guangqi and Su Tong. He looked at Jiang Liushi and said," the team I sent to protect Yu Xin didn't give you any trouble, did it? Of course, now it looks like I'm doing more than that."" Pengsiling is also kind." Jiang Liushi said that no matter what, you saved these experts and professors, and solved our encirclement. Peng Dinglong reached out to Jiang Liushi and said in a sincere tone. He no longer regarded Jiang Liushi as a junior. With Jiang Liushi's strength, he should have an equal relationship with him. Jiang Liu stone had no problem with Peng Dinglong. He reached out and shook hands with peng dinglong. In the corner, Chief li looked at Jiang Liushi with deep resentment in his eyes, but he quickly lowered his head and hid his eyes. He looked at his palms, and his hands began to tremble slightly, as if they were not under his control... I don't want to die... It's all Jiang Liushi's fault! It's all his fault!" If it weren't for Jiang Liu shifei coming to the hospital and letting their car get in the way, he would have been fine! It's all Jiang Liushi's fault! At this moment, Chief li also saw Zhang Gaohe following closely. Zhang Gaohe walked quickly to Peng Dinglong's side. He looked at Jiang Liushi with a complicated look on his face, Captain jiang. Zhang Gaohe greeted Jiang Liushi. Zhang Gaohe remembered that he had asked Jiang Liu stone to wait in the snow for almost two hours. It was probably impossible to get along with Jiang Liushi, and Zhang Gaohe was a little upset. With Jiang Liushi's strength, it would definitely help him if he could build a good relationship, not to mention that even Peng Dinglong admired Jiang Liushi now. Jiang Liu stone glanced at Zhang Gaohe and nodded faintly. Then he said to Peng Dinglong," I don't need any more credit. I came to the hospital because I have something to do."" What's the matter?" Peng Dinglong asked briskly. Now, no matter what Jiang Liu stone is up to, if he can, he will try his best to satisfy the fact that there is a serum in the hospital that can help the evolution of the second stage superpowers, as well as the relevant doctors. I hope they can take a look at it for my sister. Jiang Liushi said the serum straightforwardly... I know that. Peng Dinglong thought for a moment. The value of the serum was very high, but if it wasn't for Jiang Liushi, they would still be trapped, and the prospects were even worse... Peng Dinglong turned to Zhang Gaohe and said," go and find dr. Wei and doctor Qiao."" Yes!" Zhang Gaohe turned and walked upstairs. At this time, Chief li in the corner looked around and followed Gao He secretly! Gao He! Chief li whispered from behind. Recommend the new book of old shi, the city god: the all-around security vote of the campus flower: one chapter on the recommendation ballot, chapter on the list, chapter on the list, chapter on the bookmar