Chapter 465 A Life-saving Straw

Zhang Gaohe was a superpower, and he immediately noticed li cheng as soon as Chief li followed him? Zhang Gaohe was a little surprised, but immediately realized that Chief li was with the scientists Jiang Liushi had brought. In fact, when the apocalypse broke out, Zhang Gaohe's wife had become a zombie. Zhang Gaohe had personally shot and killed the wife who had become a zombie. This had always been a thorn in his heart. So when he came to Xia yuan' an district and met his wife's cousin Chief li, Zhang Gaohe took good care of Chief li. Chief li was originally a small manager of the first people's hospital of xiayuan. After the establishment of Xia yuan' an district, under the care of Zhang Gaohe and Chief li himself, he became a manager of the research institute. The research institute was a group of scientists, usually immersed in research and experiments, no one was interested in the management of the work, so it fell to Chief li's head, Gao He... Chief li stumbled to Zhang Gaohe. He grabbed Zhang Gaohe's arm. Zhang Gaohe frowned. He felt Chief li shivering all over. Are you okay? "Zhang Gaohe asked. Chief li froze for a moment, then squeezed out an ugly smile." What can I do? I was just scared, scared..."" You're going to see a doctor? I'll go with you. I'm a little scared to stay here," Chief li added. Zhang Gaohe originally wanted to ask a few more questions. When Chief li said he was looking for a doctor, he immediately realized that this was the right thing to do. You don't have to go to the doctor. Go upstairs and find a room. Zhang Gaohe said I'll see if I can help you. Chief li followed Zhang Gaohe and turned to look at the hospital gate. His hateful gaze paused on Jiang Liushi. There were not many infected people left. The hospital gate could be guarded by these Special forces soldiers. Jiang Liushi came to the Bus service and carried jiang Bamboo Shadow down. The car was crowded and it was not convenient to see a doctor. Jiang Liushi planned to take jiang Bamboo Shadow upstairs as well. Li Yuxin quickly followed him." I still have to follow Bamboo Shadow." She had been taking care of Jiang Zhuying, so she would not leave Jiang Zhuying behind. And it was safe for her grandfather and mother to stay in the Bus service. Ran Xiyu also got out of the car." I'll go too. Listen to what the doctor said. We can refer to it in the future."" Yes." Jiang Liu stone nodded. Zero in the team is about to evolve, so we should know more about the second level. But this" soon" is also an uncertain time. Peng Dinglong called two soldiers and asked them to take Jiang Liu stone to the ward to wait. The two soldiers were excited to be able to get close to Jiang Liushi. Zhang Gaohe came to the door of an office where soldiers were guarding the door. Zhang Gaohe pushed open the door. There were more than ten doctors and nurses inside. Dr. Wei, doctor Qiao, please follow me. Zhang Gaohe glanced at the two older doctors and said politely. Dr. Wei and doctor Qiao followed Zhang Gaohe out. Zhang Gaohe told the two doctors about the situation and asked," do you need me to send someone to get the serum?"" No need. All the serum is in the incubator I'm carrying," doctor Qiao said. The serum was too important and there were very few of them. Because of the retreat, doctor Qiao immediately took the serum to his side and kept it close to him. Chief li stood behind Zhang Gaohe, staring at the incubator. Do you need help? Zhang Gaohe asked," no need. The serum is in the glass syringe. It's very fragile. If it falls, it will be bad." Doctor Qiao shook his head and said li cheng? Why are you still here?" Zhang Gaohe turned around and found out that Chief li was still with him. Is this going to treat Captain jiang's patient? I heard it earlier. You know, if it weren't for Captain jiang this time, I might have been dead and wouldn't have been able to see you alive. I have to go too. I can help you," li cheng said with his head down. The two doctors, carrying their incubators and medical kits, had already walked ahead under the guidance of a soldier. Zhang Gaohe was a little speechless." Then you come." Chief li followed behind. As he passed a glass window, he looked up and looked inside. His face was very ugly. He reached out and pulled his collar, revealing the wound on his neck. The wound was no longer bleeding, but he felt as if something was wriggling inside. Seeing that she was almost at the door of the ward, Chief li could even hear Jiang Liushi talking to someone. The two soldiers excitedly asked Jiang Liushi about the shooting technique and kept admiring Jiang Liushi. Hearing such a voice, Chief li immediately felt extremely harsh, and the hatred in his heart suddenly exploded, crushing his last hesitation. Doctor Qiao, look at how difficult it is for you to bring it up. Let me help you carry it. Chief li took two quick steps to get behind doctor Qiao and reached out to grab the incubator in doctor Qiao's hand. A sharp look flashed in his eyes. Doctor Qiao was startled and quickly withdrew his hand and flashed to the side." No need..." Just then, Chief li heard a voice that made his blood freeze." You'd better not move." The voice was a faint female voice, but it sounded like he had seen a ghost in Chief li's ear, because it sounded directly in his mind. At this moment, Jiang Liu stone and the others came out of the ward. Chief li saw a girl with gray eyes next to Jiang Liushi at a glance. Her appearance and temperament were outstanding. Seeing the way the girl looked at him, he knew immediately that the voice that had warned him in his mind was the girl's. Jiang Liushi looked at Chief li and said," you have less guts than a mouse, and you want to grab the serum? You're just a few pounds, and you really don't have any idea." Chief li was cold all over. He had actually thought about how to act several times, but when he saw Jiang Liu stone, he couldn't help but feel fear. The way Jiang Liushi fought before showed his terrifying strength. All the hatred in Chief li's heart turned into fear when he faced Jiang Liu stone. Zhang Gaohe was stunned. He was just about to say something to Chief li, but he didn't expect Chief li to do it. But seeing Chief li's pale face and stiff body, it seemed that Jiang Liushi's words were not aimed at nothing. Zhang Gaohe immediately walked over and grabbed Chief li's hand. With a bang, a pistol fell to the ground. Li cheng! Zhang Gaohe grabbed Chief li's wrist and looked at him in disbelief." What were you trying to do just now? Do you know you could be shot for doing this?" Chief li shivered and a look of despair appeared in his eyes. Jiang Liu stone looked at Chief li indifferently. Just now, Ran Xiyu sensed Chief li's emotions. Otherwise, it would really affect the blood serum of this little man. I can't live anymore... Chief li mumbled, his mouth trembling. Zhang Gaohe didn't hear what Chief li was saying." Tell me, why on earth did you do this!" Chief li was the only living relative of his wife. Zhang Gaohe didn't want to shoot him, but now the evidence was solid. In order to explain to Jiang Liushi, Chief li had to go to jail for a while. And right now, he had to put on enough airs to satisfy Jiang Liushi. Just then, the defeated Chief li suddenly opened his mouth and bit Zhang Gaohe's hand. This was completely unexpected for Zhang Gaohe. He grunted in pain and flung Chief li away. Chief li was thrown out and fell to the ground. He didn't get up from the ground. He just lay there, and the blood from the corner of his mouth didn't wipe you crazy! Zhang Gaohe looked at his hand and cursed. Fortunately, his skin was tough as a superpower, but he bit out deep teeth marks and didn't break the skin. Hehe... Chief li seemed to have lost his mind, but he just smiled and didn't say anything. Jiang Liu stone was watching the farce while Li Yuxin whispered something in Jiang Liushi's ear. Jiang Liushi smiled and said to Chief li," you were injured just now?" Zhang Gaohe's face changed." Captain jiang, what does that mean?"" Go check on him. He's hurt. He means to get back at me. When he's found out, he just wants to bite you. He wants to let more people bury him after your attack. It's best to let us fall here too, isn't it?" Jiang Liushi asked. Chief li didn't say anything but smiled. He wanted to hijack doctor Qiao and destroy the serum, but the operation failed before it even started. Now, he has lost his mind. Zhang Gaohe's expression changed dramatically. He didn't expect Chief li to choose to attack him when no one else could. Li cheng, you are not a person! Zhang Gaohe couldn't believe it. At this moment, Li Yuxin, who was beside Jiang Liushi, spoke. Actually, I had found a way to treat people who had just been infected," Li Yuxin said. She had taken a parasite to study and tried to use her medical ability to kill and expel it. The parasite multiplies rapidly in the body and soon spreads all over the body, entering the brain, and no medicine can work. But Li Yuxin's medical ability could directly affect these parasites in the human body. However, if the parasite had completely controlled and replaced the human body, then the treatment would be meaningless. Even if the treatment was done, the human body would be useless, and this person would be dead. Li Yuxin's words were like thunder, and Chief li immediately looked at her. Help! Help! Chief li grabbed at the straw. He had no idea that this woman had found a cure! At this moment, Jiang Liushi walked forward, but he was talking to Zhang Gaohe." If you had dealt with him immediately, there would have been no result." Speaking of this, Jiang Liushi shook his right hand like a magic trick, and suddenly there was a pistol in his hand, remember the mobile version of the website: m. New book by old shi, the city god: the all-around security of the campus flowe