Chapter 466 The Awakening of Jiang Zhuying

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However, when he was so eager to live, Jiang Liushi no longer wanted to listen to Chief li's nonsense. Bang! There was a blood hole in Chief li's head. He twitched a few times and fell to the ground. His body was still moving. However, he was not completely under control, so it was different from those infected people who were still trying to attack. Zhang Gaohe watched this scene silently. When Chief li died, a complicated look flashed in his eyes and he sighed. Jiang Liu stone was right. Just now, according to the rules, he should have dealt with Chief li immediately, but he still wanted to save Chief li's life. In the end, he almost made a big mistake. In the end, it was Jiang Liushi who solved Chief li, which made Zhang Gaohe deeply feel that my fault was all my fault," Zhang Gaohe said in a deep voice. He was in charge of area a's security, and he had real power, but he apologized to a survivor in front of his soldiers. This was the first time for Yu Xin," Jiang Liushi said. Li yuxin nodded. She looked at Zhang Gaohe and said nothing. Zhang Gaohe had a feeling that seconds were like years. Finally, Li Yuxin spoke, and she shook her head." You're not infected." Zhang Gaohe was relieved. Although there was no skin damage, he was bitten. Seeing the gun in Jiang Liushi's hand, he could not help but feel a chill behind him. If Li Yuxin had just determined that he was infected, Jiang Liushi might have shot him without hesitation... With Jiang Liushi's marksmanship, he couldn't hide at all. Let the two doctors come in first," Jiang Liushi said. The main reason he killed Chief li was because Chief li wanted to destroy the serum. Jiang Zhuying was lying on the bed. She had been asleep for a long time. Jiang Liushi hoped that she would wake up as soon as possible. Zhang Gaohe quickly asked dr. Wei and doctor Qiao to enter the ward. The two doctors came to the bedside and Li Yuxin returned to Jiang Zhuying. She told the two doctors in detail about Jiang Zhuying's condition. With something like a stethoscope that she didn't need at all, she explained Jiang Zhuying's current condition directly. Dr. Wei thought for a moment and said," it's really in the process of evolution. As for why this is happening, I'm sorry, but we can't explain it clearly. We're also studying the evolution of the superpowered." Every superpower evolves differently, and evolution is very complicated. However, we have tried the serum more than a dozen times, and it is certain that it will be useful for any evolutionary superpower. Dr. Wei's next words assured Jiang Liushi. As long as the serum works. Doctor Qiao glanced at Zhang Gaohe and saw Zhang Gaohe nod his head to confirm it. Doctor Qiao took the incubator to the table beside him and opened it. He carefully took out a tube of serum. Jiang Liushi saw that the serum was translucent, light red, and a little purple under the sun's reflection, with a very strange feeling of glass. Li Yuxin helped to take out one of jiang Bamboo Shadow's hands, revealing his slender white arms. The needle was inserted into the vein and the serum was slowly pushed in. Jiang Liu stone stood beside the bed, gently holding Jiang Zhuying's other hand and sleeping for many days. You should have slept enough, right?" Jiang Liushi said. As if hearing Jiang Liushi's words, Jiang Zhuying suddenly opened his eyes and lifted his body. Her eyes were filled with silver light, but soon, the silver light flashed like a flash of lightning, and Jiang Zhuying lay back on the bed. Jiang Liushi, who was holding her hand, not only felt Jiang Zhuying's strength, but also her extremely hot body temperature. That temperature doesn't even seem to be touching a person's body. Even the sickbed creaked softly. At this moment, Jiang Liushi let go of Jiang Zhuying's hand and shouted," back off!" He grabbed Li Yuxin and pulled Li Yuxin back. The two doctors and Zhang Gaohe hurriedly retreated. At this moment, Jiang Zhuying, who was lying on the bed, flashed with lightning as if he had been covered with an electric grid. The silver-white electric current flickered continuously on the steel bed, making the whole room pale. Everyone present saw their hair flying and their skin tingling. The two doctors and Li Yuxin couldn't stand it at all and quickly left the door. Zhang Gaohe also stepped back to the door and looked at the young girl in shock. He did not expect Jiang Liushi's sister to have such terrible power, such a tiny body, to be able to burst out of such energy. This type of superpower was strong enough to evolve to level two... They stood outside the door, and through the glass on the door, they saw a silver flash inside, and the current passed to all the conductive metals. Jiang Zhuying's hands, face, and eyes sparkled with lightning. Jiang Liushi watched quietly. He was able to endure the pain after improving his skin's defensiveness with the genetic fluid. Looking at the light on Jiang Zhuying, Jiang Liushi was extremely pleased. When he first found Jiang Zhuying, Jiang Zhuying's current was a thousand volts. One thousand volts was already a strong number at that time. An adult electric eel can easily electrocute an ordinary person with a maximum output of 800 volts. But now that the superpowers are evolving, many of them, such as lu changfei and Li Yinqiang, can no longer measure their physical strength with the concept of a normal person, and have completely exceeded the limits of the human body. For them, a thousand volts might be nothing. When Jiang Zhuying was in Wushui county, he had already felt that his voltage was not enough when faced with some very powerful people. But now, she has evolved. Without measuring tools, it was not known how strong Jiang Zhuying's current attack voltage was, but just looking at the room full of voltage, even Jiang Liu stone could feel the danger, and the attack power would not be weak. Jiang Zhuying's cells mutated in order to discharge cells. This type of superpower evolved very slowly, but it was also very powerful. Jiang Liushi also guessed that Jiang Zhuying was asleep because she was this type of superpower. At this moment, it seemed that Jiang Zhuying had finally come to her senses. She reached out her hand and all the electrical currents that were running around the house seemed to have been pulled towards Jiang Zhuying's fingertips. The current gathered above Jiang Zhuying's head into a cloud of electricity. The thin fingers and the electric current containing terrifying energy intertwined at this moment into a beautiful picture full of power and beauty. 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