Chapter 467 Brother, I'll Cover You from Now on

Jiang Liushi watched this scene quietly, and the image of jiang Bamboo Shadow as a child could not help but emerge. The cute little girl who was a bully in front of other children and followed her behind like a kitten now had the ability to do so. At this moment, the voice of the Star Species also sounded: "Detected the second level of mutated energy." Level two mutated energy... Jiang Zhuying was already a level-two superpower. A level-two superpowered person could already establish an organization. If he joined the army, it would be a female tiger general. Ye Bao, Li Yinqiang, and Lu Zhangfei, for example, could silence many people by stomping their feet. Jiang Zhuying had just evolved, and when she fully grasped this power, what level would she reach? Jiang Liushi was looking forward to it. Boom! All the current disappeared at Jiang Zhuying's fingertips. Jiang Zhuying looked around and then at Jiang Liushi. He felt like he had just woken up. Jiang Zhuying said. She hadn't spoken for a long time. Her voice was a little obscure. Little Shadow, are you feeling any discomfort? Jiang Liu shi helped jiang Bamboo Shadow to sit up and asked," no, I feel very comfortable." Jiang Zhuying shook his head and looked at his palm. She had clearly sensed the difference in the release of electric current just now, and powerful forces were constantly surging through my body as I evolved. Jiang Zhuying blushed and said with some excitement," brother, I can cover you up now," Jiang Zhuying said with a smile. Jiang Liushi smiled and reached out his hand. Jiang Zhuying immediately shrank his head reflexively. But this time, Jiang Liushi didn't knock her head, just touched her head." Then I'll depend on you from now on." Jiang Zhuying stuck out his tongue and did not speak. In the apocalypse, she only had Jiang Liushi as a relative. She and Jiang Liu shi had been together since before the apocalypse, and they had been together ever since. What she just said was all a joke. The only person she could rely on was Jiang Liushi. Jiang Liushi gently touched Jiang Zhuying's head and smiled." He's already a level-two superpower. He's still acting cute here."" What's wrong with level-two? Isn't level-two a human?" Jiang Zhuying said with wide eyes. The two of them said a few more words, and then let Li Yuxin and the others in. As soon as Li Yuxin came in, he rushed to Jiang Zhuying, checking her body and asking about her condition. Jiang Zhuying already knew that she had received a lot of care from Li Yuxin while she was sleeping. As soon as Li Yuxin came over, she affectionately grabbed Li Yuxin's hand, a level-two superpower... And Jiang Liushi, and his car. This team is really hidden. Zhang Gaohe thought with emotion. Soon, the Special forces soldiers removed the remaining infected people from the hospital gate. They had to evacuate the doctors and equipment before the other infected people could surround them again. Peng Dinglong waited until Jiang Liushi and the others came down and said with a smile," we need to evacuate. We need to wait until the infection is completely resolved. Your team can go to xiawu military base with us." Zone a can't stay at all. Even the normal areas of the safe zone are being evacuated. Now that Peng Dinglong's military base can accommodate these important people infected, when can it be resolved?" Jiang Liushi asked. Peng Dinglong looked serious for a moment. He said," the nest is nearby and the parasites will lurk. We can't detect them by our current methods. But Xia yuan' an district has been built for so long and we can't give up. There are so many survivors. It's impossible to move them all." When Central sea safety zone was forced to move, there were heavy casualties on the road. And everything that had been built was now in ruins under the ravages of mutated beasts and zombies. No one should come near the wormhole. We will make a strategy as soon as possible to eliminate it. Xia yuan's military forces can't even deal with a wormhole? Peng Dinglong's tone of voice became heavy again. It was just a wormhole. Jiang Liu stone could make such a big fight with a car, and let them finally get out of the hospital. He, Peng Dinglong, led an army. If not even a wormhole could be solved, it was better not to be the commander as soon as possible. Peng Dinglong's expression suddenly became a little strange. He said in a deep voice," we just got a message from the radio station."" One of Li Yinqiang's arms was disabled. He was infected at the time, so he immediately tied it up and gave up on that arm. But he wasn't infected. Maybe it had something to do with being a level-two. He was stronger than the average person, not to mention the average person," Peng Dinglong said. Jiang Liushi didn't say anything. Li Yinqiang wanted him to be the bait. With Jiang Liushi's vengeful personality, he wouldn't say anything sympathetic to save his life when he heard the news, but he was very lucky," Jiang Liushi said lightly. Peng Dinglong took a deep look at Jiang Liushi. In fact, he didn't finish what he heard. On the radio, Li Yinqiang was still looking for Jiang Liushi. Looking at Jiang Liushi's reaction, he really wasn't interested in Li Yinqiang. But Peng Dinglong didn't know why Li Yinqiang was looking for Jiang Liushi. He had no idea that Jiang Liushi found out about Teacher wang's abnormality in the town that day. It was just that he accepted Jiang Liushi's favor today, so he didn't tell Li Yinqiang about Jiang Liushi and pretended not to have heard it. Peng Dinglong came to his guard and said. He glanced at the radio in the guard's hand, reached for it, and turned it off. Back in the car, Jiang Liu stone told Li Yuxin about the situation and then said to Su Guangqi and Su Tong," Mr. Su, Professor Su, you can decide whether you want to stay here or not. Think about it first and tell me when you have the answer. No matter what decision you make, I will support you." Li Yuxin looked at Jiang Liushi gratefully. He had come to district a and rescued her family. Now he said so. Jiang Liu stone waved his hand so that Li Yuxin did not have to thank him. He came to district a for his own purpose, and he had planned to leave Xia yuan' an district in the past few days. All his purposes for coming to xia yuan' an had been achieved. Jiang Liushi was satisfied with the serum and the harvest of his trip to the beast's nest. Peng Dinglong mentioned Li Yinqiang just now. Although he didn't say anything, Jiang Liushi actually had some vague guesses. When he saw Teacher wang's abnormality, he was sure that it would be the military, especially Li Yinqiang and others present at the time. Although there are many ways to explain, it is still very troublesome to be interrogated by the military. No matter how strong Jiang Liushi was now, he couldn't openly compete with the army, so Jiang Liu stone didn't want to get into trouble. Following Peng Dinglong's team, Jiang Liushi and his team left the gate of the safe zone without attracting any attention. Peng Dinglong's military base was not far from the safe zone, which used to be the outskirts of the city. Halfway through, Jiang Liushi's Bus service quietly fell behind and then turned into a fork in the road. Peng Dinglong naturally turned a blind eye to this and pretended not to see it. He knew there were two other scientists in Jiang Liushi's car, but if the Jiang Liu stone was hard, he couldn't stop it. Even if he wanted to snatch back the two scientists, it would be a taboo. Besides, Li Yuxin was on Jiang Liushi's team, and it was hard to stop him from following his family. So Peng Dinglong let them go. Zhang Gaohe glanced back, pondered, and said nothing. On the Bus service, Jiang Zhuying looked at the map on the tablet. The Bus service followed the route on the map and drove to a manor-style restaurant. Roar! As soon as the zombies jumped out, they were already killed. Zhang Hai and Sun Kun jumped out of the car with their guns and dragged the bodies out of sight. They covered them with some weeds and branches and sprinkled some disinfectant to cover the smell of blood. Although such a place was unlikely to attract large numbers of zombies, it was surrounded by a field full of tall grass. Who knew if there would be a few mutated animals, but if there were mutated animals, they would be eating fresh meat. Zhang Hai smacked her mouth and said. If one or two mutated animals were to exist now, even Zhang Hai would not be afraid at all. Brother Jiang drove the car, even if the mother beast had been dealt with, still afraid of ordinary mutated animals? Zero jumped out of the car and soon disappeared. But Jiang Liushi wouldn't ask her where she was, either. Without a fight, she would either be in a daze or like to move on her own. Let's rest here tonight," Jiang Liushi said. Jiang Zhuying helped Li Yuxin start cooking, and soon the aroma began to waft out. He usually made barbecue, meat soup, and today he made a meat hotpot. Zhang Hai and the others had brought a bag of hotpot seasoning from nowhere." Li Yuxin said he knows boss. I love hotpot," Jiang Zhuying said happily. Jiang Liushi couldn't help but tear her down." Is there anything you don't like to eat? As long as you can eat, you love to eat. No wonder you were the first to evolve."" Brother, you mean I eat the most? How could you do that? I just woke up." Jiang Zhuying puffed her cheeks and said angrily. Then zero came back. Her doll had the usual cold and arrogant expression on her face, and her voice said softly," I've seen it everywhere. It's no problem." She had just disappeared to check on the hotel. At this moment, Li Yuxin stuck his head out of the car." Brother Jiang." Jiang Liushi knew that it should be Li Yuxin's grandfather and mother who had thought about Xiaojiang." Su Tong was a very intelligent woman and spoke very gently." Yu Xin and I, her grandfather, first thought was not to trouble you and xiao ran. But after all, something happened in Xia yuan. We stayed in Xia yuan, and you would be worried that we would move again like we did in Central sea safety zone." This time when Jiang Liushi came to Xia yuan, Su Guangqi and Su Tong were very upset. Later, they knew that Jiang Liushi was also doing it for Jiang Zhuying, so they felt better. But if something happened to them again, with Jiang Liushi's attitude towards Li Yuxin, would he not come? Jiang Liushi would definitely not hesitate. But this is not what Su Guangqi and Su Tong want to see. We are all doing research. Wherever we go, the government will protect us. We should try not to cause you any trouble. Yu Xin and I thought about it. Otherwise, you can send us to Yu Xin's hometown." It's not far from here, and there weren't many people before the apocalypse. Now there's a safe city there. Although it's not a big city, we listen to the radio, and they've been building well. It's also desolate and relatively safe," Su Tong said. Su Guangqi nodded." And some experts in Central sea safety zone have been transferred to study the evolution of crystals. When Su Tong and I were in Central sea safety zone, we were studying the evolution of crystals, as well as the situation of zombies and mutated animals. We originally wanted to go there."" We were protected by the government in advance. We didn't have to worry about food or clothes after the apocalypse, and we didn't have to fight with zombies. Of course, we had to do something we could do. We couldn't fight, so we could only play a little bit of residual heat in the lab." Su Guangqi smiled at the two professors, as well as those experts and professors, whose research was very important to humans. How could it be said to be a bit of residual heat?" Jiang Liushi said. Jiang Liu stone was genuinely impressed by this point, or he wouldn't have saved those experts and professors today. Even if it wasn't for Li Yuxin, he was willing to send Su Guangqi and Su Tong there. Jiang Zhuying was able to wake up now thanks to the fact that the scientists had been working day and night in the laboratory to develop the serum and went back to his hometown to find his relatives," Su Tong said. Someone took care of them so that Li Yuxin wouldn't have to worry about going to this place, and it might help you. I heard yu xin say that you need some rare metals?" Su Guangqi said suddenly. Jiang Liu stone was stunned. He really needed metal. Originally, he asked lu changfei to help him find out about the purchase, but he didn't expect that there would be an infected person. Lu Zhangfei will be fine, but the Blackwater organization is probably in a mess. In the apocalypse, there were so many variables that no one could predict. I don't know when I'm going to be there. There are several rare metal companies and new materials companies over there. There might be something you need," Su Guangqi said. Jiang Liushi's eyes lit up." That's not bad." However, he immediately thought that even if those materials companies still existed, it would be difficult to find all the materials. But there were some that could be found, which was a step closer to upgrading the base car. Now that so many people are in the car, Jiang Liushi really feels that the upgrading of the base car is imminent. Right, where are you talking about?" Jiang Liushi asked Jiangning city," Li Yuxin said. Jiangning... Jiang Liu shi was stunned, and there was a trace of reminiscence in his eyes. He glanced at Jiang Zhuying and saw that Jiang Zhuying's movements had also paused, not knowing what he was thinking. Jiangning city was not far from the north of the river where they lived before the apocalypse. But they had to go through jiangbei to get back from here. Jiang Liushi's car left jiangbei from the beginning of the apocalypse. I didn't expect to go back to jiangbei, Jiangning. I went there before the apocalypse and didn't know about these materials companies," Jiang Liushi said. Even if a person lived in a city all the time, he would not know his unfamiliar territory, not to mention Jiang Liushi had only been there. Nt remember the mobile website: m. New book by old shi, the city god: the all-around security of the campus flowe